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Social Advertising for E-Commerce

Profitable PPC Campaigns for Brands Who Want to Scale.

Why choose Biddyco?


Deep Research: We conduct deep initial research into your market and industry; that continues throughout the lifespan of your campaigns

Dedicated 4 Person Team:  Your team will look like this: Account Manager + Designer + Creative Director + CEO That means that your campaigns are receiving the attention of at least one person (if not all 4) every single day. (Most agencies can’t and won’t make that claim)

Custom Blueprint: We use a custom blueprint for identifying your best target market and right angle audiences

Buying Triggers: We utilize a specialized copywriting framework that allows us to narrow in on the buying triggers of your potential and past customers

Creative That Sells: We focus more on creative that will sell and less on creative that is clever… but more often than not we find a way to do both


Transparency: We send you weekly analytics, customer insights and ad breakdowns that give you a transparent view of where your campaigns are performing best and where there is room for more growth

Lower CPAs: We are competitive by nature, and each week we work like crazy to beat last week’s CPA (in case you’re new to paid traffic, cost per acquisition)

Agile & always optimizing: We spend every day identifying and testing new content, retention and acquisition strategies, so you don’t have to

When you win, we win: We treat your money like our money, when you win, we win. And everyday we tend to your campaigns as if it was our capital on the line

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