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“The X-Ray Tool That Scans The Amazon Page, Reveals Instant Cash & Trade Opportunity, And Shows Your Profits Before You Spend A Penny”
The ultimate Amazon cash buyback & trade-in automation tool has arrived…

Mine Amazon For Hidden Cash & Trade-In Profits
Any Amazon Category.
Profit Just Searching Amazon.

Nearly Risk-Free Amazon Profits
Know your buying price & your selling price before you spend a penny.

Lock In Profits Before You Buy
Amazon & buyback sites lock in & guarantee a price for at least 7 days.

Get Paid To Search Amazon
With ZenTrade doing the hard work, your only job is to surf Amazon & get paid.

Here’s how it works, in three steps…

1. Go to Amazon.
After your one-click install, head directly to Amazon to start surfing. ZenTrade works by embedding all trade-in & buyback data below each product as you search.

2. Search for instant trade-in & cash buy back opportunity
ZenTrade works in the background, extracting a mountain of data, publishing it directly on the the Amazon page, & alerting you instantly to opportunity.

3. Buy & instantly trade in your items for credit or cash
Use our simple analytics tools to assess profits at a glance, lock in profits, and get paid.

The science of trade-in credit & buy back site arbitrage has been simplified and perfected
Here’s how we have completely changed the game



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Pricing Model single payment
Price $27/month
Website Visit Link Here
Category Tools, Product Research
Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience

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