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Find Amazing Amazon Deals Every Hour

Shop smarter using Amazon price comparisons to save money and buy better products

What We Do

We offer the fastest Amazon sales and price comparison service for free. We pick up on bigger deals and discounts that might be shortlived and missed entirely by other comparison sites. It means we can alert you to price drops before anyone else, allowing you to benefit from deals before they end or stocks run out.

Our price inights help shoppers understand pricing, discounts and deals across hundreds of product types empowering shoppers to find better products at lower prices and sift out genuinely amazing deals from those that only appear to be great.

In addition, we also provide free tools, information and software to help track, promote, buy & sell products via the Amazon marketplace.

RankTracer Enterprise

By 2014, with a growing base of corporate clients, RankTracer decided to split the service into this price comparison engine for shoppers and Ranktracer Enterprise for Business. RankTracer Enterprise offers the ability to track and analyze sales and pricing data on an hourly basis across all major locales – providing insights, data and content that can be used to streamline marketing and advertising, understand niche markets, source better products, and more.

In addition, the enterprise version also has new features and functionality to bring power and insight to its business customers and has over 5000 customers to date.

Amazon Price Comaprisons

With the demand for additional features, we decided to include price analytics into our offering. This, in turn, led to the development of our freely available price comparison engine that offers simple and easy price comparisons.

By combining sales and price comparisons, RankTracer can provide unparalleled insights and market research. All of which combine to produce industry leading market analysis for both buyers and sellers alike.

How to Find the Best Amazon Deals

How to Use Amazon Price Comparisons (with Sales & Coupon Data) to Find the Best Deals


This guide is going to teach you completely new and unique smart shopping tips and tricks to help quickly find the best deals online and save money buying better stuff.

" Price comparison data can turn anyone into a money saving shopping expert.

Based on hourly price comparisons, this guide shows how to benefit from profound price and sales insights to level the playing fields against sophisticated marketing campaigns run by slick brands designed to get you spending more. Move away from 'spending more buying less'. Start 'spending less buying better'.

Oh yes. Have fun too!

Discounts & Deals on Amazon Bestsellers

Find the Best Deals on Amazon Bestsellers

"An Amazon bestseller is any product sold on Amazon that reaches the top 100 selling products within its primary category (niche). Measured by the Amazon sales rank, a rank of 1 represents the bestselling item.

Deals on Bestsellers

Save time and money finding the biggest discounts and deals on the top Amazon products using this free tool.

Search for any bestselling product(s) using a keyword, or select a category to show products that are on sale and in the bestsellers list.


How much does RankTracer Enterprise cost?

We offer a number of flat rate plans ranging from $5 per month to track 5 products all the way up to $100 to track 200 items.

The limits on each plan refers to the number of subscriptions that are active at any one time. In other words you can track 50 items, remove those and track another 50 items whenever you like.

We also offer discounts on larger accounts, so if you need to track more than 1000 items, drop us a line and we'll put together a quote based on resources and availability.

What do I get?

RankTracer provides an extremely powerful platform for tracking and promoting your books and products. Here are some of the features:

  • Sales estimates – we are the only service in the world that analyzes your sales rank data and generates accurate sales estimates for your products based on this information. This feature distinguishes us from everyone else because we can provide you with a far better picture of your product's performance.
  • Powerful, customizable, interactive Flash based graphing – Compare and analyze the sales performance for any number of products in a variety of formats.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting – PDF reports are sent out regularly keeping you up to date with the latest stats, graphs and subscription information.
  • Hourly sales ranks – updated on the hour, every hour for fine-grained analysis.
  • Stats and trends.
  • One click reviews and competitive analysis.
  • Sales rank alerts – RankTracer will email you the instant your book or product goes above or below the threshold you set.

How do I upgrade my account?

Upgrading your account is easy. Head over to our Get started page and purchase a new plan. We'll then upgrade your account and provide a pro rata refund on the remainder of your current plan (i.e. if you have 2 weeks left on a $30 monthly plan, we'll give you a $15 refund).

Can I get sales & price history data from before I started tracking?

RankTracer will only start collecting data from the time your subscription is activated. The only way to get the complete sales performance for a book or product is to start tracking it from the time it is released.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your account runs month to month via recurring PayPal payments. You can cancel at any time by cancelling these payments with PayPal. Alternatively, if you're unsure how to do this, contact us and we can cancel your payments from our end. That's it.

Can I get sales & price tracking on Amazon in my country?

Yup. We track Amazon sales and prices on the following locales:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Japan

Can I share sales and price data for products I track?

Of course. You can share any sales/price chart at the click of button provided you attribute the chart to RankTracer using this link:

Chart courtesy of <a href="">RankTracer - Amazon Sales & Price Tracker</a>

If you have any questions about our service, please click on the links provided to see what we have to say about life in general. If your query is not adequately answered here, then by all means drop our friendly staff a line and we will get back to you asap!

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