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One Hour Translation is designed to provide high translation quality. We guarantee high-quality by using professional, native speaking translators, and by using reviewers that check each and every translation.


We provide fast professional (human) translation by streamlining the translation process. A professional translator does 200 words/hour, 2000 words/day. We can split projects where needed to meet your deadline, and maintain high translation quality.

Industry Expertise

At One Hour Translation we understand that some documents require industry-specific knowledge and 'jargon' and therefore a general understanding of a language isn't enough.

To ensure both the language and industry specific terminology is correct, you need a professional translator who is also a professional in your field.

Business & Legal Translation

Our Business & Legal translators have either a legal, business, or finance and accounting background, and each deals with their specific area of expertise.

For example, financial reports will be translated by a translator with accounting background and experience, while a legal contract will be translated by someone with legal background, such as a lawyer.

Technical & Scientific Translation

Specializing in Technical, Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Scientific, and Academic translations.

Our Technical & Scientific translators are required to have a relevant degree and / or experience in their specific field. For example, construction related projects will go to a translator with a civil engineering background, while an oil exploration project will go to a geologist.

High-Tech Translation

The High-Tech translation department specializes in Websites, Software/IT and manual localizations, Applications, technical materials, and localization of video games. Website, applications and software localization require specific processes, technologies and experience in order to be done properly. Other high-tech related projects require a true understanding of the subject matter in order to be correctly translated.

One Hour Translation has advanced technologies used for website translation, including InContext, for translation of software localization files such as resx and po files, as well as other file formats.

In addition to these technologies, projects are sent to translators with specific background and expertise in the subject matter. For example, application localization will be done by a translator with software background and video game localization will be done by translators with specific experience in this field.

Marketing Translation

The Marketing translation department specializes in translation and cultural adaptation of marketing materials, including brochures, commercials, online ads, subtitles, travel and tourism material, new media and gaming. Marketing related translations are the most challenging, as a certain degree of copy-writing is required in order to adjust the message to local audiences.

For example, common American expressions such as "Hit a home run" would have to be adjusted for different languages while still ensuring to convey the same meaning.

How does it work?

Send your material for human translation by following the wizard on our home page

  • Fill in the 1-2-3 Wizard on our homepage.
  • Approve the quote and pay. you can print it too!
  • Your project has just started!You can communicate with your translator during and after the translation process.
  • Your translation is ready in your inbox.
  1. Choose the source and target language/s from the 75 languages we support.
  2. Choose to either:

    • Upload your document/s
    • Enter the text in the text box

    We support almost all file types, but if you still have doubts simply contact our 24/7 support team for assistance. Once you've uploaded your document, the system will do an automatic word count.


    The number of words in a scanned documents or image cannot be counted automatically.

    In this case you can either enter the number of words or send us the document to be counted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

  3. Choose the nature of your materials, e.g. legal, technical etc. We have expert translators that specialize in each of the different fields.

    For example, a legal translator will have legal background, experience and education, in addition to being a professional translator.

  4. Finally, click "Translate Now!"

    NOTICE that the price and time estimates are updated automatically according to the word count of the document(s).


Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

Although your web site is visible throughout the world, 72% of the people viewing it aren't native English speakers and may have a problem communicating with you. 

We know that people prefer to express themselves in their native tongue, that's why we have developed the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab, an elegant, easy to use tool that is simple to integrate into your site and, which will allows potential customers from around the world to communicate with you – entering their comments, questions and feedback – in their native language. 

The comments that reach you are then instantly translated either through high-quality machine tools or by a professional translator – as you choose into your native tongue.

Allowing your customers to send you their thoughts and questions, in their own language,

will not only make them feel like you are serving their needs, but will encourage them

to stay on your site and empower them to make a purchase.

Don't miss out on potential clients simply because you don't speak their language. Install 

FREE Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab today and start communicating with ALL of your clients. 

