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SellerSprite - Growth your business on Amazon
SellerSprite offers Amazon seller a complete suite of tools to all the way launch and grow Amazon business, discover product niches, strengthen Amazon SEO, marketing, track product metrics and progress. 
SellerSprite was formed in 2017 and has grown into a professional Amazon tool today. With a large database from Amazon directly and a specialists team, we do everything to make it best for Amazon seller, thousands of sellers around the world have joined us, and our average daily visitor has reached 10 thousand. 
SellerSprite do not only provide the data and features based on actual Amazon shopper’s behaviour but also have exclusive advantages:
● Reach across all the Amazon marketplaces.
● Provide the largest and most accurate product and keyword database, update timely.
● Uncover the detailed searches, sales and other needed data trends over last 2 years.
● Show much more metrics for every products and keywords to help seller make informed decision.
● Find the most powerful relevant keywords to improve listing, PPC campaigns and therefore sales.
● Discover the profitable keywords from real Amazon shoppers that you may never think of.
● Decide which keywords are important and priority each one through the dominant category, searches, results, purchase, purchase rate and search trends of each keywords.
● Look for product ideas based on market demand, market trends and product cycle (searches + search trends).
● Know competitors by searching for keywords related to competing products, such as brand keywords.
● Discover virtually any kind of product or market you may want to sell based on the actual Amazon shopper’s behaviour.
● Find the product opportunity that match your criteria, including category, searches, purchase, search result, growth rate and more.
● Reveal all crucial information about the keyword that seller may used to analyze markets and products.
● Look for product ideas based on the market demand, market trends and product cycle (searches + search trends + other metrics).
● Validate or invalidate your product ideas, update timely.
● Dig out all the traffic-driven keywords for you or your competitor listing, the keyword is derived from actual search queries done by Amazon shoppers.
● Detailed information for every keyword to shortlist the best, including searches, purchase, keyword weight, variations and the unique words.
● Ensure the keyword data is the most accurate by using an extremely sophisticated set of algorithm and the actual Amazon data.
● Reach across all your Amazon marketplaces, update each month.
● Get a deep insight into your competitor’s information and performance.  
● Searched by any searching criteria, including category, ASIN, brand, keyword or seller.
● Provide all the information that seller love to know, including weekly/monthly sales, sales trends, basic product information and more.
● Set search filters to tailor your results to the best products for you to sell.
● Discover profitable products faster with winning built-in preset filters.
● Provide all the information you need to make an informed sourcing decision, including weekly/monthly sales, sales trends, basic product information and more.
● Identify competitor strategy by tracking their movements in price, reviews, BSR, and others.
● Track the performance and changes of product to validate the product idea that you’ve made.
● Intuitive design and easy to use interface, update daily.
● keep an eye on competitor’s inventory and sales changes, update daily
● Evaluate market demand by tracking product daily inventory level and sales.
● See where your products rank for different keywords and increase traffic to your listings.
● Keen insights on whether the tweaks and changes you make actually improve your rankings.
● Monitor important keywords for the profitable Amazon niches you’re targeting.
● Get the keywords information instantly as you browse through Amazon pages.
● Show competitor information, allowing you to make data-informed decisions. 
● Support as many marketplaces as web APP.
SellerSprite’s tools work together for a convenient, all-in-one solution to your Amazon business goals and therefor increase sales.
Product Research, keyword Research, Keyword Mining and Product Tracker work together to find product ideas and discover most profitable products to sell on Amazon.
Keyword Mining, Reverse ASIN and Keyword Tracker work together for listing, CPC optimization, keyword insights, and Amazon SEO.
Competitor Lookup, Product Tracker, Sales Tracker, Keyword Tracker work together to see how you or your competitors are performing and keen insight on competitors’ strategy.
Which marketplaces does SellerSprite support?
Both The Web App and The Chrome Extension have full support to the following marketplaces: Japan, Germany, France, Canada, US, UK, India, Spain, Italy.
Is there a free trial?
Yes! We do have a free trial so that you could explore and test the platform to your satisfaction. (Search results will be partial shown during the free trial).
Do I need to bind a credit card?
We do not accept credit card at this time, you may pay for your Sellersprite subscription with Paypal (Papal supports credit card).
The subscription will not renew automatically.
The paid packages provide you all tools and functions of SellerSprite.
How often does the data update?
Our data is updated each month at least, all is the newest.
SellerSprite are working hard on the feature improvements and development, profit margin, shop discovery, data reports are coming soon. We have all that it takes to reach the top of your Amazon business!
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SellerSprite - Growth your business on Amazon

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