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How I Made Over a Million Dollars After Leaving My Job and Building Passive Income

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$24,000 in debt and sick of spending my life building someone else’s vision, I fired my boss and set out to build passive income online. In this video I explain the core principles, challenges, and lessons learned, going from one dime to $1,347,318.17 in my three year journey.

I was $24,000 in debt. Sick of spending my days building someone else’s dream, I felt purposeless, tired, and unfulfilled. One day I had enough and fired Apple and became my own boss. This was one of the riskiest yet most satisfying decisions of my life. Through billions of twists, valleys, and victories, I turned a single dime into $104,857.60. Today I have five passive income streams that free me to spend time with people I love and go on adventures I never hard margin for before.

If you are trying to eliminate your debt, create margin in your life, or do as I did and fire your boss and hit it full time, I can help!

I won’t waste your time with empty theories and surface advice. If you are truly serious about building up your revenue stream so you have time to run after dreams you’ve always had, spending the majority of your day doing what you love with people you love, tell me below and I might be able to help.

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Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience
Seth Kniep YouTube Channel

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