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Merch Ninja is a powerful automation software for merch sellers that makes uploading your designs to multiple platforms feel effortless. The built-in image converter and translator speeds up the process of creating your product listings, and the integrated trademark checker allows you to check your listings for trademark violations to avoid any potential legal issues.

– Be faster with the Ninja LIVE SEARCH Feature!
– More than 2M+ designs with daily updated data!
– Easy-To-Use Research with the Ninja Flow.
– Accurate sales & trends metrics (through secret ninja quantum physics BSR algorithm calculation).
– Listings with 180 subcategories (costumes, fun shirts, etc.).
– Ninja filter functions – Search the Merch by Amazon underworld for Top BSR, Top Sales, AVG BSR, Official Brands, Deleted Designs, New Designs and many more!
– Always stay up to date! With the “Daily BSR Change View”. (Shows whether the BSR has changed positively or negatively in contrast to the last day).
– Focus on your competition! Detailed view with brand, title, bulletpoints, BSR, reviews, first date listed, keywords used in existing listings, price + BSR history of the last 7, 30 or total number of days since online.
– Integrated event calendar with 900+ events (growing on a daily basis).
– Integrated niche list with over 400+ niches (for the uncreative among you).
– All 3 marketplaces DE, UK, COM.

– Find the best Amazon TOP Seller keywords for your search term.
– All results of Amazon’s autocompletion.
– Shows estimated Amazon search volume & keyword relevance.
– Analyze your niche and check out the competition.
– Shows the number of currently listed designs for your analyzed keyword.
– Clearly displays the results in a chart.
– As always – For all 3 marketplaces (DE, UK, COM).
– Always be safe! Check whole listings or single keywords with the Ninja Trademark Check.
– Check all 5 relevant Trademark Institutions (WIPO, EUIPO, USPTO, DPMA, IPO) for all marketplaces (US, UK, DE).
– Easy to use, copy and paste your listing into the TM check and select your keywords quick and easy.
– Detects entire phrases, word combinations and common special characters for your selected search terms.
– Checks registered word marks of Nice class 25 -> no unnecessary results.
– Use the “Trademark Watch” to monitor relevant keywords and to be notified by e-mail about incoming registrations!
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