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The Founder of iLoveToReview, Adam Hudson, is a successful Amazon Seller who built the community to get honest reviews of his own products on Amazon. After seeing the dramatic effect reviews had on page conversion and then the subsequent rise in his organic Amazon ranking, Adam realized that his community of reviewers might be able to assist other Amazon sellers as well. Initially he approached his friends who were also Amazon Sellers and they too experienced dramatic results in very short periods of time. Where in the past it had taken them months to get just a hand full of reviews, Adam was able to get them 50 or 100 reviews in just weeks.

In the early days there was some trepidation from sellers worried about the risk of getting poor reviews if they pushed out their products to so many people at once. Right from Day 1 Adam has been adamant about ensuring that iLoveToReview reviewers always felt no obligation to be biased in their reviews and that reviews from his community should reflect the same quality and rating as reviews from any other transaction on the same product. As Adam says, “Good products deserve good reviews and bad products deserve bad reviews.” It’s that simple. Even with that ethos in place, to date better than 80% of all reviews created by iLoveToReview reviewers are 4 or 5 star reviews, thanks in no-small-part to the wonderful product partners who use the service.

Today, iLoveToReview, together with it’s product partners, has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free and discounted products and has quickly become one of the most sought after Amazon seller services in the world.

Important Amazon Update On Customer Reviews



On Oct 3, Amazon released this update to the Terms of Service

Specifically, Amazon sellers can no longer give a discounted or free product to anyone in exchange for a review, honest or otherwise.

Why we think Amazon made this change.  

As you know, at iLoveToReview, we have always designed our service offerings around Amazon’s TOS. Unfortunately, not all sellers or review companies have done the same and it’s caused Amazon to take a sweeping action to protect the integrity of their review system. In essence, we totally agree with Amazon’s intention here. Reviews should be unbiased.  

What are we telling our members?

Per Amazon’s new TOS, we are informing members that as of today they are no longer obligatedto leave a review in exchange for a product they receive for free or at a discount from our clients.

That being said, members of this community actually love writing reviews and we believe that most will continue to do so.

We are pausing campaigns for the next 48 hours while we update our website and our member community is receiving this communication.

iLoveToReview has ceased all operations within the Amazon marketplace.  There is no simple way to continue under the new TOS.  Our company name is now inherently against Amazon policy.  

We have launched a new suite of services for Amazon sellers that are currently only available to our current clients.  We will make those available to the public soon and will update this post again.

Why most sellers are proceeding with their campaigns.

When launching products in any market (online or not), the practice of giving away or discounting products is common and companies will continue to do it.

Even without the review component, discounted sales and promotions on Amazon will continue to be a key strategy to increase sales velocity, improve ranking and make full-priced sales. This hasn’t changed.

These are some of the new services which will be available soon.

What about past reviews that were gained through promotions?

If your campaign has already run, according to Amazon (via TechCrunch), those reviews should stick. Here’s an excerpt from the TechCrunch article.

“An Amazon spokesperson tells us that reviews that were received prior to the policy change are only being retroactively removed if they are excessive, and don’t comply with the prior policy.”  

While Amazon stately publicly above that they don’t plan to wipe ‘incentivized reviews,’ many sellers have already seen lots of reviews disappear and it’s rumored that Amazon plans to remove most of them.


Campaigns will continue to run to drive the sales velocity you need as a seller and our members will always have the ability to leave a review on a product should they choose. The only difference is that reviewers are no longer obligated to leave a review.  We are crystal clear about this in every communication we have with our members.

If you haven’t seen Amazon’s latest updates, you can read it all HERE:

Update to Prohibited Seller Activities HERE

No campaigns will run through iLoveToReview.  The new company’s services and website have no mention of reviews anywhere. Services should be available to the general public by November 1.

Refunds and Cancellations LLC only charges money to Amazon Sellers wishing to promote their products to its  reviewer community. It never sells anything to its reviewers or the general public. Therefore the agreement below only applies to Amazon Sellers who have booked and paid for a  promotion of their products.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

1) Coupon Codes.

