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Experience The Power Of The Legend

Regain Your Amazon Seller Central Independence

Packed With Innovative Features

SellerLegend will change the way you run your Amazon Business forever. The advanced, powerful features make it possible for you to finally truly understand your Amazon sales, products, customers and financials like never before.

Key Elements

Near real-time orders download, intelligent KPI dashboards, Inventory Management, Notifications, Customer Watchlisting, Refunds, Historical Cost Of Goods, Operating Expenses, All America & Europe Marketplaces, Financial Transactions, Europe VAT. We’ve got it all!

Target Audience

Whether you have just started on Amazon or are a power seller, a Private Labeller or a Retail/Online arbitrager, selling in Europe and/or the Americas, SellerLegend is for you!


SellerLegend is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Built on top of a powerful foundation. We have just begun, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards

SellerLegend provides Unified Account, Marketplace and Customer Dashboards. The dashboards are populated with user-selectable Widgets, which can be drag-and-dropped and positioned anywhere on the dashboard.

Near Real Time Orders Download

See all your pending orders as they arrive, including their coupon codes. View all the your order details, including promotional discounts. Check every Amazon payout statement in excruciating detail, summarized by product, by brand or by product groups. See all your financial transactions and fees, as well as your unit returns, with their detailed disposition, return reason and status.

Themable, User-Selectable Dashboard Widgets

SellerLegend ships with 20+ great widgets to get you started with your dashboard. Each widget addresses important Key Performance Indicators which provide clarity and guidance about the state of your business. Each widget can be individually customized for even sharper levels of control.

Outstanding Product Management

List all your products and their details. Manage your inventory. Get daily product statistics emails. Gather daily Pay-Per-Click costs by product. Tally your end-of-month stock position and valuation by detailed disposition. Know all the Fulfillment Centers where you had Nexus during the month!

Meticulous Customer Management

List all your customers, their number of of repeat orders, the number of returned units, the customer lifetime value as well as the customer/product cross sell. Segment your customer base by number of order, number of units bought, total revenue or total profit. Classify your customers in up to 10 levels. Watchlist VIP customers, likely resellers, troublesome customers, customers who experienced poor customer service

Unparalleled Flexibility And Customization

Customize SellerLegend to behave exactly as you desire! Plenty of default inventory settings or specific by product. Enter time based, historical or even future Cost Of Goods by product. Define your one-time or recurring business expenses. Organize your customers whichever way you see fit and assign customers any one of up to 10 customer levels automatically. Set your Europe VAT settings. Manage all kinds of notifications. Allow multiple staff members to work on your account. Set-up product groups and customized time periods.

You REALLY want to click on the Learn More button on this one!

More Features To Die For!

Download all your data, ANY data. List all your incurred expenses. Tag your products for reporting purposes, Get daily statistics by email. Be notified of urgent events via SMS. Know how much product quantity to reorder and how much it will cost you. See your sales by geographical region. Add as many Amazon accounts as you need under a single SellerLegend Signon.

Are You Heading A Large Tribe Of Sellers? Do You Need Your Own Customized Functionality?

The Advanced SellerLegendArchitectural Design Allows Us To Offer Two Unique Facilities To Seller Groups and Individual Sellers Who Have Specific Functionality Needs.

White Labeling SellerLegend

Say you are offering Amazon mentoring to many Amazon budding sellers, or offering Amazon training courses for a large community of sellers. You’ve always wanted to develop a system like SellerLegend to offer to your own members. But you shudder at the cost and the risk of such development.

Shudder no more: Instead of developing your own seller system, you can get a white label SellerLegend license and pretend it is  your system. Your group members would be none the wiser, as all SellerLegend logos and trademarks would be removed and replaced with your logos and trademarks.

You are essentially private labeling SellerLegend! And of course, you would be able to set your own subscription prices, sell as many subscriptions as you want and keep all the subscription revenue.

Depending on the amount of separation you’d want between your instance and the plain-vanilla SellerLgend, you can chose one of two physical implementations of this white/private labeling concept.

The easiest/cheapest implementation would be for your version of SellerLegend to run on the same servers as the standard version. But trust us, while both instances run on  the same machine, they are logically completely separated. In fact, we are already running 2 service providers on a single version of SellerLegend, so we know this concept works!

