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Every piece of copy we create is crafted to improve your rankings & conversions.

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Have you written your own copy, but need guidance to make sure it’s just right? Here’s your direct link to the answers and insight you need.

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Want to do it all yourself? Ebooks, courses & other training products are available as well as customized copywriting training from expert presenter, Karon Thackston.


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Get Focused Results Designed to Boost Traffic & Sales

Why do certain words create desire and others fall flat? As your copywriting agency, we’ll ask the right questions to draw out information from you about your customers, products and services. Then weave all that information into copy that is written specifically to convert better, rank higher and make you more sales.

It’s the difference between a VW and a BMW. It all boils down to merging the necessary bits and pieces of information to position you as the obvious choice. It doesn’t happen by accident. If you understand the value of having highly trained professionals on your side who can produce copy and content that converts, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us today with the details of your project or for additional information about copywriting, training or consulting services.


Selling on Amazon? Want to Sell More? It’s easy with our proven, professional Amazon product description copywriting

These days, the competition on Amazon is brutal. Why spend all that time & money creating a product or bundle then wimp out on the sales copy?

With billions of visitors and sales transactions annually Amazon is more than just a successful e-tailer… it is a phenomenon.

That’s probably precisely why you – as a manufacturer, private labeler or bundler – added your products to this enormous marketplace. The traffic and exposure alone offer tremendous sales opportunities. But making your mark in such a crowded environment can be quite a challenge if you don’t understand:

  • Amazon’s rules/restrictions for writing product descriptions (there are specific do’s & don’ts an average copywriter isn’t aware of)
  • How to optimize for both Amazon’s internal search engine and Google
  • The mindset of an Amazon shopper/reader and how to appeal to them
  • How to make your products stand out in a seriously crowded virtual space

According Adam Coutts of Amazon FBA, there are four vital elements for getting your products to show high in the Amazon search results:

  1. Sales history
  2. Product listing title
  3. Product description
  4. How you use the search fields in your listing dashboard

Unless you’ve weeded through the Seller Central help pages (like we have) and had countless conversations with Seller Support, you probably aren’t aware of how to do this effectively. Positive feedback from our clients lets us know our Amazon product listing copywriting service has made a big difference in their ability to sell more.

Copywriting & Content Marketing Services that Help you Convert Better, Rank Higher & Sell More

Copywriting is the most important aspect of marketing. Why? Because, when done correctly; it communicates, informs, persuades and converts.

Not only should your copy and content reach your prospects on a personal level it should position you as the obvious choice.

It’s virtually impossible to communicate effectively with people you know nothing about. So, before the first word is written, we spend a great deal of time with research and information gathering. This is just one reason copy from Marketing Words is more than text on a page. It’s a strategically crafted means for getting better conversions and higher search engine rankings.

