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Turn receipts into data.

Join the 1,000,000 businesses using Shoeboxed to scan & organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, track mileage and more.

Go paperless with accurate, verified data.

  • Receipt Organization

    Precise scanning, OCR and human data verification.

  • Business Card Mgmt.

    Online contact lists exportable to CRM and email marketing tools.

  • Expense Reports

    Send expense reports with receipt images from anywhere.

  • Mileage Tracking

    Use your phone’s built-in GPS for unmatched ease and accuracy.

  • Tax Preparation

    Online organization with IRS accepted receipt images.

  • Magic Envelopes

    Fill prepaid envelopes with your piles of paper clutter.


Precise scanning, OCR and human data verification.

Shoeboxed is the fast, painless way to digitize and archive receipts in a single, secure location. We turn receipts into extracted, human-verified data that is categorized, organized, fully searchable and available 

Track receipts on-the-go with the Shoeboxed Receipt & Mileage Tracker.

Our free app allows you to instantly capture receipt images from anywhere, and to use your phone’s built-in GPS for easy, accurate mileage tracking.

Fill prepaid envelopes with piles of your paper clutter.

Simply stuff a Magic Envelope full of receipts, business cards and other paper clutter, drop it in the mail, and watch your paper clutter transform into digital data. Includes free shipping both ways.

Automatically archive receipts from Gmail.

Auto-import receipts from Gmail into Shoeboxed so you never lose another receipt in your inbox. You can also archive receipts from any email by sending them to your unique Shoeboxed email address.

Turn business cards into powerful online contact lists.

Ditch the piles of business cards and create an online database of your contacts. Send contact information to your favorite email or CRM program, or download a CSV file to import into virtually any program you use.

Online organization with IRS-accepted receipt images.

Our scanned receipt images are accepted by both the IRS and CRA, allowing you to simplify tax filing and maximize every deduction.

Send expense reports with receipt images, from anywhere.

Expense reporting has never been easier. In just a few clicks, you can create comprehensive expense reports from the web and your mobile device.

Shoeboxed works with the tools you already use.

You can use Shoeboxed with almost every popular accounting program, which means no more manual entry, no more missing receipts, and no more headaches.


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