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Everything you need to scale your Amazon Business – All in one place.


When customers requests a refund but doesn’t return the item, Amazon owes you the refunded money. But sometimes they don’t return it to you. We find these overdue refunds, and get them back for you.


Track the exact inventory counts and sales volume of your competitors.


Generate 5x more reviews. Automatically send an email for every customer after each purchase, shipment or delivery.


Keep track of your keyword ranking for your most important keywords.


Search through 1907709 products to find your next Amazon Private Label product. Updated weekly.


Automatically get weekly reports of your Amazon CPC performance with analysis.


Generate hundreds of related keywords and let us find new product ideas for you.


Create product landing pages that automatically distributes single-use coupons and build an email list and drive conversion rates.


Dashboards give you an overview of the performance of all your campaigns.

Selling on Amazon is hard. Now, it doesn’t have to be.

Use our set of tools to help you with every aspect of your Amazon workflow.

Refund Finder

When a customer requests a refund for an item, Amazon takes that money from your account immediately. The customer then has 45 days to return the item. If they do not, the refund is void. However, Amazon may not refund that money back to your account. We will get it back for you.

  1. Automatically Finds Overdue Refunds.
  2. Suggests the message that should be submitted to Seller Support.

Product Landing Pages

  1. Auto Rotating Single-Use Coupons
  2. Fully Featured Landing Pages
  3. Send Targeted Traffic to Your Listing

Seller Mail Beta

From asking for product reviews to providing better customer service, we’ll do it automatically for you after every purchase, shipment or delivery.

  1. Email Templating
  2. Customizable Emails
  3. Custom Messages for Repeat Buyers

Product Finder

Find products in the Amazon marketplace that match your search criteria to find low competition niches.

  1. Filter by Oversized, Price, Sales Rank, Customer Reviews, and Rating
  2. Updated Constantly

Search Term Report Analysis

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Aggregation
  3. Advertising Trends

Product Spy

Keep tabs on how your competitors are doing.

  1. Amazon Product Tracker
  2. Amazon Keyword Tracker
  3. Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

Build Powerful Email Lists

Building email lists is hard. Giving out coupons is a great way to build one. Create an email campaign in Voucher Leap to create a landing page that requires a visitor to submit their email before getting sent a coupon.

  1. Email Campaigns
  2. Email Management Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a coupon campaign and an email campaign?

In a coupon campaign, a visitor to your landing page can get a coupon straight from the page. This helps you distribute coupons and generate sales much faster.

In an email campaign, a visitor to your landing page has to enter their email before getting a coupon. This helps you build lasting emailing lists for future promotions.

Do I have to pay for updates?


Updates are constantly happening every day and you get them all for for FREE. When they are ready, you will automatically see them in your account.

Do I have to install anything?


Voucher Leap runs entirely in your browser and will work on any mobile device.

If I cancel my account, do I lose my data?

Your data will not be accessible anymore but it will be saved. If you ever reactivate your account, you will be able to view your data again.

If I don't like Voucher Leap, how do I cancel?

Simply log into your account and click "cancel subscription". There is no need to call or email anyone. Your subscription will be valid until the end of that pay period.

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