Or if you want total control and isolation, we can set-up and operate for you your own version of SellerLegend on a dedicated machine. We will be servicing and operating the dedicated server for you, as well as providing full technical support.

All YOU need to do is sell subscriptions to your version of SellerLegend, manage the collection of subscriptions and provide customer service. The rest is down to us!

Adding Your Own Functionality To SellerLegend

The second facility we can offer is Custom Development.

Say you are an Amazon power seller. Over the years, you have developed your own in-house developed system.

We feel for you!

You know how onerous and complex it is to maintain a homegrown solution and how difficult it is to find good, experienced development resources.

It is very likely that SellerLegend already covers 80 % of the functionality of your homegrown system, while offering many more features that your system does not have. However, there may be 20 % of features your system offers, which are indispensable for you to run your business and those essential features are not present in SellerLegend

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can develop any missing functionality that you would care to specify, on top of  a plain-vanilla version of SellerLegend for you. This newly developed functionality would then exclusively be available to you and no other seller would have access to that functionality.

Needless to say, we would be happy to sign any reasonable non-disclosure and non-compete agreement to make sure your functional specifications are kept secret and confidential.

If you feel that SellerLegend White Labeling or SellerLegend Custom Development would be of interest to you, please do contact us.

SellerLegend Features List

Dashboards for Every Main Business Entity (Marketplace(s), Product, Customer)

  • Customizable Dashboards With Individually Themable Widgets
  • Individual Dashboards for Marketplace (Or An Aggregation Of Marketplaces), Product And Customer
  • Select Which KPI Widgets You Want, Out Of A Set Of Many Available Widgets
  • Drag And Drop Any Widget Anywhere On The Dashboards
  • Place the Widgets On The Dashboards Wherever They Make Most Sense To You Ergonomically.
  • Widgets Can Be Expanded to Full Screen And Minimized Back To Dashboard
  • All the Key Performance Indicators You Want, When You Want Them And Where You Want Them

Marketplace Widgets

  • My Accounts
  • Top 10 Best Selling Products
  • Inventory Restocking Alerts (All Products Within Marketplace)
  • Promotions/Coupon Codes (All Products Within Marketplace)
  • Average Customer Lifetime Value
  • Relative Performance By Marketplace
  • % Refunds/ % Returns Rate (All Products Within Marketplace)
  • Average Customer Cross Sell Rates (For Marketplace)
  • Customers Segmentation Summary (Segments & Counts For Marketplace)
  • Customers Watch List Summary (Reasons & Counts For Marketplace)

Product Widgets

  • Product Identifiers (Linking to BSR History Chart)
  • Product Dimensional/Volumetric Data
  • Product Financial Attributes
  • Product Listing Details (Linking To Product Listing Changes History)
  • Cost Of Goods History By Date
  • Inventory Restocking Alerts (For Product)
  • Promotions/Coupon Codes (For Product)
  • % Refunds/ % Returns Rate (For Product)
  • Average Customer Cross Sell Rates (For Product)
  • Customer Segmentation (For Product)
  • Units Sold By Price Point Over Time Dimension

Customer Widgets

  • Product Cross Sell Per Customer
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer as Reseller Details
  • Customer Free-format Notes
  • Customized Data Capture
  • Reasons Customer Is Watchlisted

Near-Real-time Order Data

  • Includes Pending Orders with immediate visibility of promo codes
  • Shows Refunded Orders, Discount Amounts and Discount Percentages By Order Item
  • Calculates Profit By Order Item
  • Shows Returned Items, With Detailed Disposition And Return Reason

Product Management

  • See All Your Products At A Glance
  • Assign Nicknames To Your Products For Easy Tracking
  • Assign Your Products Into Distinct Product Groups For Financial Reporting Purposes
  • Tag Your Products With An Unlimited Number Of Identifiers (For Ex. ‘End Of Season’, ‘Discontinued’, ‘Sale Item’) For Listing Purposes
  • End Of Month Stock Position Reports By Detailed Disposition, Including Fulfillment Centres Where Stock Resides)
  • Daily Email Statistics For All Active Products
  • Daily PPC Costs and PPC Costs History Per Product
  • See All Settled Transactions By Their Individual Type (For Ex. Warehouse Lost, Inbound Transportation Fees, Storage Fees, Disposal Fees …)