Start using the Multi-Lingual Feedback Tab

Transcription Services

Powered by technology but staffed by human beings, One Hour Transcription is the world’s only Cloud-based transcription service. Whatever you need transcribed – meetings, presentations, customer service recordings – and whatever language it’s in, we have a growing community of 7,000+ human transcription specialists who can get it into text form for you. All you need to do is upload audio or video files to our secure server and the rest is automatic.

The power of text is paramount. Do you have any idea how much value escapes from your meetings, presentations, and phone calls every day, like gas seeping out of your windows? Every work-related conversation with peers or customers can be mined for ideas and inspiration, and every speech or meeting yields data that could be captured. The answer is simple: Record everything and have it transcribed.

We have over 7,000 professional transcribers who are experts at taking recording in a variety of audio and video formats and creating clean, organized, accurate text files from them. Our transcribers are acquainted with the challenges of muddy audio, multiple speakers, and accented words and we guarantee fast and accurate work.

Best of all, we work in The Cloud – and that means you don’t have to jump through hoops. Have a recording you need transcribed? Just log in to our secure server and post the file. The rest is automatic: We start working, we deliver the final document. No need to mail anything, no need to call and make arrangements. Combined with our translation muscle, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your language needs.

Send your Audio/ Video to Transcription

Website Translation

The Internet is your gateway to the world market, but how many potential customers are you losing because they don’t speak your language? Our huge community of translation professionals – 15,000 certified and experienced experts and growing – can translate your web site into as many languages you want, with localised expertise and in-context work to ensure your design and message carry through seamlessly. 

It’s been proven again and again: The best way to see your conversion double or triple is to offer your web site, eCommerce platform, and advertising materials in the native language of your target market. It’s simple, really; people are more apt to stay on your page and more likely to click ‘BUY’ when they’re reading the product descriptions and other material in their own language – if the text is well-written from a native-speaker’s comfortable point of view.

There’s a lot of national pride locked up in language, a lot of identity politics. People get annoyed when they have to parse a foreign language on a web site, and they feel less confidence that their wishes as your customer will be understood and served when they don’t think you speak the same language. It’s actually worse when a translation is offered but it’s poorly composed and shows a distinct lack of local familiarity.

We make website translation easy, fast and affordable. We will translate your website source text no matter on which file type it is stored. XML, HTML, PO, CSV – you name it. Our translators editor will eliminate the tags for our translators, allowing them to translate your materials easily while maintaining the source format. We also have integrations with popular CMS localization systems – WPML (WordPress), TMGMT (Drupal), Translation Exchange.

We aim to make translation services for your company so easy you forget they’re even being done. Join our legacy of over 57,000 satisfied business customers – our customer list includes 60% of the Fortune 500 for a reason!


Your company image is only as good as the text you put out there on your web sites, your mailings, even your business cards. Whether translated or not you need to be confident in the text you’re standing behind, and that takes a trained eye combined with years of language experience – and that’s precisely what we offer. Sleep well at night knowing we’ve checked and double-checked your text to ensure it’s perfect. Read more about our Proofreading Services.

Mistakes happen. Even the most careful workflow in the universe can suffer accidents, data corruption, or simple oversights. We’ve seen some really surprising text errors hit the market – errors that would have been caught and cheaply eliminated if only there had been a quality proofreader assigned to the project.

Where to find proofreading professionals that can handle high-volume work? Look no further: The relationship between translation and proofreading is a close one. We know words. What’s more, we know words in a long list of languages, and it’s hard to slip a mistake past us, whether it’s a simple typo or a more complex localization mistake in a dialect. Your customers know their local language and they will notice errors – do you want to take a chance that a simple mistake makes your business look less than professional?

And you don’t have to be engaged in translation work to need a proofreader. People make mistakes in their native language all the time, and the difference between world-class work and everything else is the time taken to put a final set of objective eyeballs on everything you release. After all, the words on your materials reflect you and your business – don’t take chances.

