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Multichannel retail: Simplified

Primaseller integrates your inventory and sales across multiple online and physical channels of sale

The pandemic has enforced fewer store walk-ins, redistibuted supply chains and socially distant consumers. Your retail operations need to upgrade to keep up with a new Retail 3.0.

With Primaseller you can retain your loyal customers moving away from stores to online and expand your digital presence while supporting a robust operations process that scales with your growth.

Powerful Feature Set

With Primaseller, you now have the tools to adapt to Retail 3.0

  •  Synchronized Stock

    • Multi-Location Inventory that includes 3PL and FBA
    • Automate Replenishment based on low stock or backorder
  •  WMS

    • Picklists that optimize for time and resources
    • Track your inventory down to Bin Locations
  •  Seamless Purchasing

    • Supplier Specific Purchase Pricing
    • Track Margins on sales basis FIFO cost allocation

Automate your workflows

  •  Order Processing

    • Split Orders across locations based on Inventory
    • Pick, Pack and Ship across channels in a unified manner
  •  Dropship

    • Get your suppliers to directly ship to customers
    • Automate PO creation in bulk or individually
  •  Accounting

    • Auto-Sync all transactions with QuickBooks Online
    • Single source of truth for Inventory

Truly Omnichannel

  •  Integrate everything

    • Sync real time inventory with all your online channels
    • B2B, POS and Phone Orders – all in a single platform
  •  Catalog management

    • Create Bundles or Packs to expand customer options
    • Price Lists for better control over Pricing
  •  POS and B2B

    • In-built POS Module for your Retail Chain
    • Create Quotes and Process B2B Orders
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