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Treehouse Metrics

View the Amazon marketplace from a new perspective

Feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees? Leverage the power of Jungle Scout and Amazon’s tools for a fresh perspective

Competition Analysis

Get detailed reports and graphs on the performance, rankings and reviews of your competitors. See what changes they have made over time and the effect on their volume and pagerank.

Seller Central Reporting

Get detailed graphs and performance reports on your individual products and overall account performance.

Profit Analysis

Get Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Profit by Product, Product Groups and Brands

Advertising Analysis

Easy to understand graphs and reports to maximise and optimise your PPC advertising

Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence Tool makes your product research easier providing you with the data to make the right decision

Product Research

Treehouse Metrics makes use of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension but changes to table full of numbers into meaningful tables and graphs so that you can easily visualise the market at a glance.

But the markets change and quickly!

The market in the time between when you selected a product for samples and when you place your first order or reorder can have changed signficantly.

The top selling product may have dropped off the rankings, there could be a price war decimating profit margins.

Treehouse Metrics enables you to save your earlier product searches and see the changes over time.

Before you make your big investment to order the product, you can make sure that your decision is based on the right numbers

Competitive Intelligence

Keep track of all your competitors – their changes in pricing, reviews, page rank for keywords, estimated volume and BSR.

Understand the changes that they are making to prices, volume, reviews and see what effect it is having on their page rank.

You can learn from their mistakes and successes like:

  • How did an increase in price affect their volume and pagerank?
  • How did negative reviews or an increase in positive reviews affect pagerank and volume?

How does Competitive Intelligence work?

As an Amazon Seller, each day you search your primary keywords and see that your product is still ranking.

Using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, you scan that keyword and Export csv to your computer and then upload the csv file to Treehouse Metrics.

We analyse the data and save so that you can look back later at the changes.

You can get reports on:

  • The market at a date
  • The market at a date in the past
  • Any competitor and their changes over time

Profit Multipliers Calculator

Forecast the growth of your Amazon business by adjusting the 4 profit Multipliers


  • Sessions: Enter the number of sessions that you have each month. You can find Sessions from Seller Central -> Business Reports
  • Conversion Rate: Enter your Unit Session Percentage. Seller Central -> Business Reports
  • Average Price: Enter your Average Selling Price. Seller Central -> Business Reports
  • Cost per Unit: Enter your total Cost per Unit – include Cost of Product, Freight to FBA, FBA fees and Amazon Commission
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Treehouse Metrics

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