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You know that you are losing money when you don’t have good keywords in your listings. And you know that you are missing out on potential sales and revenue growth. You know you should get help – but from who?


Find somebody who understands Amazon sellers, and who understands how translations can help them. Good optimization and backend keywords are the essentials. We understand sellers, and we understand how the A9 Amazon algorythm works and how it can help you boost your sales. We do it perfectly and on time.


Here is our system. The key to our success is having a good organizational system and professionals on our team. We have done it multiple times and now we are completely in the AMZ game, check it out here.


What does YLT stand for?

It stands for: Your Listing Translation

At YLT translations we’re dedicated to one thing- providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations, that make more sales.

We take care of every process that delivers you a listing in your chosen foreign market – European (German, Spanish, Italian or French) or Japanese market. This includes:

  • Translation of your listing
  • Foreign language sales copy
  • Foreign Language Keyword Research

If you’re looking to expand into new markets and maximise the earning potential of your current Amazon listing, then all these 3 processes are critical.

  • If you don’t have a quality translation – you lose sales
  • If you don’t have sales focused copy- you lose sales
  • If you don’t have quality foreign keyword research – you lose sales

It’s that simple.

Why Bother With New Markets?

The internet is dominated by English speaking business owners. Why is this relevant? Because it means the competition on Amazon listings is much lower in foreign language markets like Germany and Japan. 
 With significantly lower competition than on Amazon in the USA, your new foreign market listing, has a high chance of gaining you a solid second income.

Why Do This With Us?

With a proven track record of bringing together all these skills, at YLT Translations we’re uniquely positioned to be obsessed with top quality results for all your foreign language Amazon listings.
We’re fully invested in making you rave about our service levels our serious attention to detail.

Our service is a 100% “done for you” process, so you can just sit back and know that all the background work on your listing is done to the highest quality, ready for you to post.

In addition, we don’t rest until you fully approve our work. We work on 3 main principles:

  1. Highest quality work
  2. On time turn around
  3. Great customer experience

Who Are We?

I’m Jana:

With 9 years working in the online language industry, I’ve done everything from foreign language business training to multi-language e-commerce. Having trained translators to cross over and work and think as marketers, I’m now enjoying developing that area to its full potential at YLT.

You can see the rest of the team here.

So What’s The Story ?

It all started out when a friend ask Jana to help out with couple of Amazon FBA listings for his existing Amazon PPC clients who saw the potential for duplicating a listing in Germany. They wanted to expand, but had big problems finding translators who were clued up about marketing and sales. Her friend dealt with all the nuts and bolts of keyword research, while Jana developed and trained up her well established network of translators to “get” the whole Amazon marketing thing. The combination worked well for those early clients….

Amazon listing translation is vital for expanding your business on Amazon!

We are offering product listing translations for six countries: European Amazon marketplace includes five countries (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France), which are growing every day.

We can proudly say that we are one of the few who are also doing product listing translations to Japanese language for the Amazon Japan.

The level of competition is much lower than on marketplace, but has as many customers as the Amazon website itself.

Did you know? A lot of people think that UK is the biggest market in Europe, but actually it’s Germany.

eCommerce has changed the way companies do business and created new opportunities for companies all over the world. To sell your products in other Amazon marketplaces, you have to present them in the language of the markets you are targeting.

Why it’s important to translate your Amazon listings?

In order to expand your business to new markets, you need to translate your Amazon product listings to target languages of the market want to sell on.

Only a third of our world speaks English language, and all customers expect you to address them in their own native language.

According to a recent survey, 80% percent of the customers would rather buy products if  the product’s description is in their own language. Localize your products! Make descriptions sound more native to your customers.

Amazon translation services save you time and money

It is very important to have native and creative content writers, so that the customers don’t feel like they are reading a Google translate translation of the product. The language has to be clear and not misleading. The research shows that more than 60% of customers leave the page because of the poorly used language on it.
Google translate CAN translate the text, but you don’t know how it sounds to your customers. Nobody would want to have a customer who bought the item and didn’t get what he/she expected because of the misleading translation.

