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Seller Optimization Summit

SELL MORE Products, To More People, More Often, and INCREASE YOUR PROFIT By Optimizing Your Amazon Business

40+ World-Class Amazon Sellers, Optimization and eCommerce Experts will show you how to build successful brand, drive more traffic and increase sales on and off Amazon…

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You Get When You Claim Your Free Ticket To Join Seller Optimization Summit Today…

We’ve brought together over 40 world-class entrepreneurs, professionals and eCommerce experts to give you a behind-the- scenes look at what it really takes to build a thriving FBA business in 2017 and beyond.

Seller Optimization Summit was designed to give you a clear step-by-step process for increasing your Amazon product listing conversions, driving internal and external traffic to your listings and getting you to focus on where the profit is at!

Each speaker will open their playbook on what’s working to get you big results when it comes to product marketing and optimization. They will provide you actionable strategies with step-by-step advice you can implement immediately.



Originally from Lithuania, Augustas also hosted European Private Label Summit 2016, an online summit targeting Amazon sellers focused on Europe.

He likes to gather the best information about the world of Amazon FBA and report his findings to his audience. He has a passion for sharing ideas, strategies, blueprints and any information that can optimize a situation and make other people's lives easier and better overall!


that teaches proven tips & tricks to increase your sales on Amazon

What you will learn in this EPIC Summit?

PPC Troubleshooters!

We have the TOP guys in PPC ads in Amazon who are normally $1000s+ an hour and you get them DIRECT to your laptop for a fraction of what you would normally pay. How many hours have you spent looking through your Search Term Report scratching your head or seen your ACOS go through the roof and struggle to reduce costs? You could easily make your Summit fee back by implementing just ONE of the ad strategies you will learn from our experts. How much could you save by taking action on more than one of these tactics? Spend time with these speakers, streamline your ads, avoid expensive bid blunders and action new profitable ad strategies.

Brand Boosters

Naturally your Brand is a critical key to your online success. One of our experts (Sophie Howard) has excelled in Building a Subscription Based Amazon Brand and will reveal how she did it. Can you imagine the power of this extra income stream alongside your Amazon profits once you’ve completed the Summit? Sexy! Brand is still key to future sales and success. Ensure you stay tuned for new Brand Management and Brand Love sessions to keep your customers coming back for more..

To Infinity & Beyond – Your Sustainable Profitable Enterprise

Now more than ever, building a solid, longer term business is important in this volatile economy. Yes selling cheap and fast can also work, but if you truly want to build a successful global enterprise, you have come to the right place. Our speakers will show you how to surpass your customers expectations with outstanding value, how to entice them into an off-Amazon structure with services and products they really want and will pay for and creating a sustainable, scalable, profitable and global business you will be proud of with a more than healthy bank balance.

Hidden Treasure in Your Dashboard

Discover the SHOCKING truth about how much money you may be owed by Amazon. Being a busy seller, we can miss the obvious and one of the tactics that will be shared could uncover a whole pile of cash sitting in the Amazon coffers that belongs to YOU!

Why you should attend this summit?

It will take your Amazon FBA business to the next level

You understand that whilst Amazon is a great opportunity, in order to be successful, you must rise above the competition in order to win. This is especially true for reviews, when Armageddon hit on October 4th 2016 the “fast track” to Utopia disappeared. This took countless people out of the game as they relied far too much on gaming the system for incentivized reviews, rather than innovating new ways to reach their target audience. No innovation, no growth.

Stay ahead of the crowd with Insider Knowledge to Profit and Grow Massively now!

Big changes have already taken place and we are sure Amazon have many more to come throughout 2017. Now is not the time to be left behind using outdated techniques. If you want to lead the way in 2017, make great strides in your marketing prowess and earn more profit.

Your ticket is FREE (for a very limited time)

Although most conferences cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, We’re gifting you a free ticket because we know how powerful this material is. But you must claim your spot now because each masterclass will stream free for JUST 1 DAY — then it’ll be locked up in the Seller Optimization Summit Premium vault forever.


What is the Seller Optimization Summit?

The Seller Optimization Summit is a multi-day virtual event during which 25+ experts share their insights and expertise on subjects covering technical marketing.

Is this event really free?

Yes! When you register for the event, during the 3rd-9th of April, 2017 you’ll be sent daily emails letting you know which sessions are available. They will remain available for 24 hours whereupon they will be removed and no longer accessible for free access. However, you will have an option to upgrade your ticket to a All-Access Pass, which will give you an unlimited access to all of the content.

Do I have to travel to the Seller Optimization Summit?

Nope! The Seller Optimization Summit is a virtual event, meaning that there is no physical meeting location for this conference. Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of the sessions.

What if I miss one of the speakers’ sessions? Will I get a recording?

If you do happen to miss one of the speakers’ presentations, even after it was available for 24 hours, there is an option to upgrade your ticket to an All-Access Pass. With this pass, you’ll be given instant access to all the sessions of the speakers, viewable whenever you want to watch them! Claim your free ticket on this page to learn more about the All-Access Pass.

Who is this for?

This for anyone that is interested and / or currently selling on Amazon. Though, the topics are more advanced they are delivered in such a way that you can implement them and gain great levels of value.

Why are you doing this?

Whilst we feel there is lots of good information out there, no one is conversion and marketing focused and often the pricing is out of reach for most sellers. We are crashing through the barriers to bring advanced skills to the everyday sellers to try for free without obligation.

What qualifies the speakers

There is a famous saying, “There are those that teach, and those that do”. Most of our speakers are 7 figure sellers, some in the 6-figure range and some already generate millions for their clients via their consultancy / management businesses. Rest assured you are in good hands…

We love what you are doing, can we advertise with Seller Optimization Summit?

Sure, you can, get in touch at and we can discuss the details…

What makes this Summit Unique?

Why this event is unique?

This is a good question, and was the main reason we have launched the Seller Optimization Summit. We see a place in the market for Amazon sellers that understand the power of marketing and are dedicated to conversions. Think about the 80/20 rule for a moment, when we developed SOS we wanted to focus on what really matters. Time and money… So instead of covering topics such as finding a product, we cover optimizing your cash flow. Let’s face it, it’s great to have a shiny object in your hand but much better to know instantly what your ROI is and how quick you can flip your investment and get your cash out for future products. We are not only looking at sponsored ads. We will cover driving external traffic from social networks, creating funnels and conversion copy… Topics no one covers under one roof and in enough detail. You can walk away with actionable content to implement into your own Amazon business.

Watch at your convenience — attend from your computer

There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, hanging out in airport lounges and time away from your family.

The expert sessions will be available online so you can watch them at your own convenience. During the free portion of the event (available for a limited time April 3-9), each session will be live for 24 hours, and if you get Seller Optimization Summit All-Access Pass, you’ll have access to all the valuable training instantly.

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Seller Optimization Summit

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