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Amazon Inventory Management Software For Amazon Sellers
The 1st Fully Customizable Amazon Inventory Management
and Forecasting Software + New Forecast Algorithm!

1,000+ Happy Customers
Amazon sellers & agencies say they’ll never go back to spreadsheets. They use SoStocked to save time, avoid stockouts, & forecast accurately.

Free Data Migration
$199 value. Kick back while we personally move
your data into SoStocked from your current system,
spreadsheet, or software.

1-on-1 Onboarding
After you sign up we’ll reach out to help you get
setup. There is also a self-guided onboarding
process if you prefer to DIY.

The Top 10 Amazon Inventory Pains
Use SoStocked to take control of these top 10 Amazon inventory management & forecasting pains: over-ordering, under-ordering, ordering late, transferring late, tracking orders/payment, juggling spreadsheets, managing bundles, following up on POs, multiple marketplaces, and avoiding costly warehouse recounts.

Numbers You Can See and Control
It doesn’t make sense to use a one-size-fits-all algorithm like other software we tested. That’s why SoStocked is made to feel more like a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to see, understand and customize our inventory forecasting to fit your Amazon businesses.

Ditch Your Spreadsheets
SoStocked is smarter than a spreadsheet and more realistic than a one-size-fits-all algorithm.

Get Reorder Alerts
To Avoid Stocking Out
Spreadsheet can’t alert you and one-size-fits-all
algorithms aren’t custom fit to your business. That’s
the SoStocked sweet spot.

Factor Sales
Automatically factor things like prime day,
seasonality, or other sales spikes so you don’t
over/under order.

Easy Order
Generate quick POs and locate your order. Still in
production? Stuck at customs, or a freight
forwarder? Which warehouse?

Best of The Best Turned into Software
We rallied programmers and 25 top Amazon sellers together to build SoStocked. We curated the best of their suggestions, spreadsheets and systems and then spent 1.5 years turning them into a software that makes Amazon inventory management easier.

Why We Created SoStocked
We spent five years jumping from spreadsheets, to Airtable, to other software tools. But nothing worked the way we needed it to. Spreadsheet/Airtable were clunky and prone to human error. And other software’s algorithms couldn’t be fine-tuned to fit our business.

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Pricing Model single payment
Price $79/month
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