  1. The term “Coupon Codes” means coupon or promotion codes provided by Client for distribution by the Company. All Coupon Codes provided by Client to the Company shall reflect a Significant discount on the price of the product(s) described above (the “Product(s)”), but need not discount Clients’ ordinary shipping and handling costs.
  2. Within five days of the Effective Date Client shall provide to the Company Coupon Codes for distribution as set forth below. The Coupon Codes shall remain effective during the Active Period set forth above as extended, unless earlier deactivate pursuant to Section 2, below.

2)  Redemption Target.

  1. The term “Redemption Target” means the numbers of people who use the Coupon Codes to claim a Product(s) from the Client’s Amazon account. Client agrees to provide Company with an accurate report showing such redemptions within three (3) business days during the Active Period.

3) Coupon Promotion.

  1. The Company will use reasonable efforts to distribute the Coupon Codes by email and/or text message (SMS) to its subscriber list, from time to time throughout the Active Period, until Redemption Target has been reached. The Company will be responsible for the timing, nature, and means of distributing the Coupon Codes; provided, that the Company and Client shall mutually agree in advance to any product description, marketing materials, or the like used by the Company in connection with distributing the Coupon Codes. The Coupon Codes may be distributed in conjunction with coupon codes for other products and/or services, including those of other clients.
  2. Consistent with its regular terms and conditions, the Company requires each of the Company’s subscribers who redeems the Coupon Codes to post a written product review on of each Product received by such subscriber. The Company cannot guarantee the content or nature of the review, or that reviews will be positive. The Company cannot guarantee that each subscriber redeeming a Coupon Code will post a product review, and shall not be liable for any Product(s) provided to a customer who fails to post a review.
  3. Client may deactivate the Coupon Codes with upon reaching the Redemption Target.     If the Redemption Target is not reached within 5 Days of the Active Period ending, Client shall have the option to provide a second set of Coupon Codes to the Company, on the terms specified in Paragraph 1.a above, and the Company shall distribute the second Coupon Codes to its subscribers until the Redemption Target has been reached without further charge to Client.

4. Clients Obligations.

  1. Client shall pay the Company the fee specified above immediately upon execution of this Agreement. The Fee is non-refundable except as set forth in Section 4, below. The Company shall have no obligation to distribute any Coupon Codes until payment in full is received.  
  2. Client shall be responsible for timely fulfilling all orders for the Product(s) utilizing the Coupon Codes, consistent with its ordinary fulfillment policies, at its own cost. The Company will not pay for any part of the costs or retail price of the Products, and will not provide shipping, logistics, or fulfillment services. Client shall not charge shipping and handling greater than it charges paying customers for like goods.
  3. Client shall closely monitor the redemption of Coupon Codes during the Active Period. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by use of the Coupon Codes, including, but not limited to, redemption by persons other than its subscribers, publication of the Coupon Codes, or redemptions of the Coupon Codes in excess of the Redemption Target.     If Client believes that the Coupon Codes are being misused it is Client’s responsibility to deactivate the Coupon Codes pursuant to Paragraph 1.c, above.
  4. Upon the Company’s request, Client shall provide to the Company a list of persons redeeming the Coupon Codes, identified by date, product title, order ID, customer name, and where available, telephone number.

5)  Active Period; Extensions.

  1. The Active Period shall be the period set forth above. If the Redemption Target has not been satisfied within 5 Days of the end of the Active Period, the Active Period shall be extended on a monthly basis until the Redemption Target is satisfied; provided, that the total period, including the Active Period and any extensions, shall not exceed six (6) months unless Client and the Company agree in writing.

6) Warranty.

  1. At the end of the Active Period, as extended, if the Redemption Target has not been satisfied, the Company will reimburse to Client the pro rata portion of the fee.
  2. Client may cancel their Promotion anytime up to 24 hours hours prior to the Promotion date. So long as that cancellation request is received in writing via email, Client is entitled to a full refund less any Setup Fees that would be separately shown on the invoice paid by Client.  If no Setup Fees are shown separately on the invoice then the full amount of the invoice is refundable.
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