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Zinc: API


Order from Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and more with a POST

Feature-packed ordering engine

Automate repetitive, error-prone manual ordering

Shipping method selection

Always want the cheapest shipping available? Or maybe you need your things as soon as possible and want same day delivery. Zinc can accommodate almost any shipping criteria on an automatic order.

With the Zinc API, you’ll get the ability to select the type of shipping speed you want.


Advanced product selection

The Zinc API provides first class support for choosing between different types of products. It’s easy to choose between different colors, sizes, conditions, and more.

On marketplaces where there are multiple sellers for a single product, you’ll be able to filter away sellers based on seller rating, the seller’s shipping location, and more.


Leverage managed accounts

Scale Endlessly

Retailers including Amazon and Walmart often limit the number of orders you can place per account and the quantity you can purchase of a particular item. Free yourself from all order rate limits with Managed Accounts!

Fund easily with PayPal, ACH/wire, and more, in USD, EUR, Bitcoin, etc.

Depending on your business requirements, ordering via credit card will hit limits, funding with gift cards can be a chore, and transferring between financial institutions can be a hassle. Often such conversions require a lot of working capital. Easily fund your Zinc Managed Account using a variety of payment methods and we take care of the rest.

Easier Integration

A lot of the hassle around using your own retailer account is related to payment and login. Managed accounts remove those hassles and significantly simplify integration.

Resale Certificates

If you’re purchasing for resale and not subject to sales tax, getting the required certificates and registering them for each retailer account you wish to purchase from takes a long time. We’ll help you register your tax exempt reseller status with us once and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy Pricing. 7 Day Free Trial.
Cancel Anytime.

Does our billing structure not fit your business requirements?
Contact us and we will work with you.


I submitted a lot of orders at once, why are they processing slower?

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Zinc: API

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