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Competition on is fierce

…And growing more competitive every day. The largely untapped European Amazon marketplace includes five countries which combined have as many Amazon customers as yet the level of competition is MUCH lower. This is how you can aim to double your business with less time, less stress and no race to the bottom on pricing.

Lower competition and plenty of customers means the European marketplace is similar to how was approximately 5 years ago. While getting your listings translated and correctly setup can seem daunting, once this step is complete you will have an additional Amazon income stream with the potential of double your sales depending on your products. The logistics of selling in Europe are quite simple – there is one UK hub for inventory which ships to all other countries.

Not just a translation service

As an Amazon seller you know how important a good listing is – the right keywords to get noticed in searches, and good sales copy to convert browsers into buyers. This is why straight translations simply miss the mark. You need talented copywriters living in each European country crafting your listings while following Amazon’s key listing principles to ensure the right native language is used, backend keywords are on point and all copy is fully optimized.

A machine definitely cannot do this, and a standard translator doesn’t understand Amazon or the consumer psychology enough to write compelling copy that sells. Our carefully selected team of translators each with marketing or eCommerce backgrounds writes excellent sales copy and optimises your listings for their own language and their specific market. This includes cultural and language details and market trends that only a local, native speaker, living in their country can provide.

Our service provides you with:

  • Your products in the right category and node to be where your competition is.
  • Pricing comparisons so you know if you should be pricing your products higher
  • Listing copy that is thoroughly localized and carefully translated by a local, native speaking copywriter
  • Backend keywords and PPC keywords using up to date European Amazon search data
  • Review follow up templates in each of the 4 languages (for Feedback Genius or similar)

How long does it take?

Submit the English version of your listing and in 7 days we’ll return a full set of optimised Amazon listings for each of the 4 European markets.

How do I get started?

If you wish to start selling on the European Amazon marketplace but don’t know how to begin then please contact us to see how we can assist you through this process and get your sales figures up where they should be.

If you already have a UK Amazon Seller account with UK listings then simply click the button below.

I'm ready to order now!

How You Can Get An Unfair Advantage When Selling on Amazon Europe

Amazon UK and Europe offers a superb opportunity to double your USA business with the same products.

However, there is a problem.

4 of the 5 countries have buyers who prefer product listings in their native language – German, French, Italian or Spanish.

You say “That’s easy! I’ll use Google Translate or another online translation service. Job done.”

Not so fast.

While Google Translate is fine for finding your way to a train station or getting the right number of beers when it’s your round, it totally misses the flow of good sales copy.

Relying on a machine generated translation to grow your Amazon business is a very risky game – after all you won’t know what your listing actually says, or how it reads for a native speaking customer looking at your product. Sometimes it turns out complete nonsense. Google translate does not turn out sales copy, even when you feed it your top performing US or UK sales copy.

The other options like hiring someone on Fiverr or using some of the big online translation service are not great either. Some will just be using Google Translate – doubly bad as the quality will be terrible and you’re paying for it! Some of the paid translation services even admit that they use a machine to do the translation except from the title.

Considering what you have invested into your Amazon business already, this is False Economy! All that time, money, effort and energy to develop your products and listings, then put up a shoddy listing in such big markets just doesn’t make sense if you’re serious about doubling your business. 

The damage from bad listings can be irrecoverable.

Your First Listing on Amazon

Remember the first listing you wrote?

Remember the time and energy you put in doing the key word research, getting the title perfect and sweating over every bullet point.

Then remember the excitement at those first sales as customers had found your product listing and then purchased because your copywriting hit the mark of what they wanted.

The effort had paid off. And it’s probably still paying off today.

Well….why then, would you consider doing a machine translation of your listing to be adequate?

Do you have ‘blind hope’ your translation actually says what it should even though it’s being laughed at by your potential buyers and competition.

Hey you might get lucky, but success on Amazon doesn’t have to be about luck.

Here’s What You Will Get With Sell Global Listings

For each of the 4 Europe Amazon platforms – Germany, France, Italy and Spain;

  • Competition research – price, their features and advantages and positioning
  • A review of your product, the features, benefits, and to understand your brand
  • Thorough Keyword research for your product
  • Node research to be with relevant competition where buyers are looking
  • Carefully created titles using the best keywords
  • 5 bullets and a product description crafted in the native language to localize the product to make it compelling for the buyer to choose you.
  • Backend keywords and PPC keywords using up-to-date Amazon data
  • If you have color or size variations, they are included (provided limited changes required).
  • 2 buyer Follow up emails per country to request reviews and repeat purchase to use in Feedback Genius or similar.
  • All this turned around inside a week including supervisory reviews and peer reviews.

Better Listings = More Traffic = Higher Conversion = More Sales

It’s really that simple. You know that with the fundamentals done well, you are well on your way to Amazon Europe success. This service will give you the best possible chance of success in Europe.

Our team of “Locals” have nearly finished the hundreds of listings in our own business, and now we’re willing to share them with other serious Amazon sellers, who like us, think the future growth potential in Europe and elsewhere is super lucrative and worth approaching properly.

Our team is growing fast, but because these are real humans on real European pay rates (no pesos in our Sell Global payroll!) there is a limit to how many listings we can give them. They are like a ninja team of marketing Amazonians recruited from around the globe. Sounds pretty exotic and it truly is international business when you start this game.

It diversifies your business, currencies, political and economic risks and gives you double the customer base with less competition. Sound like it could be worth doing?!

If you are serious about succeeding in Europe, then we’d like to join our beta testing group as we scale our systems and services for more sellers who want to make it big in Europe

?Because humans and not machines complete the listings, we’re not yet available for everyone. We want to deliver the promise from a timing and quality point of view. That’s why we are capping the first intake.

Make sure you are one of the 20 serious sellers to get your product listings performing in Europe.

Click here to order you product listing(s) now.

When you order your product listing ‘Localization’ you’ll receive a questionnaire for you to answer so we can match you with the best ‘locals’ who have experience in your niche.

Click here to order your listing now and lock in your spot.

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