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AMZHistory is the Wayback Machine for Amazon sellers.

AMZHistory saves a digital record of Amazon search results and product listings to help you understand what drives your sales. See Amazon through your customers’ eyes and understand what drives your sales.

Search Result Page Snapshots
Every time we scrape keyword rankings, we save a copy of the search result pages for you to easily browse through just like a detective going through microfilm archives.

This allows you to easily track and analyze any changes in the Amazon search results that may have impacted your sales. This includes changes to your ads, competitors’ main images and prices, badges, search result page layout and more.

Product Page Snapshots
To help you better understand and track changes in your sales performance, we take regular snapshots of your product listing so you can see exactly what your customers see. Use these snapshots to analyze any potential factors that may have impacted your conversion rate, such as changes in your product ratings or the products that are featured in the “frequently bought together” box. You can also use them to track the presence of competitors in Sponsored Product advertising spaces and how that may have affected your sales.

Accurate Ranking Data
AMZHistory is the most reliable Amazon rank tracker on the market. Unlike other tools that rely on scraping services using headless browsers and lower quality IP addresses that change frequently, AMZHistory uses real browsers with residential proxies in the same geographical location to scrape Amazon search results.

This ensures that our data is consistent and reliable, unlike other tools that work with data without sponsored results and where products appear as organic results on multiple pages.

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