  • Amazon Product Descriptions – The more crowded the Amazon marketplace gets the more imperative it is that you have copy that differentiates you from the millions of other sellers. Whether you’re a manufacturer or you private label products, we craft product copy that adheres to Amazon’s terms of service while compelling customers to click your add-to-cart button.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content Writing – Think search engine copywriting is all about shoving keywords into text? Hardly. Things have changed drastically in the last few years. Find out our complete process for creating copy that impresses both the search engines AND your site visitors with expertly written, natural-sounding search engine content.
  • Ecommerce Copywriting – Differentiation if the curse of ecommerce resellers. It is vital that visitors immediately see why they should buy from you instead of the millions of others who have the same/similar products. We don’t just describe your products. We take time to position your company in such a way that customers understand the value of buying from you.
  • Landing Page Copywriting – Landing pages are unique creatures with their own set of rules. If you want success from your PPC, banner ad or email campaign, you have to craft landing page copy that works with the ad, captures attention in an instant and makes it abundantly obvious why the visitor should take the action you want them to take. Marketing Words nails it so you see higher conversion rates.
  • Blog Post WritingQuality trumps quantity when it comes to blog post and article writing. Long gone are the days when simply having massive numbers of blog posts made any difference. Site visitors and the search engines now demand quality, well-written, in-depth blog posts in order to be successful. Marketing Words has created blog posts that repeatedly appear on such powerhouse sites as Unbounce, Site Pro News, The Future of Ink, Wordtracker, Duct Tape Marketing and more. When you want blog posts that inform, impress and engage new customers, we deliver.
  • Social Media Content – The two biggest mistakes companies make with social media are (1) not being consistent and (2) not creating engaging posts. Just posting something on your social sites won’t bring the results you want. Let us help you create a customized strategy for compelling your followers to engage with, share and respond to you over and over.
  • Video Copywriting – Product demos, company intros, FAQs, case studies… these and many other types of videos are being used with amazing results online. When you want to capture your share of the video marketing phenomenon trust Marketing Words to develop video copywriting scripts that visitors can’t take their eyes off of.
  • PPC Copywriting – Facebook, AdWords… whatever type of pay-per-click ads you’re running, we can help you test, tweak and improve clickthroughs.
  • Pet Copywriting – From vets to food manufacturers and everything in between, we offer copy for all types of pet companies that connects with pet owners, builds trust and converts them into loyal customers.
  • Onsite or Online Copywriting Training – Custom training is available both onsite at your physical location and online using Go to Webinar or Google Hangouts. Copywriting training can be designed in lecture format or as a hands-on experience where your writers can learn and implement their new skills.
  • Consulting – Want expert guidance on how to make the most of your content marketing plan, landing pages, SEO copywriting, Amazon product listings & keywords or other content-/copy-related ventures? We’re here to help!

And More – Need copywriting for email campaigns, autoreponder series, content marketing funnels, lead generation funnels or other types of online writing? Just ask!


SEO Copywriting Involves Much More than Shoving Keywords into Text

Using SEO content on your site is one of the 4 primary must-haves of good search optimization. Search engine spiders (programs that index your site) only read text. They can’t see images or graphics. They aren’t impressed by pretty colors, they don’t watch videos and they can’t hear audio clips. They read your content and they follow your links. Period.

But there’s more to SEO copywriting than plopping keywords here, there and everywhere. You don’t just need keyphrases: you need expert copy optimization to ensure your content is equally balanced so it gives the search engines and your site visitors what they need.

A SEO Copywriter Does More than Boost Rankings

SEO content writing starts with the title tag and description tag searchers see in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and ends with the visitor converting into a buyer on your website. That means your SEO copywriter must be able to:

  • Write a tag set that includes keywords while also enticing searchers to click to your site.
  • Create headlines that captivate and encourage visitors to read further down the page.
  • Optimize the copy on your site so it uses the latest keyword techniques and is still natural-sounding. That gives balanced appeal to the engines and your site visitors while answering the question, “Why should visitors buy from you as opposed to every other company online?”
  • Craft an internal linking framework that helps boost your rankings and give your visitors easy access to the information they need.
  • Make use of up-to-date SEO content writing techniques without relying on outdated or questionable tactics.
  • Guide you with regard to keyword selection, navigational structure and other aspects.
  • Understand that keywords in copy are used for more than just search engine optimization.
  • Offer proven performance so you reduce the click-and-leave syndrome and increase your conversion ratio. Read our testimonials page.

Search engine copywriting is about more than keywords. It’s also about people. That’s why hiring the SEO copywriters at Marketing Words can be one of the smartest things you do.

By taking the time to understand your search engine goals and your customers, we create SEO copywriting for you that:

  • Is optimized for the engines and your visitors – It supports your goals with any search engine while making it clear to visitors why they should buy from you..
  • Has strategic keyword placement – From years of experience in search engine copywriting, we know where the best places to put keywords are. We’ll do more than throw keyphrases here and there. We’ll optimize each page for maximum results.
  • Flows – One side effect of poorly written SEO copywriting is that the message sounds too repetitive. We’ll ensure the flow of your message stays natural while including specific keyphrases in your copy.
  • Is the optimal length – Whether your site is devoted to selling one product or an entire shopping cart full, we can create SEO copy that’s just the right length for each page.

Marketing Words is not a full-service search engine optimization company. We have a very narrow niche: We provide excellent SEO copywriting that is well balanced to serve the engines and your site visitors well. You’ll also find PPC copywriting for your paid search campaigns. We’d be delighted to discuss your site’s goals for search engine placement and sales.

