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Get Ungated Now Is The Break-Through To Your Success

Get Ungated Now is the service you need if you've tried to get "ungated" in any category in Amazon and failed before or if you just don't have time to go through the process.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then you definitely want to get ungated in some of Amazon’s gated categories, and Get Ungated Now is here to help you.

Amazon works hard to make sure their customers have the best shopping experience possible, so they carefully screen their third party sellers. How do they do that?

Well, it changes over time and it’s hard to know exactly what they’re looking for. But, Get Ungated Now specializes in getting 8 categories "ungated" for you.

The 3 categories that have become the most difficult to get into are grocery, health and personal care and beauty. What do these categories have in common?

The majority of the products that can be sold in those categories all have expiration dates.

Think about it; foods, snacks, cosmetics, skin care and over the counter medicines.

Amazon’s number one priority is their customer, and Amazon wants to protect their customers by making sure the products they know, use and love will be the best quality, and available to them reliably and consistently.

Talk about opportunity! Once you are ungated to sell in these highly desirable categories the world of e-commerce opens up to you. As of this writing, there are currently more than 995,000 products listed in grocery and gourmet foods.

Think about this: Of all the food products in the world that are package and have a long shelf life, only the surface has been scratched. There are so many more products that you can find, source and own the listing that aren’t yet offered on Amazon.

In the beauty category there are 1,962,594 products listed currently in the Amazon marketplace and only 259,000 of them are Amazon FBA. WOW, so many possibilities there.

The Huffington Post partnered with YouGov and surveyed 1,000 people.

What they learned was that 35% of women use 1-2 products daily, while 17% use 3-4 products daily. Additionally, 7% of women use up to 6 products daily and 33% of men admitted to using 1-2 products.

Apply these numbers to a much bigger sampling of the population and it is easy to understand the estimated $426 billion dollar a year spend on beauty products.

Health and Personal care offers similar opportunities with 163,521,674 products listed on Amazon.

This includes everything from tooth whitening strips to anti-aging supplements. Just on supplements alone, Americans spend roughly $21 billion per year. Add in the spend on other products in this category and you can see why selling in this category can be rewarding.

We're here to help YOU, the Amazon seller, by taking the anxiety and frustration out of the entire process. We will guide you through each step, from beginning to end, and provide you with everything you need to make your approval process seamless.

If Amazon requests additional information, and they often do, Get Ungated Now will continue to work with you to show Amazon that you are the reliable and expert Amazon seller they are looking for.

This process can take some time and there is often some back and forth, but we will continue to work with you to ensure your success.

It is very important to remember when seeking review and approval in these categories, you will need to be very patient and be willing to work through the multiple steps that may be required.

Should you have questions along the way, we want to answer them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time and we look forward to working with you to take your business to the next level.

FBA simply means you sell it, and they ship it. Amazon has a great fulfillment network and your business can benefit from their solid business expertise.

You store your products in their fulfillment centers, and they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for those products.

That way, you can scale your business and reach more customers.

When you have to take time to fulfill and handle all the customer service, it only makes it harder for you to focus on your business.

Amazon is pretty strict with their process, but we can help you with our professional services.

Hardest Categories

The 3 hardest categories to get ungated in are the 3 that offer the greatest number of products that are consumable and easily re-plenishable from wholesalers and local stores. Those 3 categories are: 1. Grocery and Gourmet Foods 2. Health and Personal Care 3. Beauty Although it’s tough to get approved in these restricted categories, it’s not impossible.

Ready To Sell?

Imagine how your business will grow when you’re free to sell fast-moving and profitable products through Amazon’s FBA program without worrying about category restrictions! Are you ready to take your FBA business to the next level? Click on any of the “Categories” in the navigation above to learn how our program works.

Our Mission

Get Ungated Now’s mission is to help Amazon sellers get ungated in the restricted categories as quickly and easily as possible. Get Ungated Now will also help you get ungated in some of the other categories that provide huge opportunity to earn serious money as an FBA seller. Clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. have been the mainstay of many Amazon sellers businesses.

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Get Ungated Now

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