Inventory Management

  • See the stock positions of all your active products
  • Includes In Stock, Inbound and Reserved Stock (incl. Reserved Reason Breakdown)
  • Distinguishes between Total and Local inventory (indispensable for Multi-Country Inventory)
  • Clearly See Your Tied Inventory Costs (How Much Money Is Tied Up In Inventory)
  • Find Out If You Are Liable To Long Term Storage Fees : See The Breakdown Of Inventory Units Into Their Respective Inventory Age Bands
  • Know How Many Units You Sell By Day : SellerLegend Calculates Sales Velocities (7, 20, 90, 180, 360 days, Averages, Minimums and Maximums)
  • Predict ‘Out Of Stock’ Conditions Based On Your Preferred Sales Velocities
  • Calculates Days Of Inventory Left, Recommended Reorder Dates
  • Recommends a Suggested Reorder Quantity Compliant With Your Own Cover Requirements
  • Calculates Capital Required To Purchase Suggested Reorder Quantity
  • All Of The Above Is ‘Seller Rules Driven’, You Decide How To Manage Your Stock

Flexible Cost Of Goods Management

  • Unlimited Number Of Cost Of Goods (COGS) Prices Per Product, Applying To Distinct, Variable Date Periods
  • Unlimited Cost Elements (Meaning : Break-Down Of COGS) within Cost Of Goods Periods
  • Integrated and automated COGS Cost Averaging Calculator (*)
  • Selection Of Cost Elements from A Bill Of Materials List And Assembly Into Product Bundles With Automated COGS Calculation (*)
  • Add retrospective COGS, Change current COGS And Even add Future-dated COGS Changes
  • Changing, deleting, adding COGS Instantaneously Recalculates Historical Profits
  • Provides COGS History, Shows Your Costs Breakdown Per Unit

Customer Management

  • See All You Customers At A Glance
  • Customer/Product Cross Sell : Know Which Customers Buy Distinct Products
  • Customer Lifetime Value : Know Which Customers Are Profitable
  • Record Free Format Customer Notes (*)
  • Customer As A Reseller Data Capture
  • Record Custom Data Values Per Customer : You Decide And Name The Data To be Collected (*)

Customer Segmentation

  • Assign Up To 10 Different Customer Segmentation Levels (For Ex. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze …)
  • Segment Customers By Profit, Revenue Or Number Of Orders
  • You Decide How To Structure The Customer Segments, The Segment Limits, Even The Segment Names
  • Segment Your Customers Differently By Marketplace, If You So Wish
  • Assign Your Specific Profit, Revenue, Orders Thresholds To Each Segment
  • Segmentation Takes Effect Instantaneously When You Set Or Change A Segment Characteristic
  • View, Sort And Download Customers By Segment

Customer Watchlisting

  • Tag Customers As VIPs, Fraudulent, Potential Resellers, With Previous Service Issues, Or Any Other Reason You Fancy
  • Be Alerted Whenever A Watchlisted Customer Places A New Order
  • Act On Alert According To Watchlist Reason

Customer Geo Tagging

See The Distribution Of Your Sales By:

  • US States
  • British Counties
  • German Bundesländer
  • Spanish & Italian Provinces
  • French Departements

See Your Sales Per State Per 1,000 inhabitants (Per Capita – US Only)

Automated Handling Of Other Operating Expenses

  • Account For ALL Your Business Expenses
  • Only Enter Your Expenses Once And Let SellerLegend Post Your Expenses When The Recurring Date Is Due
  • Assign Expenses To A Marketplace Generically Or To A Product Specifically
  • Define One-Time Expenses Or Recurring Expenses
  • Recurring Expenses By Week(s), Month(s), Year(s) Periods
  • Recurring Periods Need Not Be Typical (For Ex., Expenses Incurred Every 4 Months, or Every 3 Weeks)
  • Categorize Your Expenses By Your Own Category Names
  • Get A List Of All Your Incurred Expenses, Sort Whichever Way You Want and Download To CSV
  • Your Profit Is Adjusted To Account For Operating Expenses

