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Peter Kearns

Selling on the Amazon marketplace can be challenging. Whether you’re a brand owner or a reseller, every seller needs help navigating Amazon’s complex policies and executing the right strategy. Do you need help?

Peter Kearns is here for your business.

An Amazon seller and former Amazonian, Peter has worked with thousands of sellers and brand owners to help them successfully achieve their business goals and objectives. And he will do the same for your business.

Peter Kearns helps Amazon sellers be successful by using the same business tactics Amazon uses everyday.

He does it the Amazon Way.

Sales & Catalog Audit

From this audit Peter and his team will help you identify and understand:

  • High and low performing ASINs in terms of traffic and sales

  • Sales conversion opportunities

  • Advertising opportunities

  • Data qualities opportunities

  • Catalog vulnerabilities

You need to stop managing your business using gut-instincts or intuition and start managing your business using data-driven strategies that produce measurable results.

But where do you begin?

Start with a sales and catalog audit to identify the areas of opportunity for growth and change.

Data is only good if you know how to interpret it and create strategies in line with your goals and objectives. The Sales & Catalog audit is a comprehensive analysis of your catalog's performance to help you better understand where to focus and next steps for creating an operational plan.

Using the same business analysis that Amazon uses to run its business, we'll conduct a deep dive of your sales and catalog to help you better understand your business and how to begin controlling the inputs that generate the right outputs.

Phone Consultation

A personalized, one-on-one consultation addressing:

  • New product development 
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Consulting Services

Peter offers a variety of extensive consulting services:

  • Private Label & New Product Development
  • Brand Strategy & Management
  • Operational Planning Strategy
  • Account Reinstatement
  • ASIN Reinstatement
  • Category Ungating
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Price $500
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Peter Kearns

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