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Streamlined Service You Can Trust

We’re a collective of freelancers with similar and complementary skills.We support each other in brainstorming, information sharing, and subcontracting when necessary.

Translation & Transcreation

7 language pairs with specialization in marketing, product listings and legal.


Our Native Speakers know just the right words and phrases to inspire trust and a real human connection to brands.


Crafted by well-seasoned linguists and wordsmiths, our copy will convert where it counts.

Editing & Proofreading

Professional and thorough, you can rely on our sharp eyes for all your editorial and proofreading needs.


We value your trust. We are conscious of how our words impact others, and believe passionately that business does not require compromise on ethos or time spent with loved ones.

Each member of the Group has unique specialities and strengths, which we share with one another in regular Connection Sessions (formerly called ‘meetings’).

Software we use include MemoQ, Slack, Trello and Google Suite.

Privacy & Discretion

If your need requires special data protection, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Kasey is the member of the eponymous Group with the most suitable hardware and training to handle enquiries requiring utmost discretion:

  • Phone her directly on any of the numbers on this website.
  • Send snail mail to The Phifer Group, Attn: Kasey Phifer, Raw Space Building, 111 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AX, United Kingdom.
  • Be advised that there are security cameras on the premises if visiting the aforementioned address.

Services & Rates

Looking to have your language service performed ASAP?

Order below instantly and conveniently. We’ll get started with your online order within 24 hours*.

Have a bulk order or need for a bespoke language service?

Or even if you want to see if you can haggle a better deal, simply request a quote and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours*.

*Excluding Sundays because we live in Christian countries.

Amazon Listing Translation

We usually translate English listings into the following languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


Proofreading involves the correction of typos (typing errors), spelling mistakes and other small errors.

Proofreading services are offered in the following languages: English US, English UK, German (High German used in Germany), French, Spanish (South American) and Japanese.


Editorial services include rephrasing of sentences, writing new leads and ‘attention-grabbers’ as well as restructuring texts, i.e. shifting around paragraphs and adding transitions, conclusions, repetitions where necessary, et cetera.


Does your brand need words that directly touch the hearts of your target groups? Schedule a call with us so we can align our words with your company’s vision and pursuits.

We’ve worked with the best, from Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilifiger to brand names you’d never recognize but are raking in millions on Amazon.

We know what moves people. And we can craft the words, in any language, to achieve that goal.

What does the highest price tier include?

  • Internal, 1-on-1 consultation with a Harvard-trained psychologist (who happens to be Ms. Phifer’s first cousin and good friend) to ensure your words are crafted to emotionally resonate with your target group
  • Direct, hands-on influence from Kasey Phifer herself with more than 10 years’ work experience in marketing
  • Extra time for research, including competitor comparison and potential threat of negative reviews or rebuttals


Translation is very direct and most always used for documents in the areas of business, legalities and politics. There is zero subjective interpretation with translation.

You can rest assured that your words will be translated with 100% non-biased, non-partisan accuracy.
The Phifer Group will, to the very best of their ability, cleanly translate one paradigm into another.

Language Pairs for Translation Services

Translation services are rendered by native speakers for the following language pairs:

  • English into French
  • English into German
  • English into Italian
  • English into Japanese
  • English into Russian
  • English into Spanish (Spain / Latin America)
  • French into UK English
  • German into US / UK English
  • German into Spanish (Spain / Latin America)
  • Japanese into US / UK English
  • Russian into US / UK English
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