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Stitch Labs

A powerful new version of Stitch

Purpose-built inventory management software to help brands improve customer experience and scale efficiently.

Reliable and Proven

Stitch Labs has the capabilities and capacity to handle the growing demands and complexities of today’s fastest growing, high-volume brands.


Freedom & Flexibility

Create unique, flexible workflows that empower your team to adapt, respond, and achieve lasting growth.

  • Sell when, where, and how you want
  • Respond quickly to opportunities
  • Liberate your operations through streamlined workflows
  • Create specialized fulfillment solutions that scale

Growth & Scalability

Stitch Labs is built with a unique architecture that allows you to rapidly scale operational workflows and order volume capacity.

  • Grow confidently knowing that Stitch is built to handle high order volumes across all your channels
  • Unleash your ability to run flash sales or pop-up shops
  • Create powerful fulfillment workflows that scale into the future
  • Extend Stitch deeper into your operations through our extensive partner ecosystem

Multi-Channel & Integrated

Manage and sell inventory efficiently across your multi-channel business.

  • Unify your operations, from front to back, all in one place
  • Gain full control over your inventory
  • Optimize your order management

Control & Visibility

Stitch Labs enables improved visibility by maintaining cross-channel syncing of inventory, accurate reporting, and a transactional approach to processing stock from demand to fulfillment.

  • Gain operational transparency
  • Know what you have and where you have it
  • Forecast sales with increased accuracy
  • Achieve better cash flows through better planning

Efficiency and Automation

Stitch Labs empowers retailers to liberate their time so that they can focus on growing their business while reducing unnecessary costs that can cripple their business.

  • Boost efficiency and capacity for growth
  • Save time by cutting manual tasks
  • Streamline workflows for faster, more agile processes
  • Reduce and control operational costs

Unified & Streamlined

Stitch Labs acts as your operational control center for managing all of your operational processes, ensuring that you have complete insight, control, and flexibility to operate your business as you see fit.

Inventory Management

Powerful tools for moving, tracking and controlling your inventory from start to finish.

Order Management

Liberate your operations team to handle high order volume, while responding quickly to operational demands.

Order Logistics & Routing

Direct the flow and routing of your orders to one or multiple warehouses across geographical locations that best fit your goals.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Grow rapidly and with confidence knowing that our fulfillment capabilities can scale with your business.

B2B & Wholesale

Gain access to or grow your existing wholesale channel with our multiple partners B2B eCommerce, EDI, and wholesale partners.

Reporting & Planning

Gain valuable insights into your business and plan for the future with our 60+ in-depth reports.

Advanced Features

Enable powerful tools and workflows, like upgraded channel syncing or Stitch Labs APIs.

Advanced Services

Grow with confidence knowing that our unrivaled services will, from consulting and training to custom development and integration work.


Customer Success

People helping people

Award winning service from a passionate team of retail experts.

With you every step of the way


Product Consulting

Get started with our highly-experienced and knowledgeable product consultants.

Our product consultants operate on a mantra of trust and transparency – providing straightforward answers about our capabilities and your best options.


Solutions Engineering

In-depth technical solutions that bring your whole operation into alignment.

Our solutions engineers provide deep technical analysis of your existing tech stack, assuring success when implementing Stitch Labs into your business.


Implementation & Training

We don’t just give you a username and password and send you on your way.

From day one, we work with you to make sure that you launch fast and are set-up for success. Our Implementation Managers will provide deep training and understanding of Stitch as well as how it fits into your operational ecosystem.


Dedicated Success Management*

A trusted advisor, faithful advocate and truly valuable resource for reaching your goals.

Whether advising on process improvements, operational best practices, recommended software solutions, best 3PL partners or introductions to leading eCommerce agencies – Stitch Success Managers have you covered.

*Available for High-Growth and Premium Plans


Consulting & Advanced Services

Advanced consulting and services those that are serious about supercharging their growth.

Through Stitch’s advanced services, you can get hands-on help with the most complicated and urgent of tasks. Whether it’s migrating data, switching platforms, cleaning product SKUs, or reconciling inventory, we are here to help.



Award-winning customer support—when and how you want it.

We are here for you every step of the way. Whether big or small, we are happy to help in any way we can.

Software with Service. 

Best-in-class services to help you reach your goals.

At Stitch, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we provide you with best-in-class service, including access to industry experts, solution consulting, and hands-on support. 

With Stitch, you don’t just get the premier inventory management platform for high-growth brands; you get the highest probability of success with the least amount of stress and worry.


Stitch Labs is committed to the success of our customers. We recognize that when you succeed, we succeed and that together we grow.


Our set of premium services that are designed to take your brand to the next level. Leverage our team of experts and years of experience to reach those big milestones and fast track your growth.


At Stitch, we are big believers in supporting our customers. That’s why we provide access to every channel of support we offer at every plan level, no restrictions. You won’t find anyone else who offers that level of service.

Responsive, U.S. – based, teams of operational and technical experts available when and where you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered an integrated sales channel?

An integrated sales channel is any place where you sell merchandise that is connected to Stitch. For example, if you have one Shopify account and two Amazon accounts connected to Stitch, you have three integrated sales channels.

What are my options if my fulfillment center is not integrated with Stitch?

If your fulfillment center is not integrated with Stitch, you may ask them to integrate with Stitch via our API, use a shipping solution like ShipStation or ShippingEasy to integrate with your fulfillment center or ask Stitch to recommend an alternate fulfillment partner who is already integrated to the platform. Less automated options are also available.

What are Implementation Services?

Implementation Services are designed to help you become successful with Stitch. We offer a required basic implementation service, including product training, appropriate to the plan you select plus additional optional services to support your continued growth. Your Stitch representative can help you choose the services which are best for your business.

Are there order limits on any of the pricing plans?

Yes. During sign up, you can select the monthly order volume range that best fits your average monthly order volume. Your order volume is calculated as a running month to month average so that you have plenty of room for spikes and growth.

Any additional orders over plan are priced at $150 per 1,000.

Can I add certain features a la carte? (i.g. phone support, multi-warehousing, barcoding)

Individual features may not be added a la carte. Features that are commonly used together have been grouped into each of our pricing plans provide maximum value to our customers at every stage of growth.

Are there setup fees?

There are required implementation services as described by plan above. There are no additional starter fees.

How do I change my plan?

Changes to your plan will depend on your specific contract. Please contact your Stitch representative to discuss any changes that would benefit your business.

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Stitch Labs

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