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What is live shopping?

All the current live shopping deals on the Internet in a practical overview – makes the bargain search for online shopping an easy task . But even if you want to inform yourself about one of the live shopping providers, this is exactly the right place. Lots of experience reports and practical information on the Liveshops enable savers to have an optimal insight into the world of live shops. Thus one misses none of the special offers also called daily deals.

Continuing trend: savings through cheap live shopping offers

The principle of live shopping is only a few years old and has been invented by America: Shops like the pioneer woot have specialized in offering only one product on their website for 24 hours a day , but at a very reasonable price. While the provider benefits from correspondingly high sales, the customer can look forward to mostly uniquely low prices. No wonder that the young e-commerce trend already spilled over to Germany in 2008. Startups like iboodand well took over the idea of the business model and brought live shopping, which is falsely written also Lifeshopping, to Germany. Meanwhile, the principle has been established, so that even the largest online stores offer daily changing live shopping deals, such as ebay, amazon, Karstadt or Lidl.


What is Live Shopping?The new trend on the Internet

Live shopping portals offer a product for a day at a particularly low price – until it is sold out. Every 24 hours there are new sensationally priced offers. 

Online shopping was yesterday! If you are looking for the best price, you can not live shopping anymore.

How do these cheap offers come about?

The providers put very little money into marketing and try to offer the best price in the net by good bargaining and large sales volumes. 
However, the offer is valid for many shops only for a day, so you have to be fast.

When do new offers come?

With a few exceptions, the new offers come at midnight. has at 9:00 clock product change. at 12:00 noon. We also have vendors in the list who do not bring a new offer every day. Example: dealirio, urdeal, niboki

What does offer me and are you also free?

Yes, our offer is free! Here you will find all the live shopping offers at a glance. 

Every 24 hours the new unbeatably cheap live shopping offers come to our page. Always up to date. We are the first German survey of this kind 
Online shopping was yesterday! If you are looking for the best price, you can not live shopping anymore.

Do I have to log in to every shop if I want to buy something there?

Yes, there are various providers behind the listed shops. An order is also required to register.

Why are all your prizes marked with a star?

The star on the price only means that all prices include VAT.

I am a live shopping provider myself and need more information.

Please contact us by e-mail, we are happy to help you to present your offers soon on our portal. 
An exclusive start over us guarantees you a big name boost.

"I found another shop!

Then please send us a note, with some providers, it takes unfortunately until they provide us with the appropriate interface and we can finally display them but we are always interested in new live shops.

Is there a press contact?

Yes, we are always happy to provide you with information about live shopping in general and Germany's first live shopping overview Mathias Jacobs Tel .: 0711/469 77 07 info [@]

Why is Shop XY missing?

We list only vendors who are Live Shopping attractive and serious. If we hear more complaints, there are only bad reviews or the prices are not cheap, a shop will be deleted from the list. So happened for example with the providers, and 

Maybe we do not know the Live Shop yet, but write us a hint.

What does Best Price mean?

Offers with the "Best Price!" Graphic have undergone a price comparison and have proved to be the cheapest offer on the internet.

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