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You Don’t Need Another Product Tracker

You Need a Market Tracker!

TotallitiX watches your entire Amazon
market so you won’t miss a thing

Stop Guessing

Start Selling!


Setup your market in just a few minutes.
Just enter your keywords and let TotallitiX build your market – No API or store access needed.
Why bother yourself with which competitors to track – just track’m all.
You will soon get to see your market like you’ve never seen before, and with data refreshed every few hours you can be sure you won’t miss a thing.
Stop chasing competitors and start dominate your market.
With the whole market in your hands, and our data driven alerts, you can now leverage this advantage and turn your knowledge into sales.

Why do you need a Market Tracker and not just a Product Tracker

Tracking specific products is good, but it only tells you half of the story…
That’s why we created TotallitiX – The first tracker that will show your true market
If you want to watch a product – get a product tracker. If you want to know your market – get TotallitiX

How Well Do You Know your Market?

  • Why your sales are dropping off?
  • Are there any new competitors?
  • Who is stealing your sales?
  • Who improved its SEO on your expense?
  • What is your market size?
  • You won’t find these answers on Amazon!


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Pricing Model single payment
Price $29/month
Website Visit Link Here
Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience

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