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Get the Money that Amazon owes you now – for lost, damaged, and un-returned inventory!

  1. Doesn’t violate Amazon’s TOS – no software to install in your account.
  2. Free until you get paid!
  3. No Monthly Fees or Long Term Contract!
  4. Hands off for you!

What is ReimburseMeNow?

  1. A human being works to get the money that Amazon owes you for lost, damaged, or unreturned inventory into your account where it belongs. There is no software that you need to install in your Amazon Seller Account – which Amazon frowns on.
  2. Affordable – We don’t get paid until you get your money, and we only take a percentage of what you get paid. There is no monthly fee or long term commitment.
  3. A hands-off experience for you. We handle the cases from beginning to end, all the way until the money is paid to you by Amazon!

Problems We Solve

  1. Interpret Amazon’s maze of confusing reports to discover what inventory has been lost, damaged, destroyed, or not returned to your inventory after refund given to customer.
  2. Discover whether Amazon has reimbursed you for that inventory – as they promised.
  3. Open cases for you to begin the process of obtaining the reimbursements that Amazon still owes you.
  4. Human beings (NOT software) handle issues that arise in the reimbursement process.
  5. Ensure that Amazon reimburses you what is due to you.
  6. Get you results – our clients have recovered as much as $25,000 (not a typo) that were owed to them, but had been missed by Amazon’s automatic reimbursement software.

What Reimburse Me Now does NOT do:

  1. Reimburse Me Now does NOT cause issues with your Amazon selling account by installing software. An actual person is in charge of your case, and watches over every step of the process.
  2. Reimburse Me Now does NOT charge a monthly fee or lock you into a long-term contract. We get paid ONLY after you get your money from Amazon.
  3. Reimburse Me Now does NOT take up your time to deal with the maze that the reimbursement process can be!

We Handle Everything For You


We send you instructions on how to request that Amazon grant us Limited Access for the Business Reports in your Seller Central account.


Amazon sends us an Invitation to become a User on your account.


We respond to Amazon’s Invitation and you then set the Limited User Permissions in your Seller Central account. Your work is now done!


We download the maze of necessary business reports and get to work!


You can monitor our progress on your Other Transactions file on the Payment page and watch for your Reimbursements from Amazon. You can also watch the Case Files if you like. However, we know you would rather spend your time working on your business!


Take your monies as you normally would from your Amazon Payment page.


We invoice you after the monies (reimbursements) have been received by you. We operate on a Trust system of Good Faith, we provide the work, then you reward us with the fee.


Read our FAQ’s below for answers to many commonly asked questions!

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the Contact Form or send an email to We offer discounts to members of some Facebook Groups. If you qualify for one of our discounts, please let us know which group you are a part of.

Can I do this myself?

Absolutely! You can do any or all of the many Amazon functions by yourself, including going to the stores to buy inventory, pack and ship the boxes, make your own listings, do the accounting, taxes, and bookkeeping all by yourself. This service is for those don’t want to be spending valuable sourcing  time submitting dozens, or even hundreds, of tickets to Amazon. They realize it is easy to pay someone 25 cents to receive a one-dollar bill.

How much time will I need to spend setting this all up?

The whole process to get started usually takes a couple of emails and 10 minutes of your time. Then, you go back to growing your Amazon business, and leave the work of getting your reimbursements to us!

How long before I start to receive my refunds?

After the User Account is set up, usually within 2 weeks, depending on Amazon’s workload.  We follow Amazon’s Terms of Service very strictly, so we can only submit a small number of case files every day. We will keep going until every case is submitted!

How often do you review my Refunds?

Once we submit all the past cases for reimbursements, we then review your account for more reimbursement cases every 90 days. After all, the Sales and Refunds never stop!

Can you tell me what are the best products to sell on Amazon?

We aren’t able to advise sellers on what products to sell on Amazon.

When do you send out the invoice to me?

We will wait until after the money has been credited to your “Other Transactions” on your Payment Page, 3 days after your next disbursement date. We work on the Honor System. We do the work first, then we receive our fee.

Any Contracts, Credit Cards, Upfront fees?

Our clients take NO RISKS when they hire us. We do not ask our clients to sign any contract, they don’t give us any Credit Card information, and there are no fees incurred by our clients until after we have successfully recovered money for them from Amazon.

How are you different from other reimbursement assistance programs?

We do not install any third party software – we strictly follow Amazon’s TOS and manually download each and every report and a real human audits and reconciles each report and submits each case to Amazon. Amazon likes to have the cases handled in this way, and we keep Amazon aware of exactly what we are doing every step of the way. We also offer one to one personal service, including making any necessary phone calls to Amazon – let us deal with seller support calls while you keep working to make more money!

How will you get access to my Seller Account?

We follow Amazon’s protocol exactly. You will send a request to Amazon to give us limited access to your seller account. Then Amazon will send us an invitation, and you will grant us user permission. Amazon follows what we are doing every step of the way!

Do I qualify for your service?

Typically, a seller who has been selling for at least 6 months, and sells more than $2,000 each month will have the best experience with us.

How far back do you go to get me reimbursements?

Amazon’s TOS allows us to go back 18 months to open cases and request reimbursements. It can take up to 45 days from the time we first open the case for the case to be resolved and the reimbursements to be credited to your seller account.

What is your pricing?

We charge a 25% fee for our services. For every dollar we get put into your account through reimbursements, we charge you one quarter.

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