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Maximize your sales, profits, and Buy Box ownership
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Real time Amazon repricing software
Fully customizable intelligent strategies
Win the Buy Box
Automatic pricing rules to get started quickly
Private Label Solutions
Never lose money on any sale – Guaranteed
Top notch support from, & consultations with, Amazon experts

Reprice in Real Time
“Don’t wait for batch price uploads every 10-15 minutes or longer, change your price the second it’s required. Sellery offers real time repricing for Amazon Sellers, repricing your items as soon as your competition changes. Our users report it’s been a key to success in increasing sales, profits, and Buy Box ownership. The best part about it? Sellery works 24/7 so you can do other things”

Fully Customizable Intelligent Strategies
If you can think it up, chances are excellent that Sellery can make it happen. Want to undercut your competitors? Match them? Take a different action depending on who owns the Buy Box? Use sales velocity to change prices on your Private Label items? Automatically discount FBA items as they age in the warehouse to avoid long term storage fees? Spot listing hijackers? Keep your MAP agreements? Compete with Amazon’s price directly?

Sellery can easily manage all of these strategies and much more. There is no one rule that fits every seller and every set of inventory. Don’t miss out on sales and opportunities for increased profits; let Sellery translate your pricing strategies into success. Group your items into Sellery Smart Lists for quick insights into your sales, competition, Buy Box performance, and much more. Apply specific strategies to individual smart lists to ensure the proper strategies are being used on the right items.

Automatic Pricing Rules
By applying automatic pricing rules, Sellery aims for a fair share of the Buy Box while also driving up prices (and your profits) whenever possible.The algorithm will attempt to match the Buy Box price or match / overcut the competition if you are not Buy Box eligible.

You will be able to react faster, with Sellery’s real time repricing solutions. Use Sellery’s Automatic Pricing Rules to get up and running quickly.

Private Label Solutions
Private Label sales on Amazon have been growing significantly over the past two years. At first, many sellers used the ‘set it and forget it’ strategy, after all, not having competitors was commonly the main driving force for those choosing to move to this model. But as private label sellers quickly learned, ‘the set it and forget it’ strategy often leaves money on the table or keeps items from selling that otherwise might have at the right price point. So how do you price Private Label listings if you don’t have competition? Sales velocity! Just enter your applicable sales thresholds in Sellery and automatically raise or lower your price depending on sales velocity to increase profits and find price points that generate sales.

To learn more about how to use Sellery for Private Label, read our blog posts on Private label solutions, including How To Use Sellery To Effectively Boost Private Label Sales and our latest feature – competing across different ASINs .

Never Lose Money on any Sale – Guaranteed
Sellery’s dynamic Minimum Price feature calculates all of your costs involved with purchasing and selling an item on Amazon to automatically ensure you never lose money on any sale. The Minimum Price is calculated for each item using its cost (COGS), your cost to ship to Amazon or the buyer, and any applicable Amazon fees and commissions. Once those values are added, the Minimum Price represents the break even point, or what you would have to sell the item for in order to not lose money on the sale. You can also inflate your Minimum Price with a minimum markup or margin to ensure that you also make a bit of money on each sale. Sellery uses the Minimum Price as the automatic lower limit when repricing your items. However, additional lower limits can also be added if desired.

Top notch support & consultations with Amazon experts
Looking for advice on navigating the complex world of Amazon and all their policies and rules? Are you curious about how you can improve the repricing strategies you are using to boost sales and profits? Need a personalized walk through of Sellery geared toward your own business practices and goals? Our specialized team of support and Amazon experts is standing by to help you either via email or phone. Get help Monday through Friday from 2am to 5pm Pacific (with limited email support every weekend). We love to help our customers grow their businesses and accomplish their goals. Did we mention, this top notch support is completely free and unlimited? Always.


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