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Global TQM

Meet GlobalTQM, your team, your office & your expertise on the ground in China

We help you source from reliable Chinese factories. Get your products on time, on budget, and on quality—all without overwhelm, frustration, or disappointment.

China sourcing is frustrating

Problems are everywhere: thousands of suppliers, no RFQ responses, no English, bad English, shady payment requests, confusing contracts, damaged products, the wrong products, and shipments that never show up…

You’ve already wasted hundreds of hours on Google, trying to figure things out. And frankly, you’re tired.

It’s time to bring in a reliable partner who has the experience, network, and resources to get your product manufactured on time, on budget, and on quality.

We’re your office, your team & your expertise on the ground in China

We’re your office on demand. You can tap into our knowledge, resources, and expertise whenever you need it. You get the power of having a sourcing office on the ground in China—without any of the hassles.

We speak English & Chinese

With a Western, English-speaking executive team and local Chinese-speaking domain experts to deal directly with your factory, you don’t have to worry about essential product specs, contract terms, or payment details getting lost in translation.

Get email support in 24 hours or less

No more waiting for responses. No more wondering what’s going on with your project. Your account manager is available by email or online chat. So you always get a response in 24 hours or less.

100% Transparency Guarantee

Your best interests are our best interests. From looking for potential issues to reporting the red flags, our success is your success. We will always be completely transparent with you.

Hire an expert team, not an agent

You’re wondering, “what’s the difference between GlobalTQM and a sourcing agent?” 

It’s simple: An agent is one person with a limited set of resource, skills and experience. GlobalTQM is a team of over 60 experts with a wide range of skills and expertise. We can guide you through all the stages of your sourcing journey.

A single agent can’t help you like we can.

As an established, professional sourcing office, we have the relationships, credibility, team, resources, and know-how to get your product on time, on budget, and on quality.

Your success is our success. And we work with you to make it happen.

Get expert advice on demand for whatever your company is facing right now

Book a mentoring call with our specialists to troubleshoot your problems, get actionable advice, and learn alongside us.

Eliminate 90% of your risk in China with our proven processes

We’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting our processes— learning what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we detail all of your product instructions, specifications, and expectations at the beginning of any supplier relationship. Not at final inspection. It’s called the OrderBOM™. And this tried-and-tested method eliminates up to 90% of your risk exposure when doing business in China.


Protect your product, payments & intellectual property with the proper paperwork

Without proper paperwork, your supplier can refuse quality inspections, steal your designs, and sell knock-off versions of your product. It’s scary. It’s true. And it happens.

Let us handle your purchase orders, contracts, NDAs, patents, and trademark applications, so that you can protect your assets.


Get suppliers to pay attention

You’ve sent out emails, inquiries, and RFQs. It’s been weeks, and still no response. But when you work with a professional office, suppliers pay attention. Just by CCing us on your emails, your factory will respond and react much faster.


Uncover the red flags, the hidden problems & the almost disasters before they strike

“Is this supplier legit? Or a scam?” – You

Never enter a supplier relationship without doing your due diligence. We vet your suppliers with a thorough background check, phone interviews, and more.

We give you the confidence to move forward with negotiations or the recommendation to find a better supplier.


Send your samples straight to our office to save weeks and fees

Shipping tens of sample batches to your warehouse is expensive and could take months. 

Instead, send your samples to us. We’ll review them with you via video call, forward the ones you want to you, and return the ones you don’t want to the factories on your behalf. 

Sample Concierge can save you potentially thousands in shipping fees and shave months off your ordering cycle.


Negotiate with suppliers like a pro

Negotiation skills are critical if you want to get what you wish from Chinese suppliers.

We train you to negotiate better terms. Book a mentoring call with us and get our best simple but effective strategies.


Avoid expensive recalls, damaging lawsuits & fake compliance documents

Most Chinese factories aren’t able to comply with Western certification standards. They won’t proactively worry about your compliance. And some won’t even be willing to do any research for you.

Compliance isn’t your factory’s responsibility. It’s yours.

We help you work together with your factory to take control of your global compliance. We’re here to protect you against expensive recalls, damaging lawsuits, and fake compliance documents.


Get predictable quality, minimal disputes & no surprises

We protect you against getting damaged or disappointing products with a comprehensive, detailed, and documented quality control process.

From the purchase order, OrderBOM, and quality plan checklist, to factory audits, pre-shipment final inspections, and loading container checks. Our process is designed to give you predictable quality that always meets your expectations.


Boost your confidence & buyer status with our support during China trade shows

In this business, trade shows are where the magic happens. But for a new buyer, trade shows can be hide-in-your-hotel-room-level overwhelming. 

You’re not alone anymore. We support you at every step during the show with translation, on-the-spot advice, taking minutes, arranging meetings, and collecting details on samples and prices.

With your “assistant” at your side, you’ll look like a professional buyer and suppliers will take you more seriously.


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