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Seller Mobile
  • Seller Mobile is developed by entrepreneurs who have successfully penetrated the Amazon marketplace through their own business venture. The core team partnered up to launch instruments that have led them to increased sales in various marketplaces. Seller Mobile is built with features that will enable another Marketplace business person to succeed efficiently and quickly – as these practices have already been tested and implemented by the Seller Mobile team in their own marketplace!
  • Need Buy Box Wins? We did too – so we found a way. Need a quicker way to restock FBA, to develop on ranking keywords, attain more reviews, and more? Again, we found the trick. We compiled what took us years to develop and packaged it in a suite so others can climb up the ladder with our software.

One Platform. Exponential Growth.

Sell Smarter. Respond Faster – From Anywhere.A full suite to ensure success in the Marketplace!

Empowering features.Boost revenue smarter and faster.

Amazon Order Management

Now, managing your marketplace orders is even easier with your account integration. Seller Mobile will continuously sync with Amazon to show you recent orders placed, customer information, order payment status and etc. You can enable notifications on your mobile app so that you are pinged every time there is a sale or an update in your seller account.

Elements of the Orders Dashboard:

  • You will be able to view daily / monthly and annual sales vs. payments made / income
  • View revenue and number of orders by the hour
  • View number of AFN and MFN shipments and method of shipment
  • See a summary of orders by status (pending, shipped, unshipped, etc.)

Amazon Inventory Analysis

When integration is complete, Seller Mobile will import your listings and provide you with reports and charts to enable you to track all of your inventory.

Inventory Analysis Tool will include:

  • Product title and Rank
  • ASIN Details
    • FNSKU
    • MF
    • Brand
    • Publisher
    • Category
    • ADS Category
  • Product Details
    • SKU
    • Dimension
    • Weight
    • Packaging
    • Color
    • UPC
  • Status
    • Inactive / active
  • Sales
    • Number sold by date
  • Source of Fulfillment
  • Cost
  • Percentile
  • AFN and MFN quantities
  • Your seller account item pricing / buy box pricing and
  • When product was last updated

Amazon FBA Restock

One of the toughest tasks when running a business on Amazon, is determining which product to send to FBA and on what date. As a retail business owner, you want to maximize your sales and efficiently plan your FBA stock levels, so that you don’t run out of hot items OR get stuck with items that are not selling.

With Seller Mobile’s FBA Restock tool you can…

  • Restock by supplier
  • Restock by item
  • OR Restock by item history

Amazon Reviews / Feedback

Seller Mobile: Feedback

  • Seller Mobile is an advanced cloud-based software solution, created to help amazon merchants increase the number of their feedbacks and reviews to boost rankings. This online management tool aims to simplify the feedback solicitation process, deliver to the right customers, for the right product at the right time. It helps automate feedback and review requests for a more convenience and time-saving management. You may choose from our professionally designed default templates or create your own suitable for your business needs.
  • Customer feedbacks are proven to be sales booster. We can’t deny that customers will need to see before deciding to purchase a product. In other words, feedbacks and reviews increase conversion. They can kill any hesitations potential clients may have about an item, or can help item determination. By giving extraordinary customer service and conveying customized email solicitations, you’re setting yourself up for more positive reviews and feedback. With higher number of reviews, oftentimes you will win the Buy Box. This is crucial for both brand proprietors and affiliates alike.
  • Seller Mobile turns the one-time patrons into frequent customers who leave you with high star reviews spouting about your phenomenal customer service. Your thorough and detailed reviews will thus turn more shoppers into buyers.
  • We’ve worked together and sent hundreds of thousands of test emails and investigated the results to see exactly what works best. From the email subject lines that ensure your messages get read by the buyer to the exact time to follow up with them, Seller Mobile leaves you with stacked reviews.

Pros of Seller Mobile Feedback

  1. Crafty yet careful requests
    a. Selectively pick and choose feedback requests by SKU, product type, on-time delivery, destination, and so much more.
  2. The right time
    a. Set Seller Mobile to deliver your messages at the prime time of the day when buyers are more likely to react upon your feedback requests.
  3. Crafty yet careful requests
    a. We know the formula; more positive Amazon reviews = more sales.
  4. The right time
    a. Seller Mobile helps you institute your brand, making you more likely to win the much-coveted Buy Box.

The Magic behind Seller Mobile

  1. Fully automated:generate positive reviews and feedback without a hassle.
  2. 100% Amazon compliant:all features are compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Amazon Algorithmic Repricer

Seller Mobile offers a cutting-edge, algorithmic repricing tool for your seller account(s). It is designed to help you skyrocket sales and revenues, monitor competitor prices, increase conversion and visibility, and win the Buy Box on leading multichannel marketplaces.

