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River Source Logistics

Third Party Logistics For Amazon Sellers With Amazon by our side we can offer you quality FBA services


We have the capacity and manpower to receive Amazon shipments as small as a few boxes or as large as 40 foot containers. We will help you grow your Amazon Business without having to hire a warehousing team.


Our Inspection Services range from a outer carton check to a open box inspection on your products. Make sure that your Amazon products are in the desired condition before forwarding it to FBA.


River Source Logistics offers labeling services to ensure that your Amazon Shipment is FBA compliant. Our Fba prep services include FNSKU, suffocation, Made in China and Do not Separate Labels.


Bundling is a excellent method to gain a competitive advantage on Amazon. We offer bundling services at our warehouse where we will commingle and repackage our products before sending them to Amazon.


We provide 14 days of free storage and can provide additional warehousing as needed. During third-quarter we offer efficient and affordable storage for your inventory with quick Amazon Forwarding.

Amazon Forwarding

From palletizing, to shrink wrapping, we can help you save costs by transitioning to LTL freight shipments as well as leveraging UPS’ phenomenal shipping rates. Ship through LTL or SPD.

Amazon FBA 3PL Services

River Source Logistics Provides 3PL services for Amazon FBA Sellers who specialize in private label.

Strategically Located

Our 94,000 sq foot warehouse is the largest FBA Preparation and Forwarding facility in the United States. We are strategically close to the largest sea port in the United States and Los Angeles International Airport. This allows us to receive shipments sooner, and also save you money in trucking costs from the sea port or air port to our warehouse.

Who We Are

We live, breathe, and sleep Amazon. Lead by Jin and Kevin, our warehouse team has processed and shipped hundreds of thousands of units to Amazon FBA centers across the country. We focus only on private label Amazon FBA shipments and nothing else. (and we’re pretty dang good at it.)

How It Works

Create an account

The first step in becoming a River Source Logistics partner is to create a customer account with us. Once you have your account you will be able to proceed to place an order.

Place Order

The second step is to place an order. Go to the “Place Order” tab and select the services you need.  You will also need to have your packing list, quantity, size, and weight of your shipment for the order form.

Order Arrives

When your Amazon Shipment arrives at our warehouse we will notify you the quantity we received and visual damage if any. We will begin conducting additional work requested such as in depth inspection, labeling, poly bagging, etc.

Process Shipment

Once your shipment has been processed at our FBA facility, you will be notified with quantity of cartons, weight etc so you can generate the shipping labels from Amazon.

Shipment Goes Out

All Systems are Go! Your shipment will be picked up at our warehouse and shipped to Amazon FBA. You can track your shipment through your Amazon Seller Central Account.


Can you ship outside of the USA?

Yes! Big or small we can handle any shipment going outside of the USA. All proper documentation and transportation will need to be provided/ scheduled by the client.

Do you charge my credit cards every month?

Yes, during the sign-up process we will send you a Credit card authorization form in which you authorize us to charge your card. We require one card to be on file at all times.

Would I be able to deliver my goods to your facility myself or does it have to be a logistics carrier?

Yes, you are allowed to personally deliver your goods to our facility. You can also send them SPD or with a freight forwarder. LTL shipments do not need an appointment. Containers do need appointments and we do only live unloads.

Are there other means of communication with River Source besides email or phone?

The best way to reach RSL is by email. We have amazing staff that quickly reply to all emails.

You can always give us a call during office hours as well.

Why we do not accept arbitrage goods?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept arbitraged goods due to the countless issues sellers ran into. Amazon especially is a difficult platform to sell arbitrage items due to many sellers now brand gating their items.

Why do we not accept books or clothes?

Due to the complexity in skus associated with these items we are not accepting books or clothing at the moment.

What companies do you offer fulfillment to? Why don’t we?

We can fulfill any order to major and minor retailer, as long as its by case pack.

Why are removal costs different from a new shipment?

Please understand removals are a tedious and time-consuming task as well as very labor intensive.

We receive removals several ways. Sometimes we will receive pallets other times we will receive hundreds of individual boxes. Also, we need to touch and confirm every time as Amazon will sometimes send us mix products with your removals.

Not only do we get mix product, Amazon many times puts removals stickers on the units, so we must touch each item to confirm this sticker is not on it. We have learned customers who receive an item with this sticker tend to return the product because they think they received a used item. We understand this can lead to negative reviews, so we do our best to separate these units for you.

Once we receive your item the team then deems the items as sellable and un-sellable. We then repackage your items into master cartons and prep them to go back to Amazon. During this time, we make you aware of how many sellable, un-sellable and damaged units we have received.

Removals are a long process and it takes several weeks for Amazon to ship out all the removals to our facility.

