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The consumer goods market is changing

Brands and manufacturers selling direct-to-consumer are gaining more control and adding new, more profitable revenue streams.

Customers are shopping across different channels and in new ways. Being available where they shop is essential for the future.

We help manufacturers adapt and benefit

Volo enables businesses to enter the direct-to-consumer market rapidly, intelligently and with confidence.

We're a full-service ecommerce management solution. That means maximum impact with minimal change to your business setup.

Our Solution


  •  With sophisticated demand analysis, we show you where your products, similar products and your competitors products are being shopped, and through which channels.
  •  This forms the basis of a go-to-market plan, which we put in place for you.
  •  We get you retail-ready. Your data needs to be tailored to each marketplace and sales channel. We understand customer expectations and ensure you're successful.


  •  We put the plan into action. You don't need to worry about the ins and outs of managing multichannel and crossborder ecommerce – that's our job.
  •  We set you up on new sales channels and marketplaces online to capture demand efficiently.
  •  Transparent and strategic reviews give you full visibility and input, plus our strategic recommendations.


  •  Data-powered optimisation tailors every detail of every listing to drive conversion, right across your channels.
  •  Our team constantly monitor and adapt to market changes, providing the human intelligence to pair with algorithmic repricing.
  •  Our history and expertise is in ecommerce retailing. We constantly monitor shifts and trends, and harness the explosive growth of marketplaces and direct-to-consumer to drive growth for our clients.

Why Volo?

We're ecommerce specialists with eleven years of experience in making successes of companies at every stage of the supply chain. Our ecommerce solution for manufacturers is grounded in our understanding of the market, the experience and knowledge we have within our team, and the technology we've developed to meet the demands of the multichannel consumer.

We'll use our demand analysis capability to give you a scientific view of the revenue and margin you could be making through Volo.

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