More Revenue, Increased Profits, Less Effort…

Manual repricing can become tedious and time-consuming. Seller Mobile’s repricer tool will continually monitor and adjust prices for all of your listings, so you don’t have to! You will beat out tons of sellers and listings and are sure to get more Buy Box wins.

Seller Mobile’s Algorithmic Repricer Tool will…

  • Compare prices (with competition) by using the ASINS of your products
  • Reprice at the highest possible price
  • Allow you to set the parameters for repricing
  • Not reprice below set minimums
  • Auto-adjust prices
  • Do the work for you!

Amazon Mobile App

We designed Seller Mobile’s mobile app to bring the experience of your Seller Mobile account to your touchscreen, smartphone or tablet. Now, you can receive real-time updates for your seller account from anywhere, at anytime.

Working on the Go

  • Select from your various marketplace accounts from this one mobile app
  • Turn on notifications for order updates
  • View daily reports: daily sales, units sold, items in stock, monthly sales charts
  • Manage orders
  • View pending, shipped, cancelled orders
  • View inventory

How do I use it?

Type Seller Mobile in your app / play store and download the mobile app.

Login with your account information and get connected to your seller account. Turn on notifications for minute-by-minute updates.

Our app is tested to work on most touchscreen-based mobile devices. We are adding new devices daily.

Amazon Keyword Analysis

Consumers are continuously searching for products to purchase on Amazon. They may even be looking for products that you offer. The key question is – will they find you? It is crucial to ensure that your products are ranking for these critical keywords. The higher you rank, the easier it will be for consumers to find your product, and the more money you will make.

Seller Mobile’s Keyword Analysis Tool is built to help you pinpoint high ranking keywords for your product listings.

Amazon Data Security

What is Data Security?

  • Data security is essential to protect sensitive data from theft, breaches, malware and hacks by unauthorized users. This data includes everything from our client’s personal data to the provided corporate information.
  • At Seller Mobile, we implement various strategies within the company to ensure that your data is protected from any such threat.

How do we ensure your security?

  • Our data centers are immaculately designed to meet leading power and security standards.
  • All paid accounts have separate installations on Seller Mobile servers and have independent SQL databases.
  • We have quarterly overall data security strategy and risk assessment evaluations. This helps us identify any human errors and continuously test the strength of our systems. During this time, all existing employees also undergo data security systematic refreshers.
  • Seller Mobile has instilled a privacy conscious ethic and privacy and confidentiality contracts in the organization. All new employees undergo data security induction and training.

Amazon Reports

Reports, Reports – As important as they are, we do not all enjoy creating them. When you integrate your merchant / seller accounts with Seller Mobile, we will give you access to our Reports tool. This tool will provide you with every report you could possibly need. No more manual typing, excel entries or manual bar chart creations needed.

With Seller Mobile’s tool you can track all of your product and marketplace performance from one location. We will track your orders, inventory, products, listings, keywords, profitability, stock counts, loss of sales, refunds and more across all marketplaces / integrated merchant accounts.

Sell More

Now, you can save even more time with SellerMobile's tool and boost sales. Our applications will allow you to easily manage all your customers and their orders through one portal. Now, you won't have to manually reprice items, track order shipments to request for seller feedback, or spend hours comparing competitor price changes.

Utilize more of our tools to stay ahead of the game and spend more time on tasks that can further develop your marketplaces. We have features like no other!

Impeccable Support

We created SellerMobile's apps and features while we developed our own businesses on various marketplace platforms. We have been there – we are still there! Our expert support staff knows your business, our tools, and exactly how to answer your questions when you need help.

Our training and support center is highly capable and completely cost-free.

All plans include

  • Mobile App: Seller Mobile is fully functional from anywhere on your PC/Mac and/or on your mobile device, tablet or smartphone.

  • Training Services : Professional live chat, email and phone support services are readily available to all members.

  • API Integration :The Seller Mobile suite will seamlessly integrate across various marketplaces.

  • Algorithmic Repricing : The repricer tool will auto-update product listings to ensure your prices are competitive – leading you to attain more Buy Box wins.

  • FBA Restock : Inventory analysis will provide you with extensive information so you can restock FBA efficiently, preventing loss of sales.

  • Feedback / Reviews Automation : Auto generation of reviews and feedback will boost your product rankings, which will make your products more visible to buyers.

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Seller Mobile

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