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Zebra Pals

We are Ecommerce Inspection,Prep, Storage & Logistics Service Specialists

Sending a product straight from a manufacturer you’ve never seen to Amazon can be risky and easily cost you money. What you
think you are saving in prep fees, you could be spending in Amazon penalties, refunds to customers, or in reputation, not to mention being de-listed. That’s why we do what we do. We receive your shipment and identify any potential product or packaging damage, saving you Amazon penalty fees, negative reviews, product returns and unhappy customers. We can also save you shipping costs. As Amazon now requires you to send to 3 different fufillment centers in the US, sending goods from Asia with  3 different shipments direct to Amazon could be VERY expensive. Sending to us and using Amazon's amazing ground shipping rates to those locations could save you lots.

We can also inspect your products, do labeling, bundling, and many other services to save you time, keep your customers happy,
and eliminate the risk of sending mislabeled, faulty or misrepresented products to Amazon.

We are ideally located right in Los Angeles, California – close to seaport and airfreight hubs which are the gateway to and from
the entire Pacific Rim trading area.

Your supplier sends us your product, we do the rest – to get your product safely to Amazon or other Fulfillment Centers!

Our Services

We offer a complete and reliable solution for FBA sellers including:

  • Shipper & Customs Liaison
  • Receiving
  • Unpack & Inspect
  • Report
  • Storage or Processing
  • Labeling, Bundling, Packaging
  • Ship to Fulfillment Center

Amazon’s amazing customer service depends on the quality of your product and how it is received, both at Amazon and by your customers. And you need this all done FAST because no stock = no sales. We understand that, which is why can we process most shipments within 1-3 business days!

We will receive your shipment, unpack it, inspect it, & email photographs of samples so you can check ALL details are correct.

We perform whatever correction or prep services you need (such as barcoding or brand labeling, packing product or bundling & re-boxing) pack your product for shipping, apply your shipping labels, store or send your shipment off to FBA Warehouses,
all with comprehensive customer support. We can also receive up to 53ft containers of goods and store them for you until you are ready to ship at prices well below what Amazon or other fulfillment centers will charge for storage, especially during Sept – December.  

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Zebra Pals

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