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Contalog is a multi channel management system which simplifies stock and order handling  tasks of multiple sales channels by connecting them to a single interface. Being a SaaS based system, Contalog is highly flexible and scalable.

Inventory level maintenance, warehouse management and order processing duties across dedicated eCommerce stores, B2B stores, mobile apps, Amazon and retail stores can be centrally managed via Contalog’s backend.

Live updates on stocks left, total orders won, sales happening keeps business administrators posted in real-time.

For sales happening in physical stores, Contalog provides in-store management app that assists showroom executives on current stock levels, customer’s buying history, digital product catalog and demo videos. For field sales executives, Contalog an order writing app which can be used to place orders both online and offline.

Reporting and analytics systems renders intelligence on business metrics, purchase patterns, seasonal demands, customer preferences and many others which can be analyzed to re-strategize and improvise business strategies.

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