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Proven Amazon Course Insure Me

Amazon Account Suspension Insurance Is On The Way!

If you would like more information on a new insurance policy that is now available for Amazon and online sellers, we have everything you need right on this page!

This insurance is from a highly respected and internationally recognized insurance company that will cover any online seller with replacement income in the event of an account suspension!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real insurance?

Yes, this is a real insurance policy with one of the largest and most respected insurance market in the world.

What Is this policy designed to do?

This policy is designed to help get your online accounts reinstated quickly and provide supplemental income if its not reinstated.

What is the deductible?

There is not a dollar deductible. There will be either a waiting period, after you have received an inquiry, before this policy would take effect or a franchise deductible. If upon our investigation of the inquiry you have received there is coverage, then the insurance policy would respond after the waiting period.

I am a new seller, can I still apply for this?

Yes. There is not a time frame that you must be in business before applying.

Is there a maximum pay out?

Yes. There is a 90-day aggregate maximum and a one million dollars max per policy period.

Can I make a claim more than one time?

Yes. Provided you have not already reached the maximum period of 90 days within the policy period. For example, you could be suspended for 30 days and reinstated, then suspended for 30 more days. (Up to your policy limits of one Million per policy period).

Is this only for U.S. Businesses?

As of right now you must have a U.S. Business Entity. You may live outside the country as long as you have filed a Business License. We are working on making this program available to additional countries as quickly as we can.

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Proven Amazon Course Insure Me

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