Need a Quote?

SEO webpages can be created in practically any length. Because everyone’s needs are different, it is difficult to set flat-rate pricing. If you’ll provide the details of your project (how many pages, the length of the pages, whether you have keywords already researched, etc.), we can provide pricing. Contact us today.


Ecommerce Copywriting That Turns Browsers Into Buyers

There isn’t a lot of room to describe what you’re selling on most ecommerce sites. It takes a special talent to make a connection with customers, notify them of benefits, and create a desire to buy within that limited space. There is a way you can inspire more visitors to click those “buy” buttons … incorporate persuasive ecommerce copywriting for your shopping cart sites.

Ecommerce copywriting from Marketing Words starts with the development of home page, category and sub-category pages for online shopping carts. This structure acts as a funnel, driving visitors deeper into your site. Next, hand-selected keywords that work well with each, individual product are chosen. Finally, product descriptions designed to cause positive reactions in your site visitors are developed. This equates to higher conversion rates, but that’s not all.

Search Engine Optimized Ecommerce Copywriting

By using the most up-to-date search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting techniques on your ecommerce site, we enable you to receive more qualified traffic and more sales. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Ecommerce webpages can be created in practically any length. Because everyone’s needs are different, it is difficult to set flat-rate pricing. If you’ll provide the details of your project (how many pages, what types (about us, category, product descriptions), the length of the pages, whether you have keywords already researched, etc.), we can provide pricing. Contact us today.


Premium-Quality Blog Posts & In Depth Articles Your Readers & Google Will Love

Whether your content marketing goals include providing exceptional blog posts for your readers, offering premium articles to those who accept guest posts or going after stellar Google rankings using in depth articles, Marketing Words has you covered.

When you purchase blog posts and articles from the professional article writers at Marketing Words, you get an entire promotional strategy that works automatically to:

  • bring quick results
  • produce a long-lasting response
  • boost search engine exposure
  • and much more like…

Driving qualified leads to your Web site

People who read your articles are already interested in the subject matter you specialize in. They subscribed to your newsletter or blog for the specific purpose of getting more information about a particular topic. Any publishers who accept guest posts from you have already determined that you are a match for their target market. This means their readers (hundreds and thousands of them) will read your blog posts and see the link to your site. The result? Your list grows exponentially with each new article you publish.

Positioning yourself as an expert

When people read a well-written article, they view you (the author) as an expert. This helps to improve the perception of you and your business. It also drives customers to your site because people want to deal with experts – not nobodies.

Building link popularity

Each blog post contains a short bio of you and your business. The bio also includes a link to your Web site. When your article is published, it creates another link back to your site. This drives customers to your site and bolsters your search engine positioning.

Better Google rankings

In addition to link building, Google now also rewards what they call “In Depth Articles” with special positioning. These exceptionally detailed pieces are typically around 2,000 words long and are filled with useful information and images. Does that sound like a daunting task to write? Not for us! We can create stellar content, provide the images, formatting and a search engine tag set to boot!


Higher Conversion Rates Start with Certified Landing Page Copy Specialists

Confused by all the landing page advice you see online? Taken your best shot and ended up frustrated? There are so many pieces of the puzzle it can be difficult to determine which part isn’t doing its job.

  • Does your trigger not pre-qualify prospects?
  • Is the copy not engaging your readers?
  • Is your call to action not enticing enough?

Take the Guesswork Out of Business Landing Pages

There is no single formula that works for everyone. As your landing page copywriter, we’ll evaluate your goals and target audience then create a custom message that walks visitors through the page and straight to your call-to-action.

Let us help you lay out a strong conversion funnel through complete packages that include:

  • Triggers – The “trigger” element is what sends the visitor to your landing page. This might be PPC ads, emails, banner ads, social media posts or others. Marketing Words can produce intriguing triggers that pre-qualify visitors and direct them to your page.
  • Copy – More than just words, the written copy on your page makes an immediate connection and encourages readers to take action.
  • Video Scripts – Video is a powerful tool that can engage site visitors who otherwise might not be moved by written words.
  • Testing – Pit one version against another for best results. We’ll create several versions of your page at a reduced cost so you can easily perfect your sales funnel.
  • Consulting – Not sure why your existing campaign isn’t working? We’ll help you troubleshoot and provide action steps you can take to increase conversions.

