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Trade Show No Show

Here’s how I find profitable inventory to sell on Amazon & eBay WITHOUT leaving home and it can work for you no matter where you live in the world! I call it my “Trade Show No Show” strategy…

This is the exact strategy I used to sell over a $1 Million on Amazon this year at great margins.

Some background: Attending trade shows has long been known as a way to find profitable inventory to sell in your eBay and Amazon business… IF you know what you are doing, and IF you don’t mind traveling, and IF you don’t mind big crowds, long lines, a lot of noise and silly sales pitches one after the other…

The fact is, vendors at trade shows are actively seeking people like YOU to help them sell more of their deeply discounted inventory and if you know how to play the game they DON’T CARE if you actually show up live or not!

The secret is that you can still reap almost all of the benefits of having attended a trade show WITHOUT SHOWING UP! We’ve been doing just that for a long time now and have built a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS with this concept… and for the first time I’m sharing our system.

We’ve put together a 80+ page report for you that is designed for everyone from “newbies” to experienced online sellers. Here’s what’s included in the report:

  • How to find and register for the RIGHT trade shows
  • What you’ll need on hand when talking with trade shows vendors
  • Sample emails I’ve sent to vendors to secure the best deals even after the show is over
  • Sample deals I’ve made as well as mistakes I’ve made that you can learn from
  • Tips for actually attending the shows if you choose to do so
  • How to research quickly and find profitable products you can sell
  • An audio interview between Jim Cockrum and his coaching director (who has attended over 50 trade shows looking for profitable inventory!)
  • A list of terminology you’ll need to understand when dealing with trade show vendors
  • INTERNATIONAL or NON-U.S. based sellers. We have everything you’ll need as well to use this system!

If you aren't entirely satisfied with your purchase please call or drop us an email, and we'll quickly issue a refund of your entire purchase amount. Take your time, check it out, and more importantly, put this powerful information to work for you, but if you find it's just not for you we don't want to keep your money. All support and contact options can be found at on the “contact” page, as well as in the email you'll receive upon ordering.

Why do we ask for your phone number as part of the order? Because Jim Cockrum or someone from his staff will contact you to make sure you got your order and to offer you a free Q/A session about this and any other of our products. Jim makes several calls per week as a way to stay in close contact with his readers. When we call you, you can expect a friendly, informative chat with someone who truly cares about your success. We leave every contact better than we found them 100% of the time. There is no high pressure pitch or up-sell and we won't share your name or contact info with anyone.

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Trade Show No Show

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