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Elaine Heney grew her Merch by Amazon business to 6 figures, selling over $128,295 with profit of $53,000 in her first 10 months . Elaine is the CEO of Merch Entrepreneur and host of the Merch Entrepreneur podcast.

Over the last 3 years, Elaine is also triple #1 best selling author, international keynote speaker, movie producer and Amazon FBA and Merch consultant. She has also published over 300 mobile apps across Amazon, Apple & Google, and enjoyed over 20 million app downloads and over 50 #1s worldwide. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, BBC, CNN, and Forbes.

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Online Merch course

In the CORE CONTENT of this course, you’ll discover:

  • Beginning with the correct mindset / strategy for quickly accelerating sales
  • How to run trademark searches before you design, to keep your Merch account protected
  • How to use the best keywords in your Merch by Amazon titles and descriptions
  • Daniel’s top 4 strategies for creating winning t-shirt design ideas that will sell like hotcakes
  • How to avoid competing with other Merch sellers (and the massive benefits you enjoy when you do this)
  • A walkthrough of Daniel’s special outsourcer spreadsheet – how to keep your designs (and designers) organized. (Special outsourcing spreadsheet is ALSO included in this course)
  • How to use the best bullet points and descriptions in your Merch By Amazon listings to get the most sales
  • How to create shirt design ideas (outside of Merch) that have little or no competition from other Merch sellers
  • How to compensate family and friends who give you profitable t-shirt design ideas. (special Spreadsheet included)
  • Daniel teaches you the elements of “The Perfect T-Shirt Design” for making the most profits from Merch by Amazon
  • How to create your own t-shirt lines so that you can quickly ramp up sales
  • What is the “sweet spot” to compete in when it comes to Amazon product rankings?
  • FOUR powerful ways to boost your average weekly sales ratio
  • And plenty of additional Merch by Amazon tips and tricks along the way!

53. Learn how one Merch Mom maxs out her uploads every day from Mexico

Elaine chats to Merch Mom Greta,and is amazed to meet the most productive and focused Merch Entrepreneur todate. Find apps to create t-shirts for Merch by Amazon at and get your free basic photoshop course here. 

52. Pinterest ads, 6am starts and how to get started with Cecily

New to Merch by Amazon and not sure how to get started? Listen to this inspiring podcast with Cecily from ‘teacherces’ on Instagram. Find apps to create t-shirts for Merch by Amazon at and get your free basic photoshop course here. 

BIG NEWS: HOODIES and SWEATSHIRTS are now available on Merch in 2018

Some great news for 2018 has just arrived in for Merch. For accounts of 100 tier and above, Merch are rolling out the ability to use hoodies and sweatshirts! This is great news for Merchers. Sweatshirt will be able to use the same images as you use for t-shirts. Hoodies …

51. 6 Kids, 2 Businesses and $10k Monthly Merch Goals with Laurel Sauls

Learn how Laurel juggles Amazon FBA for 2.5 years, six kids, an exchange student, coach our kids’ ball teams, care for aging parents, and takes on new hustles like Merch by Amazon in this show. Find apps to create t-shirts for Merch by Amazon at and get your free basic photoshop course here. 

50. Is it possible to sell a Merch by Amazon business? Learn how with Thomas Smale

Find out how you can sell your Merch by Amazon business, who old it needs to be and how much it’s worth, with this interview with FE International’s Thomas Smale. Find apps to create t-shirts for Merch by Amazon at and get your free basic photoshop course here. 

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