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There are a few shops that offer, in addition to the normal items every now and again remainders, reclaimed returns or other bargains. Since you can always find unique pieces (and these do not belong in the bargain ticker), we have listed them here clearly:


  • Freecom – stalwarts and returned goods, the shop must be set to "German" (adjustable on top left)
  • Cyberport offers remainders and returned goods on its own website .
  • Technology direct – very interesting technology bargains, unfortunately, the shop software is a bit sluggish and does not always show the sale of individual pieces immediately
  • Teufel – B-Ware from the loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel
  • HiFi factory – own bargain section in the shop for hi-fi bargains



  • Reichelt – Remnants of Reichelt
  • Conrad – Remainders of Conrad (left left menu click on Clearance Sale)
  • Pollin – Pollin has a lot of electronics, with luck you can find here for little money as an LCD, which can be operated on the PC.

Live Shopping

  • Liveshopping aktuell – Well sorted overview page with over 70 daily changing offers from the live shopping.


  • Customs Auction – Public Auction of the Federal Customs Administration. Has more of an entertainment value, a real bargain could not be found yet.

It pays to first click on all links and look at the assortment. Then you can stop by and sometimes dust off very good offers. I wish you success!


FAQ stands for F requently A sked Q uestions and that is why you will always find questions that arise here:

  1. I'll click on an offer, but it will show an error message, another article or another price.Why is that? 

    Many offers in the bargain ticker are so good that they sell out quickly. If the online store does not handle the onslaught well, then the reader sees an error message (or another article). Especially live shopping offers and price mistakes are often quickly sold out. 
    Do not fret, the next good deals will definitely come. Just look more often on (or subscribe to the RSS feed).

  2. When can custom duties be charged on an order? 

    If orders are made outside the EU (eg, , and the value of the order exceeds 150 euros, it must be expected that customs fees will apply. Further information is provided by the German Customs .

  3. When can import VAT be charged on an order? 

    For shops with headquarters outside the EU (a good example are the shops in the Channel Islands zavvi eg, thehut , …) may apply to orders over a value of 22 euros import VAT.

  4. What do I have to pay for ordering from Amazon UK ? 

    The final price of an order at Amazon UK with delivery destination Germany consists of the value of the goods plus shipping costs in British pounds less the VAT applicable in England at the time of purchase plus value added tax (VAT) valid in Germany. 
    Since England is within the EU, neither customs nor import sales taxes are incurred.

  5. How does it work with RSS ? 

    The articles appearing on can be subscribed to and read via different RSS feeds with so-called feed readers (which may also include current mobile phones or MS Outlook 2007 ). Mostly in the feed readers only the headlines or a short excerpt from the article are displayed and then you can read the article on complete interest. So it's ideal for monitoring RSS feeds, being able to strike at the right moment and not missing out on bargains. 
    On you will find among others the following RSS feeds:

  6. What is live shopping? 

    Live shopping usually means that only one item is sold for a day at a good price.There are exceptions, eg usually offers six articles, ebay WOW meanwhile four per day and some Liveshopping offerers make on certain days special actions (eg "Guutrausch", "Määähday", "iBood Hunt" or also the Flash offers on Amazon (especially around the Black Friday)), where repeatedly appear new items until they are sold out or a certain amount of time expires.The American company woot! started with this idea.

  7. I am only interested in certain articles (eg video games), how can I hide the other offers? 

    The best way to do that is to subscribe to the RSS feed. In the category view (right column), one selects the appropriate category and subscribes to the RSS feed via the icon to the right. 
    If you subscribe to higher-level categories (eg video games ), all subordinate categories will be subscribed (in the example Wii, NDS, Xbox, …). Alternatively, you can also look only the articles of the respective category, just click on the best matching category in the category view on the right and possibly set a bookmark.

  8. I wrote a comment but can not see it. Why is that? 

    It may happen that the comment is considered spam. Then it must first be released by the admin so that it is visible to all. Anyone who writes comments for the umpteenth time (the specified name and email address may not be changed) will be automatically released.

    We welcome any commentary, but comments are made to ensure netiquette compliance. Do not write anything that you do not want to read by others!

  9. How can I make my picture ( avatar ) visible in the comments? 

    For example, by linking an avatar image with its email address used in comments to .

  10. How can I get a bargain ? 

    There is the bargain detector .

  11. I'm looking for a specific offer (eg flat screen TV). How do I find the latest bargain? 

    It is best to select the best category in the categories (eg LCD TV ). Then the last contributions regarding LCD TVs are displayed backwards (ie the latest posts first). At the bottom of the page you can scroll backwards. 
    Of course, if you are looking for a particular article, you can also use the search field on the top right (eg enter " XBox One ").

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