Because we are constantly updating our skills, your business can be sure the most effective, modern techniques are used.

If your landing page copy isn’t working for you, contact us with the details of your project and we’ll gladly provide a custom quote.


Position Yourself as PAWSitively Irresistible with Professional Pet Copywriting Services

Making a connection with pet parents is vital to your online success. Because of the unbreakable bond between animals and their human companions, businesses often find themselves in a position to overcome “Mother Bear” syndrome in their customers. Instilling trust in your products or services is essential to creating web content that puts pet owners at ease while giving them the confidence to buy.

Keying in on the lifelong devotion and commitment people have with their pets is what Marketing Words does best.

Our team is filled with pet parents so we understand the fears, frustrations, concerns and motivation that are behind every choice we make for our furry family. We then translate those deep emotions into:

… that position you as an irresistible choice.

If you own/manage a:

  • veterinary clinic
  • pet hospital
  • kennels/pet resort
  • ecommerce pet shop
  • pet products manufacturing company
  • pet services company (groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, etc.)
  • pet food business
  • pet directory
  • zoo
  • or other pet company

… we’d love to talk with you about your copywriting and content development needs. Contact us today with the details of your project and we’ll create a strategy for your products and services designed to entice and convert pet lovers.


Onsite & Web-Based Professional Copywriting Training for Agencies, Corporations, Copywriters, Website Owners & Amazon Sellers

  • Have a team of writers that need SEO copywriting and conversion copywriting training?
  • Want to further your career as a copywriter by learning top-notch web, SEO or Amazon copywriting?
  • Own a website or sell on Amazon and need to know how to write copy yourself?

With a variety of choices, you can learn at your own pace and within a price range that fits your budget.

Onsite Corporate Copywriting Training Seminars & Workshops

Marketing Words President, Karon Thackston, will lead custom-designed copywriting seminars / workshops at your location.

Each session is crafted according to your specific needs. Your writing staff walks away with actionable steps they can implement immediately to improve the effectiveness of your site’s conversions and rankings.

Contact us today and let us know the type of seminar or workshop you would like a quote on.

Telephone copywriting consulting calls are also available.


If you can’t get people to click your ads, your entire AdWords or Facebook campaign will fail

Have you ever thought about that? All the budget planning, all the CPC analysis, the hours you poured into keyword research… it will all sit dormant unless you can get searchers to click your AdWords or Facebook ads. PPC copywriting is what everything else hinges on.

Have you thoroughly taken into consideration:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What they’re looking for
  • Trigger words that will make quality leads click
  • How to prevent unqualified searchers from clicking and wasting your money
  • The best way to boost conversions as opposed to just clickthroughs

When you’re tired of wasting money on AdWords & Facebook ads, and other forms of PPC copywriting, let Marketing Words generate PPC ads that captures the attention of your audience.

Through specific, targeted copy, we’ll boost your campaign results by offering you multiple ads to test as well as follow-up services to ensure success.

Yes, I want professional help with PPC copywriting.Contact us today with the details of your campaign (how many keyword groups/products/ads you need) and we’ll provide a detailed quote of PPC copywriting for you.


Wondering What to Say? Expertly Written Social Media Copywriting & Web Content Solves the Problem

Want to reach a highly targeted audience that needs and is looking for what your business offers? Social media is the key to finding and engaging them, but most companies quickly discover that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the others are a bit…frustrating.

Inconsistent efforts, failure to properly target your audience, and unclear (or no) goals make it difficult to see positive results. You wind up feeling as if you’re just wasting time.

Here’s the problem: Social media is all about getting people to share, like, and talk. And that’s a lot to expect from a very short amount of copy. You have to be a master of intrigue to entice people to click on your links.

