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Photography and photoshop

What is
photo retouching?

Photo retouching is often referred to as image retouching,
adobe Photoshop retouching, photoshopping or airbrushing. Basically it is when
you manipulate an image to make it look cleaner and more refined using software
like adobe Photoshop. The most common retouching that people do on their photos

Dust and scratch removal:-  A photoshoot
without mistakes is rare, and sometimes those mishaps damage products or props
in a photoshoot. If you have scratches, dents or other imperfections on your
photo, you can send it over to use for retouching to make those objects look
perfectly new again. If there is dust particles or other distracting spots in
your shot, photo retouching can help you remove it for a clean overall shot.

Beauty airbrushing:- Beauty airbrushing is commonly used in fashion photography. This
is where the natural beauty of the model in the photo is enhanced with some
Photoshop retouching. You can smooth the skin, whiten teeth, change eye and
hair color, Enhance the background and surroundings.

Camera reflection removal:- Blemish retouching is used on live models, but it can
also be used on inanimate objects in your photo. On many photos, there are
small scratches, dust floating, weird light spots or other small flaws of the
image. These “blemishes” can be removed through image retouching.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait photo retouch is
a standard photo retouch. Portrait retouching is now famous because of the
digital age of photography. However, images need quality and attractiveness.
Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop are the most applied editing software that helps
in this technique. Even though creativity is a matter in Portrait retouch.
Professional Portrait Retouch has some general tasks. Color correction, acne
& scar removal, whiten teeth, stray hair retouching, wrinkle removal,
braces editing, dodge and burn effect, blemish removal, glass glare correction tasks
used in portrait photo retouch. Use IBR Graphics Studio portrait retouching
services for your eBay, Amazon, Shopify product photos to attract more

Why you
should choose High End Glamour photo retouching service?

100% guarantee to retouch up in your style and
work until you are 100% happy with the retouch results.

Very easy to order online.

Great testimonial by hundreds of professional
photographers who have used our photo editing service.

Every photographer can afford the photo
retouching prices which start from only $s per image.

professional photo retouching services worldwide

People ask us where our company is located and is it
possible to work if they are not in Bangladesh. We are online service providers
that means there are no limits and borders and we work with any photographer
from any country. We provide image retouching service in USA, Canada, United
Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand mainly. Can’t see your country in this list? Contact us
and let’s start our partnership expanding geography of our clients.


USA is primary area in our business. We
built trust by successful collaboration with hundreds of photographers from
east to west. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago,
Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Seattle, San Diego are
the main cities where we have worked in the past.


Canada is our second largest customer
provider. We work with Canadian photographers remotely with great success. We
have online support on our website where you can contact us and discuss the
details of image retouching order.


We are online photo editing service offering
customer support in English. There are no boundaries in the internet; you can
order photo editing services wherever you live.


From Sydney to Perth we offer adobe Photoshop editing help and
support. Don’t hesitate to outsource your pictures to retouch up and get all
advantages of professional post-production services. New Zealand photographers
are welcome to try our digital photo retouching services, we are always happy
to work with different cultures and countries adapting to the client’s style
and needs.

United Kingdom

Our experienced masters work
with many portrait and wedding photographers from London, Bristol, Liverpool,
Lancaster and Wales. UK amateur and professional photographers can take
advantage of our photo post production services in all genres and of all
levels. IBR Graphics Studio team collaborates with many customers from this
beautiful country which artists do not stop surprising us with their
outstanding photography. We are happy to help them with photo editing on their
ecommerce business.

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Photography and photoshop

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