Translation Services

Whether you need a warehouse of documents translated or a single memo, we can handle the work for you quickly, affordably, and reliably. We have over 15,000 certified translation professionals working in more than 75 languages to handle any project you have, from advertising and localisation services to internal company documents to correspondence – and everything in-between.

Translation Services is the core of what we do here at One Hour Translation. Whether it’s a few paragraphs that need to be translated from one language to another, or a website and marketing plan that needs a complex localization treatment, we have the experience, the staff, and the resources to get the job done fast, within your budget, and – most importantly – accurately.

One Hour Translation is the largest online translation services company in the world, and that’s good for you. It’s good for you because it means we have a community of over 15,000 certified translation professionals who can work in more than 75 native languages and over 2500 language combinations. We handle everything from simple memorandum to complicated product manuals, legal documents, or advertising copy. We can usually turn small projects around in a very short time – sometimes as quickly as an hour – and even large-scale projects generally only take a few days.

Translation is what we do, and we do it very well. Whatever your business, your market in today’s world is increasingly global, and we’d like to be your concierge out there, making introductions in the local markets and making sure your message gets heard. Our goals are simple: The best translation services, on time and in budget. There aren’t many companies out there that can do what we do. If you’re looking for translation and localization services, give us a call so we can discuss what we can do for you.

Desktop Publishing Services

Making your publications – internal or external –look good and meet printer’s specifications requires very specific skills and knowledge. Modern Desktop Publishing software takes months to master and as every business owner knows, time-critical publications can’t be delayed.

Let our professional designers – skilled and familiar with the latest software – make your documents and company material look professional, cutting-edge, and inviting. Whether it’s a brochure, letterhead, advert, or product manual, we can take your basic concept and create fully-formed, modern-looking designs that capture your company’s culture and values and render them into beautiful, clean files that can be transmitted electronically, directly to your printer.

Translation API

If you have a large volume of material in a Content Management System (CMS) that needs to be translated in real time, our Translation API is designed for you. Scaling with your company, it integrates seamlessly into your CMS and as you post new material they are translated automatically, without any further investment or staff training necessary, with final translated files posted directly back to your CMS. Read more about our Translation API.

For technical information you may visit our translation API developer's guide  or download the guide

One Hour Translation’s Translation API allows organisations with high-volume translation needs to automate their workflows by integrating One Hour Translation’s top-notch translation services directly into their content management systems (CMS). The Translation API allows any organization of any size to leverage One Hour Translation’s 15,000 certified translation professionals working in over 75 languages for any type of project: Blogs, advertising (such as an Adwords campaign), internal documentation for international companies, international customer support systems, SEO, or eCommerce solutions for a global market.

The Translation API is seamlessly integrated into your existing CMS and immediately offers the benefits of being able to automatically translate large volumes of material with little or no overhead, combined with the 24/7 access and support that One Hour Translation offers to all of its clients. The benefits of the Translation API are clear: It’s easy to implement and use, it’s fast, it’s cost-effective, and it scales to any capacity your organisation needs.


Once your CMS is integrated into our Translation API, there is no additional step. There is no need to log into anything, no need to upload or prep files. When text is added to the CMS, it is automatically uploaded to One Hour Translation and our certified translation professionals get to work, and the translated material is loaded back into the CMS – all behind the scenes.


Since your internal workflow remains unchanged, there is no further investment in extra staff or extra resources. Everything proceeds as it always has, and none of your employees have any additional duties as a result. The translation work happens the way it’s supposed to – like magic.


We’ll assist with the integration of our Translation API into your CMS – and we can work with just about any system you’re using. Once everything is set up, that’s it – no training is required, because everything is automatic.

High Capacity

The One Hour Translation Translation API is designed for high-capacity clients. Aside from the most cutting-edge and most stable technological backbone in the translation industry, we have over 15,000 certified translation experts standing on the other side of the curtain as well. We have no upper limits on the amount of text we can process – and no lower limit, either. Anyone who has regular content in need of translation can benefit from our Translation API.

