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Amazon data in minutes.
No coding needed.
Our pre-built Amazon web scraper lets you easily extract data like product name, price, image, and description from Amazon, without writing any code
All you need is an Amazon URL to get started.
You’ll have your data as an exportable CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON or JL file in no time.

Sign up now for a 14-day Free Trial with UNLIMITED credits.
During your free trial, you will getfFull access to our Marketplace
of hundreds of no-code pre-defined extractors.

Web Scraping has never been this easy
We are leveling the playing field and making web data available
for anyone who needs it to grow their business.
No more expensive developers. No more frustrating coding.

No Programming Required
Get data like an expert without any
coding knowledge

Runs on the Cloud
No need to download any software or

On Demand Support
We are ready to help or make
changes to the scrapers
as required

Schedule Data Extraction
Automate your Amazon extractor to run
weekly, daily, even hourly

No Maintenance
We monitor and resolve any issues relating
to website structure changes and blocking
from website

We take care of the infrastructure,
so you get accurate, usable data, every time
Tired of getting blocked while web scraping?

Our powerful infrastructure that runs on the cloud takes care of everything
so can you focus on getting the data you need, when you need it.

Never get your IP blocked again using our automatic IP rotation

Bypass CAPTCHA’s and scrape bot protected websites

Extract data with multiple levels of navigation, JAVASCRIPT and data behind login

Integrate your extracted data any where through our API and Webhook.

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Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience

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