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Web Design – Basic Guideline to note

Web design
is fast becoming part and parcel of the online cyber world.  Every company, organization, business, and
even individual desires to have a profiting web presence on the World Wide Web.  This is only possible through the creation of
a reliable website.  There are several
processes involved in web design. You need to pay attention to certain tips
that can help you succeed in creating the best website. Let’s take a look at the
following points.


·  The Content of the website must be compelling

designing a web site, the content is very important.  In fact, that’s the center point of the
entire process. You need to provide compelling content that can keep your
visitors coming back.  You must have
something of value to offer through the website. If you’re going to be selling
a product or service, you need to create commensurate content that will let
people know what you’re up to.  It’s
always important to engage a good web content provider to give you the right content
for the right website design company.


·  Use Simple graphics, text and other elements

In web
design, simplicity is the key.  There are
millions of websites on the internet today. All of them are jostling for space
on the World Wide Web.  Web visitors are
always in a hurry to locate the information they are seeking for.  If you make website too heavy with lots of
graphics and images, it’s going to be very slow to load when someone visits.
This can make visitors to hit the close button and move on to the next
available website.  On the other hand,
you’ll always enjoy daily visits if your website is very easy to navigate.  You must avoid sleazy elements, heavy
graphics, heavy images and heavy texts if you truly want the best of web
design.  This will make your site to look
cute and simple.  You shouldn’t distract
your visitors with animated GIFs, Scrolling text, animations and other heavy
graphics. Just keep everything simple! Your website will always load faster if
you use lesser and simple elements.


· Minimize Clicking

There’s the
need to minimize clicking in the site you’re planning to design.  There’s no need to include several links in
every line of the web content.  This can
be very boring to visitors.  It’s
important you add a link to the homepage on every page. This helps the visitors
to link back to the home page without cracking their brain.


·  Include Menu on Every Page

It’s very
important to include “menu” on every single page during the designing
process.  This helps the site visitors to
get back to the home page very quickly.
The menu also helps visitors to navigate through the website easily.


·   Avoid Using Frames

designing your website, it’s good you avoid using frames on any of the
pages.  You should not use frames on the
images you’ll be inserting.  The use of
frames can actually clog your website and also make it very slow in
loading.  You need to avoid it at all


·    Compress  Image Files

Heavy image
files can slow down your website during the loading process. This can be very
annoying to your web visitors.  To avoid
this, you have to compress all the image files you’ll be inserting on the
website.  You can compress them down to
20k.  The makes your site very easy to
load at all times.


In all, web
design is a very elaborate process. If you can’t handle it on your own, you
need to engage an expert to help you out. 

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Web Design – Basic Guideline to note

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