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Marketplace Works

Do you spend all your time managing your business instead of growing your sales?

MarketplaceWorks simplifies listing and selling products, streamlines orders processing, and tracks inventory and sales on multiple sales channels, all in the cloud.

Complex information from online marketplaces presented in an easy-to-use, user-focused interface

Simple dashboards place critical, actionable information upfront

Connect all your sales channels and manage all your orders in one place

Industry leading features
Customer auto notification
Our email automation feature allows an easy way to provide excellent customer service, increase additional sales opportunities, and encourage more buyer feedback.

Create and track bundled/kitted inventory across multiple marketplaces and products.

Sale scheduling
Schedule a sale for a given product on one or more marketplaces, simply set a sale price or percent discount to accelerate your sales velocity.

Access information anywhere anytime and with multiple users

Cloud-based application uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect your data

We continue to expand our list of integrated marketplaces, Web stores, fulfillment operators and accounting systems

How do you get started?

Create your account
Plans start at $0/month.
FREE 30 day trial to start

Link your marketplace seller accounts
MarketplaceWorks will download your product lists so you don’t have to enter them manually

Link your warehouse
MarketplaceWorks will alert your warehouse of the sale and return a tracking number as applicable

Start managing your products and inventory
Centralized dashboards give a commanding overview of your business operations

Grow your business
Thanks to the increased time you have due to MarketplaceWorks


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Pricing Model single payment
Price $99/month
Website Visit Link Here
Category Tools, Affiliate Software
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Marketplace Works

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