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Restock Pro

Accelerate Your FBA Business

One dashboard for all inventory data; actionable decision support; automation tools that save time. Welcome to RestockPro, the easy-to-use cloud-based platform that streamlines your FBA business and helps you grow profits.

How it works

First, RestockPro captures your FBA data and transforms it into inventory intelligence, enabling you to monitor sales velocity, competitive listings, expected margins and more. Then it becomes your in-house supply-chain counsel, making recommendations and sending out alerts on when and how much to reorder. Once you’ve finalized your decisions, RestockPro can drive process automation. It creates POs for your suppliers and inbound shipments to Amazon, captures and organizes shipment plans, and provides visibility into Amazon FBA inbound shipment receiving.


FBA Profit Management

Increase the Profitability of Your FBA Inventory

With the Amazon FBA program, the sky is the limit in terms of what products you can sell. Unfortunately, high sales volume does not necessarily equal high profits. You need to keep a close eye on costs and stay focused on the most profitable products. RestockPro helps you do exactly that.

Track Your Margins

Keep your margins up-to-date

RestockPro calculates an estimated margin for every product you stock by incorporating the price, Amazon fees, your average cost of goods and your own costs (such as shipping and prep expenses). Watch the margin on products that you currently offer and those you’ve stopped stocking. You know the outlook can change quickly on the Amazon marketplace based on competitive and market factors. RestockPro helps you identify early opportunities to jump on a listing!


FBA Forecasting

Quite simply, you need to know what to order, how much and when. That’s the whole idea behind Restock Suggestions – the heart of RestockPro that guides your daily reordering decisions and automates the whole process!

Visualize Your FBA Inventory

Suggestions delivered daily

Restock Suggestions flags your most urgent restocks in red and upcoming alerts in yellow. For each flagged item you see the suggested ship quantity and the recommended reorder amount. Sales history, competitive offers, margins, rank and more… all the data is in one place to support your restocking decisions.


Purchase Order Management for FBA Sellers

RestockPro uses purchase orders to keep track of items you’ve ordered and received from your suppliers – as well as your costs. See how our RestockPro platform streamlines PO management for Amazon FBA sellers.

Build Your Orders with Ease

Point and click PO

Use our intuitive “Restock Suggestions” view to create your POs. Optimize your orders to ensure you are meeting your supplier target order levels. If you use an external system for generating POs, that is fine, too. RestockPro can import or export, so you don’t have to do any extra work!


Build the right shipments, pack them for success and be sure they arrive. RestockPro simplifies the entire process.

Optimize Your Shipments

Send the right shipments with ease

Use RestockPro’s tools for customized, timely suggestions on what needs to be shipped into an Amazon FBA warehouse. The Shipment Wizard lets you create individual or case pack shipments with ease. Plan your shipment and finalize it when the timing is right and the fulfillment center plan makes sense. View the prep and sticker requirements for each product as you go. Let RestockPro finalize the shipment for you, or create the shipping plan file and finalize it yourself on the Seller Central dashboard. Your shipments – your way!


Accurate shipment prep is essential for Amazon merchants. It’s important for everyone involved in the shipping and receiving process to understand what is in the shipment. This communication is easier than ever with RestockPro, which allows you to print Amazon-compliant labels and stickers with ease.

Simplify Shipment Prep with Stickers

Flexible Options, Including 2 Extra Lines Per Sticker

Stickering your products in order to comply with Amazon’s guidelines is easy with RestockPro. Simply select the print sticker option to see a preview of your stickers. Line items that are required by Amazon are pre-populated to help you stay compliant. You can add two additional line items to make your stickers more descriptive, such as SKU, ASIN, UPC, EAN, Supplier SKU or custom text such as your store name. The fields that print as a standard will keep your products Amazon-compliant, but RestockPro also lets you include other product identifiers to make the sticker useful for you in managing the inventory locally.


Beat the Competition with Kits

Success with the Amazon FBA platform depends on your ability to win the buy box and maximize your profit margins. Kitting is a great strategy to achieving these goals. Kit building allows you to offer your own customized bundles of goods that only you sell. This means that you own 100% of the buy box. Because your prices are not subject to competitive comparison, you have greater leeway in setting the right price to maximize your profit. But, choosing the right kits to build and keeping track of parts is no easy inventory management task. That is, unless you have RestockPro to help.

Build Kits in a Few Clicks

Identify the right kits

Trust RestockPro to quickly review your selling trends and competitive situation to identify the products that would benefit from being sold in multipacks or custom bundles. Define the kit with the quantities that compose it. You can set up a kit as a multipack of a single product or a set of different products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RestockPro?

RestockPro is a cloud-based analytics and automation tool from eComEngine, LLC that can take your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business to the next level. By capturing and analyzing data from various sources, it provides powerful strategic insights into your FBA business and recommends how to improve it. It also helps you execute on your plans, by automating many of the tedious processes needed to keep your FBA engine running at top performance.

What channels does RestockPro support? Is it for Amazon FBA sellers only, or does it support merchant fulfilled SKUs?

RestockPro is optimized for Amazon FBA sellers.

Do you have any special support for kits, bundles or multipacks?

Yes, we do. Kits (and bundles or multipacks) can be an important strategy for building and maintaining a profitable FBA business. But developing, managing and optimizing kits can be very complex to do right. RestockPro helps in a number of ways. Analytic capabilities help identify profitable kitting opportunities you might otherwise have missed. Managing kit reorders is a breeze. RestockPro tracks demand and profitability on your kits and translates that into the exact part-order quantities that are needed. Finally, all levels of RestockPro come with our exclusive Kit Optimizer technology. As parts are received, you can reassess market conditions and profitability expectations, and quickly reassign parts to the most profitable kit opportunities.

Does RestockPro only work for US (.com) stores, or does it support International marketplaces?

RestockPro currently support US (.com) and UK stores ( Additional marketplaces will be considered and supported based on customer demand.

How does RestockPro supplement the inventory tools offered on the Seller Central dashboard?

The Amazon Seller Central dashboard provides a lot of information about your FBA listings and sales, but if you want to be profitable, you need to combine it with additional outside information such as suppliers, costs, lead times and stock levels. Doing so enables the strategic perspective and advanced toolset needed to optimize your FBA business.

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Restock Pro

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