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Headquartered in New Jersey, with a satellite office in New York, Margarita Golden, Esq. represents Amazon Sellers all across the world. Margarita realizes that for most people, their Amazon business is not only a business, but a lifeline. It is their primary income, and as any well run business, it deserves to be protected. With Margarita’s expertise and knowledge of Amazon’s internal practices, she is able to coach her clients on Amazon’s best practices, as well as assist when their business has been put at risk due to violations or even infringers. No client is too big or too small.

Each client receives extensive care and each case is approached with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, Margarita will carefully craft a Plan of Action as to what steps need to be taken for each client. Margarita realizes that no two situations are the same, and each client will have direct access to Margarita as she immerses herself in each case.

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Areas of Practice


Whatever the reason might be, and whether this is the Seller’s first suspension, or his tenth, Margarita will carefully craft a Plan of Action to suit the needs of her clients as well as engage in daily communication with appropriate Amazon Seller Performance team-members .


Amazon is very sensitive to Sellers who want to open up second accounts. Amazon can easily deny a seller access to a second account if some key requirements are not met. Margarita will review your case and prepare the right letter to assist in obtaining that second account.


The Amazon Marketplace can be a difficult place for a seller who wishes to sell their brand and protect it at the same time. It is becoming increasingly easy for sellers to list their competitive products on a brand’s listing, even if it does not correspond in description or condition. Due to the vast majority of products of Amazon, most of these infringements go unnoticed. Margarita will devise a plan of Brand Protection which will work to protect the rightful ownership of her clients.


An important step in protecting your brand is by copyrighting or trademarking that brand. Margarita performs these functions on your behalf with the USPTO, putting on notice, all citizens, that the brand is not only known on Amazon, but is recognized as a US Copyright and/or Trademark.


Have a great idea for an Amazon product, but do not know how to begin? Margarita coaches on all the necessary steps to get your business up and running as a professional Amazon Marketplace.


Margarita has the knowledge and expertise to understand each and every kind of Amazon warning and violation, and over the course of five years, she has developed a systematic approach which is highly successful in helping Sellers get out from under these violations/warnings, while at the same time, making them better sellers for the future.

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