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Sample Inspection in China

Sample Inspection Sample Inspection and Verification is a helpful tool in establishing the accuracy and validity of a product.

Once you have found a potential supplier, the next important step you must take, is to get a sample for verification.

Sample verification is an imperative step when dealing with suppliers in China, particularly if your only means of contact and communications with them has been limited over the internet through sources such as Alibaba , Global Sourcing, B2B or similar.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of a solid support infrastructure and steadfast controls in place for these websites. On many occasions, they will simply use images belonging to other Companies, which results in the product being sold to you varying substantially, totally different altogether, from what you believed you had originally purchased from the onset.

Being that many of them are just basic trading companies, a lot of them will just use other companies images and the product will then be sourced from the cheapest possible manufacturer who has cut many corners to reduce cost and increase their margin at your expense and this is usually picked up at the sample verification stage.

During the past 15 years, I have literally experienced firsthand, on countless occasions, having dealt with the Asian factories, that the samples provided have been nothing in relation to what I have ordered and many a time have been thoroughly disappointed to learn that the product simply does not function correctly, and also that they have come with too many issues, and I would therefore be unable to sell the product.

Sample Verification is a helpful tool in establishing the accuracy and validity of a product, and can even determine the strength of communications between the supplier and yourself, the foreign company Although a lot of these factories/companies now have someone on board who may speak a little, to basic good English, there is still substantial room for error due to the communication breakdown in what they understand you require as to what they translate this to be in their terms. More often than not, this leads to a vast difference in understandings and leads to quality lost time and poorly supplied product selections.

Regardless of meeting a supplier at a trade show, it is still imperative to obtain a sample, as what you see at the trade show are just there for show only. When at the point of ordering, you will find that many of the features you had observed and noted at the show, are not available in actual production.

This fact is not divulged to you at the actual show, and when you enquire as to why it is different, or doesn’t have the actual features you had seen on the product at the show, they will simply say “Oh, that was just sample for display” and think nothing of it. This is another reason to request a good quality sample first to verify you are getting exactly what you saw at a trade show, such as the Canton Fair or one of the many Hong Kong Fairs.

Air Freight Logistics (Direct into Amazon)

Competative AIr Freight Logistics from China to the rest of the world via DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT with online tracking.

I have been researching, trailing and negotiating with a number of forwarders for over 6 months. I have selected only 3 forwarders that I have been able to get a reliable service, good communication and good rates with. They all do regular deliveries into the FBA facilities and use well known freight companies like UPS / FedExDHL / TNT with online tracking.

We offer free quote estimates based on what information you can provide and in most cases we have been able to negotiate a better deal than what your factories/suppliers have offered.

Product Photography in China

We offer a quality Product Photography service optimised for web, print, amazon and ebay.

Images will be shot using a Nikon D4DF, D810 or D700 Full Frame Camera with Nikon’s Highest Quality Lenses to ensure excellent clarity and high dynamic range.

For our still images, it is not a matter of just placing your product into a simple light box with a constant light source and capturing the image. For the most ultimate results in creating great product shots, it is all about using the effect of light, angles and shapes to best capture your product.

Unlike hobbyist photographers, who in essence just want to make a quick buck, we create pictures, not just take pictures! And what separates us even more is that we have heavily invested in top-end photographic equipment for both our China and Australia studios. It is not my intention to discredit the hobbyist photographers, as some can be quite good, yet it has been my experience to notice a difference in the end results.

Prior to your product being photographed, a full inspection is carried out to ensure the product is without breaks and damages, as this will affect the outcome of the images. Your product will be gently cleaned to remove dust and/or lint prior to photography, and if the surface is in poor condition, we will advise and discuss before moving forward as extra cost postproduction may be a requirement.

In most cases, the number of images that I take with each shoot will be over what you have specified. These will be sent to you via a secure Dropbox link (Low Res & Watermarked) for you to select the ones for final processing “Please note that images selected for final processing are chargeable items”. The selected images will then go through some basic post editing and processing to remove minor contamination, slight flaws, scratches and/or blemishes.

The final stage will be to adjust brightness levels to ensure proper tone, exposure and vibrancy. As standard we create a colour profile for your product using a Colour Checker Passport and the special software, as the key point is that the image will represent the colour of the product as close as possible.

Final images will then be uploaded to your dedicated Dropbox folder in two additional sub-folders for you to access whenever you like.

Production Run Inspection in China

Get your production run inspected before shipping out to make sure it matches your expectations.

Get your production run inspected before shipping out to make sure it matches your expectations compared to the sample inspected and quantity ordered.

Sea Freight Logistics (Direct into Amazon)

Competative Sea Freight Logistics from China to the rest of the world.

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Sample Consolidation

When you have a number of samples coming from different suppliers, we can consolidate them together.

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Hello I am Shane Carrol the Sample Checker, pleased to meet you! I have been involved directly and indirectly with manufacturing for over 35 years.

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