Future Release Will Handle:

  • Automated Production Of VAT Reporting To Authorities 
  • Automated Production Of VAT Invoices
  • European Fulfillment Network And Pan-European FBA
  • VAT Turnover Threshold Monitoring For All EU Countries (Know When You Are Required To Register For VAT In Each Country)

Europe VAT

  • Tell SellerLegend In Which EU Countries You Are VAT Registered
  • Use The Standard VAT Rate Or A Reduced Rate (User Specified) By Marketplace
  • Set Specific VAT Rates On A Per Product Basis, If Required
  • VAT Is Calculated By Order Item And Aggregated By Marketplace
  • Your Profit Is Adjusted To Account For VAT
  • Currently, Only Calculates VAT To Adjust Profit, Does Not Do VAT Reporting To Tax Administrations
  • Currently, Only Caters For Individual Country VAT Sales (Inventory Located And Shipped In Same Country)
  • Currently, Does Not Cater For European Fulfillment Network Or Pan European FBA

Powerful Notifications Facilities

  • Be notified of important events affecting your business by email, by SMS ($) or internally within SellerLegend
  • The SellerLegend Notifications Channel (Bell Icon At Top) Indicates Number Of Unread Notifications And Links To a Detailed Notifications Screen
  • ($) Notes
    • SMS Notifications are free only to US destinations.
    • Fair Use Policy applies.
    • SellerLegend will provide SMS capabilities to non-US countries by interfacing with the Seller’s personal SMS account upon requested.

Available Notifiable Events

  • Listing Changes
  • Orders By watchlisted Customers
  • Order By VIP Customer
  • Out-Of-Pattern Sales Velocity
  • Possible Runaway Promotion
  • Inbound Fulfilment Non-Compliance
  • Low Stock Positions
  • Listing Quality Issues
  • Suppressed Listings
  • Loss Of Buybox
  • Excessive Order Quantity
  • Amazon Settlement Transfer Failed

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Status Email

  • Chose A Time Frequency To Receive A Regular Email With Yesterday’s Statistics Per Marketplace and For All Your Active Products
  • Product Statistics Is Via A Formatted Excel Spreadsheet, Not A CSV File

Guest Access

  • Grant Access To Your SellerLegend Account to An Interested & authorized 3rd Party (Partner, Accountant, Virtual Assistant …)

Download Your Data, Any Data

  • Unified Download Facility
  • Download Any Type Of Information Into A CSV Format
  • History Of Downloaded Data Is Never Deleted And Is Available At Any Time
  • Downloaded Data Has 3 Date Fields For Universal Use In Excel
    • Standard SellerLegend Format
    • European Format
    • US Format

Deep Data Inter-Relationships

  • Most Of The Data In SellerLegend Is Heavily Hyperlinked and Provides Powerful Drill-Down Capabilities

Features Outside The Reach Of SellerLegend Due To Potential Amazon TOS Violations

We at SellerLegend pride ourselves on being 100% Amazon TOS compliant. The way we achieve this is by exclusively using the developer tools made available by Amazon for developers like us to access your Seller Central Account.

Amazon allows developers access to other seller’s accounts by way of a method called the Merchant Web Services Application Program Interface (MWS API). You would expect the API to allow access to all the seller’s data. Regrettably Amazon have chosen to limit and or restrict access to certain types of data, and therefore MWS API access to the following is not possible:

  • Review Tracking
  • Keyword Rankings

While we are quite capable of providing access to that data within SellerLegend, this would require us to use non-approved Amazon methods to do so. Would we use such methods, there is a slight chance that Amazon could penalize not only SellerLegend but also its users (that means … you).

Denying ourselves the use of the illegal screen scraping method to reach the types of data not accessible by the standard MWS API puts us at a significant competitive disadvantage, as other suppliers of similar services do provide access to such data. However, we decided early on that we would never risk the loss of your selling privileges. And granted, the likelihood of such risk materializing is probably infinitesimal at this particular time. But we have all seen Amazon take drastic adverse action elsewhere when its rules were violated, even when such violations had been tolerated for a long time.

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