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Who Else Wants More Amazon Sales – With No Hard Work?

How would you like to make more Amazon sales every single month without investing any more time than you are right now?

Our results have shown as much as a 10% bump in monthly Amazon sales by simply using smarter keyword research software.

And the best part? This software happens to be free.

Free Keyword Research Tool

Our keyword research tool provides the most accurate Amazon buyer keyword information, period.

Amazon Research Blog

Our blog contains the latest information we’ve learned about Amazon selling.

We pride ourselves in thinking small. Tiny changes create big results on Amazon:

  • A fraction of a percentage increase in your conversion rate can be the difference between ranking #1 for your keyword vs. nowhere to be found.
  • Missing a few keywords in your research phase can easily cut sales by 10+%. There’s a compounding effect there, too.
    Fewer Sales => Lower Rankings.
  • Testing your title tag will skyrocket your click thru rate.
    More Clicks => More Sales => Higher Rankings => Even More Sales.

These are just a few examples of areas Amazon sellers struggle to optimize without the proper data. Yet, Amazon is the last place you ever want to “wing it,” despite how tough they make it for you to analyze results.

Our goal is to win you the edge over all your Amazon competitors. No science degree necessary.


The World’s Slowest Keyword Tool (And How it Steadily Wins the Race)

Most Amazon keyword tools are quick and effective.

Ours is slow.

We usually run it overnight, or even longer.

Every other keyword tool (even the paid ones) find a few hundred keywords within seconds, and they’re done.

Ours finds a few hundred keywords within seconds, and then it looks like it might be stalling or stopped.

What happened?

It’s not broken. It’s searching further and further away from the seed keyword. Doing thousands of increasingly creative Amazon searches, in order to find related keywords that we’d never possibly think of on our own.

This app only shows Amazon buyer keywords.

If you type any one of these into the Amazon search bar, auto-complete will finish typing it for you (since it’s often typed by Amazon customers.)

We gather keyword ideas from a variety of sources including Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), but if they do not turn out to be Amazon keywords, we filter them out.

As we start searching further away from the seed words, it becomes less and less likely that any one particular search will discover a relevant new keyword. That’s why it may look like things are slowing down.

However, by running so many different creative searches, our keyword tool finds many times more results than anything else we’ve seen. It just takes a little while.

“I’m tired of searching. Why do I need this many keywords?”

Amazon only ranks your product for keywords that you’ve specifically typed into your product listing.

Customers can only buy your product if they can find it. And people search for some weird keywords, man.

We’ve seen increases in sales by 10% or more just by adding new keywords to a product listing that sellers never knew existed!

It’s the easiest, fastest way to increase your sales. You’ll find that your biggest competitors don’t rank for all of their relevant keywords, either. They don’t know about all of them.

And that makes the competition on these weird keywords way easier for you.

Cheap PPC.

We regularly pay $.01 for clicks in Amazon PPC, because this tool finds so many “black sheep” keywords that our competitors don’t know about.

The weird, long-tail keywords are pretty awesome.

What is a Stuff Word?

You can’t rank for all these keywords in Amazon without stuffing them somewhere into your product listing. And if you’re in a decent-sized niche, you’ll find thousands of keywords if you let this thing run for long enough.

…But your product listing doesn’t have space for thousands of keywords.

So, our keyword tool figures out which words are most important for you to include in your listing.

(It calculates the frequency of the individual words within these keywords, and ranks them from most to least common.)

Bottom line, just click on the sort button and then type as many of the stuff words at the top of the list as you can into your product listing. Squeeze out every last character.

NOTE: Click here for detailed, easy-to-understand PDF instructions on how to take advantage of this fun little “hack.” We explain a few hidden ways to fit extra keywords into your listing.

Always up-to-date with the freshest results.

This app searches Amazon in real-time, so it always finds the most current keywords.

Keywords don’t change very often, but when new brands or new products start getting searched, you’ll find them immediately.

Keyword tools that rely on an instant-results database may be giving you information that’s a few years outdated.

Never misleading about search volume.

Amazon doesn’t provide any public data related to how many searches these keywords get.

That’s why we recommend that you take these keywords and run Amazon PPC ads on them. After a month, read the report that Amazon gives you, and you’ll know exactly how many searches these keywords get.

NOTE: Be very careful about seasonality. Many products have good and bad weeks and seasons, so run your tests for a while.

Keyword tools that attempt to offer you some kind of search volume estimate are usually making it up based on Google data (which is VERY different from Amazon.)

Consider the keyword “Grinder.” Amazon is positive that you’re searching for a product that crushes herbs. Google thinks you might be searching for either a TV show, a type of sandwich, a male dating website, or a product that crushes herbs.

That makes the Google search volume way higher than the Amazon search volume. Any Google estimates would be very misleading.

Click Here to download our PDF guide. It teaches you how to get 100% accurate search data for your keywords!

358,475 Searches and Counting

We built this tool for our own use in 2015, and haven’t done any advertising or SEO for it at all.