One Hour Translation’s unique combination of technological savvy and an army of experienced translators makes it the ideal choice for any company or organisation in need of translation services. If your high-volume translation needs aren’t being met – or if you need faster, cleaner, easier service – One Hour Translation would love to sit down and discuss in detail how our Translation API can improve every aspect of your translation services experience.

You may visit our translation API developer's guide for more technical information or download the guide

Translation Memory Cloud (TMC)

Saving you time and money is part of our business goals. Translation Memory re-uses previously translated common phrases and sentences so you don’t have to spend money over and over again, speeding up the work and lowering your costs. Putting this in The Cloud for all of our translation professionals means the benefits scale up fast and apply to all of your work – and the benefits are cumulative, getting stronger as more work is done. We love leveraging new technology so we can work fast and smarter for our clients, and this is one of the best examples yet of that philosophy. Read more about the Translation Memory Cloud.

Translation Memory Cloud helps customers reduce translation cost and maintain consistency across translations.

Glossary Management

Your text may contain acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations that can cause confusion or even frustration for translators, especially attempting to translate them without full understanding of their meaning. Some words have multiple meanings which can in some fields or industries. “Monitor” can describe a device or a process of watching something over a period of time.

A glossary, sometimes referred as lexicon, term base or terminology collection, is a document that helps you to make sure that your translation is consistent and has the right terminology. The glossary contains your key terminology in your source language and the approved translation of it in the target language. It also may contain a context in which it should be used. Terminology management along with Translation Memory, are important tools to achieve effective and accurate translation.


Localization enables your company to enter new market and to compete effectively, defeating language and cultural barriers of your target market. Localization is sometimes written as l10n, where 10 is the number of letters between l and n.

Localization is an adaption of a product, application, website or document content to meet the locale. Locale is the combination of language and culture of a specific target market. In different locales there are linguistic, cultural, technical differences and conventions, which can be reflect on data formats, dates (full and abbreviated names for weekdays and months), number formats (symbols for the thousands separator and decimal point), times (indicators for 12-hour time) or even spelling. Take for example the UK spelling of "localisation", which is "localization" in the USA.

Since different cultures interpret information variously the translation process extends beyond regular word to word translation. In localization process translators assure a high quality translation that reflects the intent of the text, and it reads and feels as if it was written in the target language.


Internationalization, sometimes shortened to I18n, is a design and a development of a product or document content that enables easy localization for the target market, that may vary in culture and language. It is the first step of Globalization process, which contains Internationalization and localization.

This business process is critical for any company producing multilingual products. In this process is important to consider all the markets the product will target, and make the needed adjustments early in the product development and design. For international success of business and products, internationalization is critical.

For specific areas there are certain functionalities that are necessary, such as Right-to-Left support for Arabic and Hebrew locales, local currencies, dates, addresses and time formats.

When done right, i18n makes following localization projects much easier, faster and less expensive. It is essential that internationalization is complete before the localization.

TransBox – Email Translation

Support your International Customers in their Native Language using our unique email translation platform.

One Hour Translation developed the ultimate solution for providing email support to customers who don't correspond in English.

For example providing native language support for Spanish customers:

  1. Support receives an email in Spanish, they send the email to: The email is translated by native speaking translator and sent back to Support.
  2. Support answers the email in English and sends it The email will be translated back to Spanish.
  3. The translation can be sent back DIRECTLY to the Customer with CC or BCC to Support, by inserting the following in the email: [[TO:]] [[CC or BCC:]]
  4. To translate only the beginning of the email, e.g. in case where there is a long thread, insert [[STOP]] at the bottom of the part you want to translate
  5. The Customer sees an email coming from in her NATIVE LANGUAGE.

Bottom line, the Customer sent the email in her native language but Support staff read the email in English, replied in English and the Customer received the reply from Support in her native language.

For short emails the whole cycle takes 2-3 hours and it is completely transparent.

See full list of supported languages here

Make sure you send the emails from the same email account you registered with.

Please note that currently translation of attachments is NOT supported.

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