Social Media Copywriting

Let Marketing Words help with your social media campaigns. We’ll…

  • Consult with you to create a plan of action to bring in more leads and sales. (No more floundering in the dark.)
  • Craft short, enticing posts specifically designed to earn clicks and shares.
  • Help you finally answer the question, “What should we post today?”

Customized packages are available to keep your social presence active, interesting, and effective.

Blog Posts and Web Content

You’ve probably heard that a blog is a powerful marketing tool. It’s true, but did you also know that most business blogs fail?

The reason probably won’t surprise you: they get neglected. Ideas dry up, employees are too busy, and blogging is pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. What few posts there are fail to engage your audience, and readers begin to leave. Sound familiar?

The one component that can save a failing blog is planning. It might not be sexy or exciting, but it is critical to the success of your blog. Marketing Words can help by:

  • Advising on blog and social media strategy, putting an end to inconsistency and lack of focus.
  • Creating a calendar and outlining ideas for a cohesive marketing message.
  • Providing a staff of professional writers who generate quality posts your visitors want to read, not just fluff to take up space.

Combine your blog writing package with social media copywriting for a powerhouse marketing effort that engages your audience and entices them to take action.

Contact us today with your social media and blog writing challenges and we’ll gladly provide a custom quote.


Video Copywriting & Concepts that Convert

If you’ve ever tried to play the role of “script writer” you know the challenges that come with developing concepts and narration for marketing videos.  Before you ever get to the copywriting stage for your website videos, you have to first decide:

  • the concept of the video
  • which direction to take
  • what tone to use
  • the details needed in the message
  • the length (usually 1-3 minutes)
  • and many other factors

Only then can you write a video that communicates with your precise target audience to get the results you’re looking for in under 2 minutes. That’s a tall order, but one we gladly accept and excel at.

Video copywriting is available for:

  • reinforcing your branding
  • speeding the buying process through FAQs
  • boosting loyalty with customer service
  • increasing conversions through sales & promotions
  • building a vocal following with social media
  • relationship marketing with targeted greetings
  • increasing ecommerce sales with product demos/info
  • and so much more

The rate for video script writing is $175/minute.

Video is the fastest-growing medium online today and is showing no signs of stopping.  When you’re ready to get onboard with a professional package of conceptualizing and copywriting, contact us today to get started.


Professional Motivational & Instructional Speaker

Motivational… Inspirational… Riveting

These are just a few words audiences have used to describe business speaker, Karon Thackston.

Whether your audience needs the power of Karon’s remarkable 11-year story of loss, tragedy and triumph, or a cheerleader to inspire them to succeed, Karon delivers and leaves audiences craving more.

Speaking Topics

Keyword Matching Is Dead: SEO Copywriting Strategies for the New Google Age (1 hour presentation)

Since before 1999, most people have been taught that – in order to rank high in Google – you had to have lots of exact-match keywords on your page. You might be shocked to know that Google hasn’t played that game in years! Find out why we had to use the old-fashioned method of keyword matching to get pages ranked high, how Google’s technology has changed and why it is so much easier to write conversion-oriented, SEO copy now than it ever has been before.

Creating High-Impact Copy in 200 Characters or Less (1 hour workshop)

Social media is in its prime. Everywhere you look businesses have Facebook pages, Linked In profiles, Pinterest boards and Twitter feeds. Problem is, most of them don’t do anything to grow their following. What a shame. The reasons? Most say they don’t know what to write. Let Karon walk you through her painless method for generating powerful, engaging social posts that create interaction, drive traffic and build your following.

Proven Techniques for High-Converting Landing Pages (1 hour presentation)

With all the tips and tricks and techy toys available today, many companies get lost in chaos of landing pages and forget the real purpose. To get visitors to take the single most-preferred action. Getting back to the basics is often exactly what’s needed. Karon will reveal how to cut loose of the clutter and laser focus your landing pages so they engage customers in their own language and convert better than ever before.

Beyond Content Marketing Best Practices: Making Your Content Work for You (1 hour workshop)

Create blog posts, videos and podcasts. Add them to your blog, iTunes, YouTube and other sites. Cross your fingers and hope somebody notices. That’s the typical scenario when it comes to content marketing. However, with a bit of forethought, you can create a resourceful, search engine optimized content marketing plan with purpose that targets specific clients and engages them to take precise actions. The results? More clicks, comments and conversions.