But people soon found it anyway. They shared it so often that it now ranks for just about every Amazon-related keyword phrase in Google!

Thank you for your support. We hope this info helps you make more money.

One last thing.

Our team is creating a number of new Amazon tools this year, and we could really use your help.

Would you consider answering this simple 3-minute survey?

Your answers will affect what types of software and training guides we create over the next few months. (More fun stuff like this keyword tool.)

It’ll mean the world to our team here at Scientific Seller… We’ll all be reading the responses.

Click here to access the survey.


Partnership Program

Tired of Battling Amazon?

I don’t blame you. Anyone with a decent-sized physical product business is busy! Probably too busy to be worrying over the ever-changing environment on

Over the last few years, especially, it’s become tougher for many business owners. Amazon as a search engine has taken over more and more of the general e-commerce ecosystem. They rank for practically everything in Google, and people trust their website so much that every product owner on the planet has to worry about managing Amazon reviews. It’s now an essential piece of doing business online.

The only way to stay ahead is by making Amazon a priority. You know the old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” It’s true — there’s no beating them.

But what if you don’t have the time? And even if you do take the time to learn everything there is to know about selling on Amazon, you still may not become skilled enough to really dominate your category. Especially when you’re up against guys like us with all these software capabilities.

After such a big investment, the last thing you want is a mediocre sales report that doesn’t add a bunch of money to your wallet at the end of the month.

That’s why I’d like to politely suggest an alternative. If your business qualifies as having the necessary resources, it’s worth considering a partnership with us at Scientific Seller.

How does the Partnership Program work?

If your business sells its own brand of physical products and your sales are over $500,000 per year (on or off Amazon), we might be interested in taking you on as a client to privately manage your Amazon account and steadily grow your brand(s).

For us, partnering makes perfect sense. We spend most of our day working within Amazon, building advanced tools to solve Amazon-related problems and generally learning everything there is to know about their search engine. We love it.

What we’re not as interested in doing is sourcing products, managing inventory, designing packaging or any of the other stuff that you happen to be so great at.

Aside from the various tools we release publicly, we also regularly discover perfectly fair tactics and loopholes that are ripe to be taken advantage of on (It doesn’t hurt that their API is so convoluted and full of weird little opportunities.) Obviously, we keep the best secrets private, which makes them especially effective for the accounts we manage.

Partnering isn’t for everyone. However, if you think you might be interested, we’d be happy to hop on the phone to chat about the possibilities.

Reach out and contact us any time.



What is this Free Amazon Keyword Tool I see on your site?

We created the Free Amazon Keyword Tool because no great tool exists. We encourage anyone to use it, and you do not need to be a Scientific Seller subscriber to use the free tool. We hope that the free tool will open your eyes as a seller to all the keywords you may be missing and we hope that you will consider purchasing our Scientific Seller tool to use the power of Amazon Sponsored Products to drive traffic from those keywords. But even if you don’t buy Scientific Seller, we hope the free tool helps your business.

What is your return/refund policy?

If at any time you decide that you’re not 100% THRILLED with our service, (even if you just have a tiny little pang of doubt as to whether you’re getting a mind-blowing value here), we’ll refund your prior 30 days’ worth of service immediately, without question or hesitation.

We have an excellent support staff. To request a refund please contact our support desk.

If Scientific Seller is making you that much money, why don’t you keep it for yourselves?

That’s a great question, and it’s one we always ask when we’re evaluating other peoples’ products.

In fact, we have kept some of the most cutting edge Amazon keyword research and PPC management technology to ourselves. We offer a Partnership Program for Amazon sellers where we provide full management of your PPC (Sponsored Products), keywords, listing, and images for all your products in return for participation in the upside of what we generate. If you are interested in learning more about that opportunity, please contact us.

Am I setting everything up right?

Here at Scientific Seller we value every customer! We absolutely want to see you succeed with using our service in the best way that matches your unique business needs.

We offer free account reviews, tips and hints to our individual members. We know Amazon and our experts know exactly what will allow you to use Scientific Seller to it’s fullest extent. If you would like to get your account reviewed, all you have to do is send us a message.

Make sure you include the username or registered e-mail address for the account, and we will evaluate your account and send you a detailed list of suggestions that will help you harness the power of Scientific Seller!

Additionally, you are welcome to contact our support staff by phone at (720) 466-3736.

Do you accept feature requests?

Scientific Seller is a dynamic product and we take every feature request from our customers seriously! In fact, most of the features that have been added to Scientific Seller came directly from suggestions offered by our customers.

We’re constantly working our tails off to provide the absolute best seller marketing solution.

If you have a feature request, we would love to hear from you!

Will my data and information about my products be kept private and safe from prying eyes?

Absolutely. We do not sell your data for any purpose. We do use aggregated information (information averaged over all our customers) to provide general research about Amazon, however, we will never reveal any specific data piece publicly ever. We use state-of-the-art security techniques and routinely audit our systems. Check out our Privacy Policy.

I have another question!

Our support desk is open 7 days a week, so just contact us.

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