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Merch Wizard lets you combine your listing data, design files, and sales into one Airtable dashboard, all while instantly pushing your products to nine different marketplaces. Customize your products across platforms, implement fool-proof organization, and manage your entire merch business with one easy-to-use tool.

Why choose Merch Wizard?

Create and maintain your entire Amazon product page in one place without having to log into multiple sites. MerchWizard syncs automatically with Airtable so you’re able to collaborate on product pages from anywhere!
Generate Actionable Product Lists
Explore Advanced Search & Filter Tools
The Merch Wizard app is the best way to find all of your product data in one place without having to go on a scavenger hunt. Use powerful search features and filters that will help you dig deep into what matters most, like keyword searches or filtering by review stars. So whether it’s time for inventory updates or figuring out which products are selling well, The Merch Wizard has got our backs!
Gain New Insight By
Examining Sales, Market Presence, Customer Reviews, & More
Using the Merch Wizard manage page enhancements, it’s easy to push both your product listing data and sales statistics to Airtable for further analysis. You’ll be able see which of your products are selling better than others or not at all. This will help you with making smarter business decisions that can make a difference in how profitable they turn out!
Edit, List, Execute and Expand
Product Data, New Products, Strategy, & The Reach of Each Design
This app is an Amazon tool for making and editing products. Now it will be easy to make a list of products that are up to date.
The Quick Product Relister is a tool that Merch Community members have been waiting for. You can relist products that have been removed for no sales from the Merch manage page without having to search, type, or find any design files. The Quick Product Relister will automatically update your base.
Blast your Merch by Amazon designs off into the World of POD with supreme ease and simplicity by utilizing the all new Merch Wizard Elite Tier integration of OrbitKit right from within the Merch Wizard Chrome browser extension you already know and love.
Use Your Curated Merch Product Data
With all your Merch listings automatically saved to your own private Airtable database, start by assigning a few quick Tags (and some Niches if you want to automatically populate your tags).
Powerful Search & Filters to Help Prioritize Your Expansion
Choose the designs you want to send to OrbitKit from the Merch Wizard Browser extension, and hit the “Push to OrbitKit” button. Watch in awe as your designs get blasted over to your OrbitKit account directly from Merch Wizard.
Passive Income is Magical
Once you have everything ready in OrbitKit, in just a few clicks all of your designs are en route around the globe being dropped off at all of the POD platforms you have setup…while you go and do something better with your time!
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