Foolproof Lead-Generation Techniques (1 hour presentation)

When it comes to lead generation, tactics are all over the board. While some recent trends in lead gen show promise there are others that are simply timeless and foolproof. We’ll look at the best and brightest techniques that never fail to improve the quantity and quality of your leads.

Creating a Measurable, Positive Impact from Social Media Efforts (1 hour workshop)

If there are two issues that constantly come up when discussing social media they are (1) what to post and (2) how to get a measurable result. By creating a plan with precise goals for specific segments of your audience you can watch the impact in real time as followers and fans begin to respond exactly the ways you want them to.

Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride (1 – 1.5 hour keynote)

Life never turns out as we imaged when we were younger. All those dreams that we plan to fulfill “one day” get jumbled and jerked around until we barely recognize what we originally started out to do. Karon is living proof that pity parties are good things, life’s curve balls serve to heighten your reflexes and having an old song from 1983 as your mantra can pull you through the bad times. After the loss of two pregnancies, building a successful business, losing half her revenue in the recession and climbing back to the bright side, Karon’s message is simple. Nothing happens due to luck or timing. It takes strength of spirit, hard work and facing your demons to succeed. Life won’t happens unless you make it.

Custom programs can be created for your specific group.

Want a professional, business speaker to motivate, engage and empower your attendees? Contact Karon today for details and to check availability.


Copywriting Consulting Services to Grow Your Business & Boost Sales

Does your copy bring clicks, but no conversions?  Are you tired of Google dictating how much traffic you get?  Do you want better results from your landing pages?  Selling on Amazon, but hoping to increase your revenue?

There’s plenty of advice out there, but with so much conflicting information about conversions and copywriting floating around the ‘Net, how do you know what’s true and what’s not?

Increasingly what website owners, ecommerce sellers and Amazon sellers really need is simply someone with proven experience they can talk with.  This is why we added copywriting consulting to our lineup of services.

For all those times you’ve wished you could ask a professional’s unbiased opinion about conversions or copy … now’s your chance.

One time, monthly, quarterly… as often as you have a need.  We can discuss what you’re doing right, what could use improvement and how to go about making it happen.

  • Conversion Consulting – Think your copy is spot on, but need help with improving conversions? Sometimes it takes the eagle eye of an outside source to spot the roadblocks that hinder your success.
  • Amazon Consulting – Whether you manufacture your own products or sell existing items on Amazon, testing and tweaking your product listings can lead to much higher conversions. If you’re just starting out, are confused about the poor performance of your current products or simply want a plan for boosting those conversion rates a little higher, we can help.
  • Internet Copywriting Consulting – You may be writing your own copy or using a copywriter you’re happy with.  That’s perfectly fine.  As your consultant, we’ll look from the outside in with a fresh pair of eyes and offer unbiased suggestions about your content, website and marketing plans.  You or your copywriter can make any recommended changes, and then we’ll evaluate the results.  Content web pages, PPC landing pages, ecommerce sites, blog posts, articles and more.  We will advise you on how to generate ideas, develop strategies, improve conversions and accomplish goals that will boost your overall success.
  • SEO Copywriting Consulting – Having trouble making it to the top of the rankings? Do you need to rewrite your copy or does the problem lie somewhere else?  Straight-up answers are just a phone call away.
  • PPC Copywriting Consulting – Just because you have a high clickthrough (CTR) rate doesn’t mean your PPC campaign is generating revenue for you.  In fact, many times, the best converting ads have the lowest CTRs.  Need help analyzing the success of your PPC copy? We’ll provide PPC copywriting consulting that shows you what to look for, how to test, what types of ads to write and more.

We also offer several forms of self-paced and onsite copywriting training.

Consulting Rates

Consulting is typically done in 30-minute increments. You can purchase time in bulk for use later on. Consulting does not include any copywriting.

  • Single 30-minute session = $90
  • 1-hour session = $150/hr. (save $30)
  • 5-hour block = $650 ($130/hr., save $250)

Contact us for more information or to book consulting sessions..

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