Our agency is offering professional Amazon translation services and we always follow rigorous quality procedures to ensure every Amazon listing translation meets our high quality standards.

Poorly translated product listings can lead to two potential disasters:

1. Low traffic – Amazon requires keywords, titles, descriptions to be accurately written in the target language, so that the customer can look for it in the Search field. Some of the words are not going to be written in the same way as in English (e.g. German language will use a two-phrase word to express something which is written as a single word in English)

2. Low conversion rate – If your product listings are poorly translated, you will not get enough of relevant searches, which results in having a low conversion rate. Low conversion rates lead to low sales.

What makes us different and better than other Amazon listing translators?

Apart from our experienced translators having skills to do a necessary research, provide high quality Amazon product translations and localize them for your target market we use also our PPC knowledge!

When a regular translations agency gets a short and long description of the products, they only translate this text, without making a necessary research using different tools. The secret of having a good Amazon product translation is:

a. accommodating the description to the native language

  • All our translators are native speakers, and they will provide with the translation written in the spirit of the target language

b. using tools such as Jungle scout, Merchant words, Google Keywords Planner, Helium 10, Sonar (the only one which is specialized in keyword research for foreign languages) in order to make a research regarding the description of the product the seller needs.

c. using Backend Keyword Strings to help Amazon’s A9 algorithm recognize your products as relevant for the desired search terms, and get your products to be properly indexed.

  • What are Backend Keyword Strings?
    These are the terms which the seller himself has to add in the Backend when editing product information, in which way he helps Amazon’s A9 algorithm recognize that product and place him in the Search results for the desired search terms.
    This is one of the most important things to be done properly, because if the Amazon recognizes your product with an irrelevent search term in the very beginning, you will get the impressions in Search results for your product, but you wouldn’t get any clicks, because the product will not show up in Search results for relevant search terms, for instance –  if you are selling a multi-tool keychain and you decide to put “a screwdriver” in your backend keyword strings, your product will show up for the term “screwdriver”, but since this is not a screwdriver itself, potential buyers won’t click on it, which automatically gives the signal to Amazon and it’s A9 algorithm that you are not relevant for this search. You will end up showing less and less in Search results for this word.

By combining these three things, and not repeating keywords more than once in translations, using synonyms instead of them and similar tactics, we can guarantee that you will get a perfectly optimized product listing for the Amazon market you want to sell on.

YLT provides with relevant and quality Backend Keyword Strings, which will not only increase the visibility of your product in Search results, but also help you boost your sales.

Don’t limit your business’ potential. Optimize your Amazon listings!


You know that you are losing money when you don’t have good keywords in your listings. And you know that you are missing out on potential sales and revenue growth. You know you should get some help – but from who?

When you hire a regular translator, they don’t do proper keyword research, nor use the tools to check keywords and find backend keywords.  They don’t understand how A9 algorithm works and they see your listings just as regular texts they should translate, not understanding that by choosing the correct words, they could be helping your product show better in search results. Optimized Amazon listing translations are used to maximize visibility, product recognition and sales and they are a tool which is used by Amazon sellers to sell more and grow bigger. Sure, you can hire a native translator or a big translation company – they can help big corporations and translate legal documents and contracts, but can they understand how Amazon a9 algorithm works? Do you really want to hire a translator without any SEO knowledge, or somebody from Fiverr or Upwork without any tracked results?

For translators, the texts represent something which should only be translated from the source language to the target one, and for Amazon sellers product listing translations are investment in future sales and growth of your brand.

The main problem for Amazon sellers today is having poorly translated listings, done by non-native translators without any professional knowledge about keywords.


Find somebody who understands Amazon sellers, and who understands how translations can help them. Good Amazon listing optimization and backend keywords are the essentials to increasing your sales and landing better in search results.

We understand sellers, we understand how the A9 Amazon algorithm works and how it can help you boost your sales. We do it perfectly and on time. Do you know how we manage to do all this on time with such a big team?

YLT does more than simple product translations

Feel free to contact us for FREE quote today!

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YLT Translations - Your listing translations

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