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Boost Your Amazon Sales

ZonPages offers you a wide variety of tools that can boost your Amazon Sales.

Buyer – Seller Messaging

Automatically message your buyers based on events such as Order Delivered, Refund initiated and many others.

Email/Phone Append

Automatically find the real email addresses and phone numbers of your customers.

Facebook Audiences

Automatically create and update Facebook Audiences from your customer data.

Inventory Protector

Protect your inventory from being cleaned out with just one discount claim code.

Landing / Giveaway Pages

Create highly converting coupon distribution and giveaway pages.

Clients Export

Filter your clients easily and export them to CSV or synchronize them with email marketing tools.

Amazon Email AutoResponder

  • Amazon is really limited when it comes to communicate with your customers. Expand your possibilities: generate seller feedback, product reviews and more!

Send emails at the right moment

Improve customer experience by targeting shoppers at the right moment. Setup one email sequence for one product, a group of products or all your products at once. Filter out specific orders based on promotions or their feedback.

Lightning Fast

We have optimized the event detection process so that emails are sent out right after an event happens (confirmed, shipped, delivered, negative feedback left, etc). Sending out emails quickly is the key for any email follow-up to be successful.

No Limitations

We do not limit the amount of emails you can send out. Other companies offer tiered packages with limits on the number of emails you can send out. If you are successful on Amazon, your fees can go up to several hundreds of dollars monthly, but not with us. With ZonPages the autoresponder is included in your subscription. No hidden fees.

Easy to setup

Use one of our proven templates or create your own emails from scratch, dynamically add the customer’s name, attach PDF files with instructions or other information. Setup one email sequence for multiple products and use variables to personalize the emails you send out..

Email / Phone Number Appending Service

  • Get REAL emails and phone numbers from your clients.

What is Email/Phone Appending?

Email appending involves taking known customer data (first name, last name, and postal address) and matching it against a few Big Data databases to obtain real customer’s email address and/or phone number. If you know your customer’s name and address (say from your sales data), there is a 40-50% chance of getting the real email and/or phone number.

How does it work?

We take the names and addresses that you provide automatically (for example from Amazon) and match them against the Big Data sources. We add the email and phone number to your database of clients, and make it more complete and useful.

How can I use this data?

Our system allows you to feed this data to your favorite email marketing tool or you can export it directly to your computer. You can even export it in a Facebook Audience compatible file, making it easy for you to import it into Facebook Ads Manager.

Success Rates

On average we have a 40% success rate. However this can be higher/lower depending on the customer list you have.


Automatically find new customers that match your criteria and auto append their data. Feed emails automatically to the email marketing solution of your choice. We know you have better things to do with your time. Automate it!

Amazon Inventory Protector

  • Protect your inventory when using % OFF discount claim codes.

As many of you know, on November 7th 2016, Amazon has removed the option to create the "$ OFF" promos, limiting promotions to “% OFF” only. No big deal. Right? Let’s use just “% OFF” promotions in our launches. But apparently, there was one more change.

You cannot limit the number of units a person can order using a “% OFF” discount code anymore.

Even if you set “One redemption per customer”, even if you use single-use claim codes, it’s not possible (within Seller Central admin panel).

In case you did not understand what has just happened – you can still generate single-use “% OFF” claim codes and give them to your clients, but one client (an arbitrageur? a competitor?) can come and wipe out your whole inventory with that one claim code!

But it's not the end of the world…

We have found a TOS friendly method of protecting your inventory during launches.

Actually, we have found a way to limit the the number of units a person can order.

First, you have to look if you can change "Max. Order Quantity" for your products. Go to manage inventory, click on edit. In the tab Offer you may or may not have Max. Order Quantity field. It depends on your product. If you have, Good, you can set it to "1" there during your launch.

If not, there is a way to update the Max Order Quantity field through Amazon’s MWS API (programmatically). It means that for any product you can limit the buyers to purchase a specific quantity for any one order with one API call.

We have tried and tested this method successfully and now we use it for our product launches. What we do is, we limit the Max Order Quantity to 1 during the launch, and after the launch is done, we set it back to, say 50 or 100 or whatever you want, up to 999 (default). BTW it is a good practice to protect your inventory from getting wiped out by competitors (and later getting returned to Amazon).

Amazing Landing And Giveaway Pages

  • ZonPages offers an easy way to create landing pages as well as giveaway pages.

Create Beautiful Landing Pages

Using a Landing Page to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing from Facebook Ads or Google Ads is becoming the most efficient and Amazon TOS compliant strategy to launch products on Amazon, get real reviews and boost your organic rankings. ZonPages helps you build beautiful and highly converting landing pages. No coding or design experience is required. Include pictures, upload videos, add logo, set limits, cross market your other offers and more!

Distribute Discount Claim Codes

Using discount claim codes is a great way to encourage customers to buy your products, boost your product ranking and get reviews. With ZonPages you can automate distribution of one-time discount claim codes generated in Amazon SellerCentral. Our software will restrict abusers from trying to get more than one claim code. We also maintain databases of serial abusers and fake reviewers – this will help you stay away from trouble while launching your products.

Collect Emails

Nothing gets engagement like emails. With ZonPages you can use your Landing Page to capture your customers’ emails BEFORE they buy the products on Amazon. Email is the most scalable way to build relationship with your customers. Save the email lists for your next promotions, export them or sync with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign or GetResponse easily with ZonPages.

Get Reviews

Amazon has banned incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products, so don’t use review clubs or review services to get reviews. Use Landing Pages and promote your products openly to real buyers using Facebook Ads or Google Ads and follow-up with email sequence recommended by ZonPages and see those real reviews show up on your product page.

See Your Sales Grow

Create sales velocity by providing discounts to your clients through landing pages. See your sales go up, bounce rates go down and your seller rankings climb up. Use external traffic to be above your competition while staying Amazon TOS compliant. Don’t get scammed by shady launch services that use tricks to rank you quickly with fake buyers and reviewers. Drive real buyers to your Amazon listings and make Landing Pages part of your success strategy!

Burst Your Organic Rankings and Sales

ZonPages is built by experienced Amazon sellers and software developers. We use this service ourselves to launch new products, grow and maintain organic rankings and build Amazon businesses. Take your product sales to the next level by using the most sophisticated software for driving external traffic to your listing.

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