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Join the millions of sellers that already have Terapeak—and grow your online sales.

The world’s most successful sellers rely on Terapeak to discover which products are jumping off the shelves, what prices to charge, and what the competition is doing. That’s why you need Terapeak, too.

Terapeak Research

Access years of real-world sales data for millions of items. Analyze markets, categories, competition, hot trends, and products to find the best selling items on eBay.

Search through and chart millions of transactions.

Only Terapeak gives you easy access to millions of transactions and billions of dollars in e-commerce activity. Search by keyword or product, targeting your search with powerful filters to get data on the parts of the market that matter for you.

Get clear, easy-to-understand statistics.

See simple, direct figures like average prices, sales totals, number sold, typical shipping costs, top sales regions, and more for each search that you run. Study detailed breakdowns showing when products sold and where, plus which strategies were used to get shoppers to buy.

Spot and analyze market trends.

Plot the results of your searches as trend charts, showing how prices, sales volume, product availability, and shopper engagement trend over time—either recently or in previous selling seasons. Then, use this knowledge to help you to understand how to stay ahead of changes in supply and demand.

Know which kinds of products are driving sales.

Browse through complete breakdowns of category performance and sales. Identify the product categories that are seeing high levels of activity and those that are slower niches.

Study the top performers in each category.

With a click, sort through sales transactions in particular product categories to see which products are the most valuable, or which are generating the highest sales volume—so that you can learn from top-performers and plan your inventory and listings accordingly.

Research 22 global marketplaces.

Learn from sales data around the world—to know which products and categories are hot in which international markets, and at what price levels. Seize opportunities for easy arbitrage selling—buying low in one region and selling high in another—to zero in on global demand that others miss.

Sales Predictions

Use Sales Predictions to see how likely the products in your inventory are to sell on eBay over a 30-day period—so that you can optimize your titles and prices for sell-through and migrate your non-eBay inventory to eBay intelligently.

Analyze your existing inventory. Know what will sell.

Have Sales Predictions analyze your existing eBay or Shopify inventory automatically. See which items are most likely to sell with their current titles and prices and which items are not yet good candidates.

Benchmark your products before listing them.

Have Sales Predictions evaluate product potential before you spend time listing on eBay. Perfect your listings prior to incurring labor time and fees, and know from the start which products might not pay off in the end.

Hone your listing, pricing, and keywording strategies.

Compare your sales predictions against category averages to evaluate your choices. Then, use Terapeak SEO to optimize your keywords and pricing to increase sellability— and ensure that you’re well-positioned to beat the competition.

Inventory Ideas

Don’t just identify your top competitors—see their top performing eBay products, all in one place. Inventory Ideas makes it easy to find new, high-performing inventory in your sales niche.

Identify the top competition in your niche.

Find your products using Terapeak Research to see how much competition exists for your products and how much of the market in each case is controlled by a product’s top ten eBay sellers.

Find the products driving salesfor its top sellers.

With one click, identify the top performing products being sold by top competitors. Study sales rates, average pricing, and shipping details for each product to evaluate them for your own inventory.

Understand the competitive landscape for every candidate.

Research the competition levels for each product that you find—so that you know not just how big the market is, what your margins will be, and how to stay competitive on shipping—but also how many sellers you’ll be competing against, how much of the market they control, and which listing strategies work best.


Terapeak SEO shows you the search terms that are driving sales for inventory like yours. Enter a product to see its top ranking keywords, their popularity, and how each affects sales. Leverage powerful Google ranking data and get SEO terms for multiple languages.

Get data-driven keyword help to draw shoppers to your listings.

High ranking keywords cause your products to appear more frequently in search results, drawing more shoppers to your listings and driving sales higher. Use Terapeak SEO to find top keywords quickly and easily, for any product.

Identify search terms to improve your Google and eBay rankings.

Terapeak samples real-world listing data to suggest keywords that are related to your product. See which keywords influence sale prices and how frequently each term is used by your competition. Green terms rank highly on Google, while blue terms rank highly on eBay.

Click, copy, and paste your newly optimized titles.

Enter a product name, then click through immediate, word-by-word guidance. Quickly identify top keywords and find gaps in your search terms and phrases. Click again to copy and paste your optimized titles into listings and pages.

Optimize for worldwide rankings and sales.

Don’t be satisfied with domestic sales alone. Refine your terms for marketplaces around the world, then target organic search shoppers in each market using data about the keywords that Google prefers.


Monitor and improve your eBay, Amazon, and Shopify sales—all from a single, powerful dashboard. Chart your sales and revenue, use powerful filters to drill down and focus on the numbers that matter to you, then export your data for deeper analysis.

Leverage trends. Neutralize crises. All in one powerful dashboard.

The marketplace is constantly evolving. MySales tracks every transaction you complete, on any linked account—automatically. You gain big-picture understanding and the ability to focus on individual products that need attention.

Key metrics. Hard numbers. For every seller account.

Connect all of your eBay, Amazon, and Shopifyaccounts and see key metrics like sales volume, revenue, and sell-through rates calculated and charted for you. Then, study aggregate numbers or drill down to focus on particular marketplaces, accounts, or product categories.

Recognize your winners. Seize opportunities for improvement.

Use the transactions view to zero in on your listings, one by one, and see how each one performs. Understand which listings are driving sales and which can be improved for better results.

Export your data for further analysis.

Need to crunch your numbers elsewhere? Export the data behind your charts with a click—and receive industry-standard CSV files that can be used anywhere.

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