What is your minimum requirement?

Our minimum in 1000 units per sku.

Where are you located?

Our facility is located in Vernon, CA and is within 25 miles from the Los Angeles ports.

Do you offer freight forwarding or customs brokering?

At the moment, we do not offer freight forwarding, however we have an array of trusted freight forwarders and customs brokers that we work with and trust!

What are the benefits of using River Source as a 3PL?

Third party logistics companies specialize in what they do, thus, they have the ability to provide high quality services, usually, at a fraction of the cost a manufacturer or brand would spend if they were managing their own logistics. In addition, everything is handled by one provider but also the services are scalable, which accommodates realities, such as seasonal fluctuations and growth. In addition, services can be provided “on demand”, so the manufacturer only pays for what they need when they need it. This usually means significant savings, as the manufacturer doesn’t have to invest in expensive assets, such as warehouse leases and trucks.

How do you determine a rate quote?

We usually will send over a questionnaire to familiarize ourselves with your products. We ask for weight, dimensions, commodities and what type of service you are looking for. We also like to make all of our potential clients aware that all information stays confidential between you and the River source team! We go to extreme measures to keep your information private.

Can we tour the facility?

Unfortunately, due to client confidentially we do not allow tours of the facility. However, you are more than welcome to set up an appointment with our facility managers to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Will you work with a start-up company?

Yes. We’ve been a part of several start-ups journeys into established companies. Whether you are big or small we offer the right guidance to become a successful seller on Amazon!

What if you don’t provide the service I am looking for?

If you are in need of services we do not provide, such as refrigerated warehousing or hazardous materials (hazmat) warehousing, we recommend you to companies that do.

What if something goes wrong at your facility with my items?

As in life, things can sometimes inevitably go wrong. We believe it’s all about how you handle the situation and what you do to prevent it from happening in the future. Depending on the issue, we get the appropriate personnel involved immediately until all concerns are fully resolved.

As a company that focuses on operational and logistics excellence, we take pride in resolving issues with speed and accuracy, while keeping the long-term in mind. In addition, we continually strive to anticipate what could go wrong, so we can prevent most issues before they even arise

Do you handle Amazon removals?

We are currently not accepting any Amazon Removal orders.

What AQL (acceptance quality limits) do you provide?

We can provide any AQL required by the customer.

Do you provide Hazardous Materials Testing at your facility?

As of now, we do not, but we are working on acquiring this capability.

Can you provide transportation for my finished products?

We highly recommend sticking with Amazons partnered carriers, as they have the best competitive rates! All picks are arranged by the clients, labels or BOL’s are sent over to us and we prep, stage and load your products.

Do you have quick turnarounds?

Yes! We can provide you with superior service in 24-48 hours, when requested. During peak seasons these time frames are extended.

What is the capacity of your prepping area?

We have several areas in our warehouses dedicated exclusively to prepping products and well-trained employees that can handle your request with speed and accuracy. In addition, we can scale up quickly on demand, when needed, by bringing in personnel from other parts of the distribution center who are already well trained on all tasks.

Do you have eCommerce capabilities?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer eCommerce fulfillment.

What services do you provide?

100% inspections, packing, re-packaging, and any complete or partial re-work of Amazon products.
We can bundle products, check for proper labeling to make sure they meet Amazon requirements. For more specific work please email our team.

How do I get started?

You can contact us at 8888-261-9877 or email us at Generally, we first ask you for some basic company information and answer any questions you may have. Once the details are worked out, we develop an efficient transition plan and get started.

What is the minimum order?

We require a minimum of 1000 units per SKU.

Which Ports should I arrange to send my shipments?

  • For AIR – LAX (Los Angeles International Airport),
  • by SEA – Long Beach or Los Angeles ports.

How should my shipment be addressed?

We have two warehouses, please make sure to clarify with your account manager which warehouse your shipment will be going to.


Your Name (Business Name)

  • (ASN# this is provided when you create your shipment)
  • C/O River Source Logistics
  • 1520 Beach St.
  • Montebello, CA 90640


Your Name (Business Name)

  • (ASN# this is provided when you create your shipment)
  • C/O River Source Logistics
  • 4941 Eastern Ave.
  • Bell, CA 90201

Will you notify me when you receive my orders?

Yes, you will receive notification once your order is received, you will also be notified of any issues and updates during the inspection and shipping process.

What is your standard turnaround time from receiving a shipment?

We strive to turn shipments around in 24-48 hours – of course, if the quantity is larger, or if we are doing extensive bundling or repackaging or waiting for stickers etc – this may take a little time. In addition – your shipment cannot go out until we receive the shipping labels from you.

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