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Fulfillment services for any budget.

Transparent. Flexible. Per order pricing that maximizes your savings.

Same Day Shipping

Dramatically boosts customer satisfaction with fast shipping. We’ll ship the same day, if your order is received by 2pm EST, or by 12pm EST on Fridays.

Dedicated Customer Service

You have a dedicated account manager who knows every detail of your account, and supports you with the integrity, respect and attention you deserve.

Discounts Help Your Business Grow

As your  volume grows, your discounts increase through our tiered discount structure. Expanded savings helps you grow and expand your business.

From your e-commerce site to your customer's hands. Seamlessly.

Ecommerce is your business. Ecommerce Fulfillment is ours. Our cutting edge technological innovations and unparalleled customer service have become benchmarks that have established Fulfillrite as an industry leader among order fulfillment companies.

Fulfillrite. We deliver on your promises.

Fulfillment Services Customized To Meet Your Needs

  • Tech & Electronics
  • Crowdfunding
  • eCommerce
  • Games
  • Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals
  • CDs / DVDS
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Media
  • Printed Materials
  • Books
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • International Businesses
  • Consumer Goods

Why Fulfillrite?


  • Same day receiving
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Same day 2pm EST shipping


  • No long­-term contracts
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Seamless cart integrations


  • Easy set-up process
  • Phone, email support
  • Real-time inventory tracking

Fulfillrite Services FAQ’s

Where We Are Located:

Fast service is paramount. Our location in the Lakewood Industrial Park in Lakewood New Jersey, is close to all the major carrier hubs (UPS and FEDEX.) We are superbly located one hour from the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, as well as 3 major airports, allowing for fast turnaround times on outbound shipping and the receiving of imported goods.

Our Client Parameters:

We primarily specialize in order fulfillment services for light weight smaller products with low sku counts. Accounts are only opened for clients who can maintain a minimum of 40 orders per month. As well see our list below of prohibited and restricted items. Please note that we do make exceptions for bigger products like board games, or products that ship in their own box. As well we allow higher sku counts for really small products. If you’re not sure about your product meeting our criteria or need further clarification then feel free to send us an email or schedule a one on one personal call with a support representative via our support page here.

Signing Up for our Services:

To sign up for our services please fill out an Request An Account Form (Link) and we will respond within 24 hours. All account requests will first be reviewed to see if they match our customer criteria. If accepted as a customer you will be sent a follow up email guiding you through the account setup process.

Services We Do and Do Not Offer:

Fulfillrite focuses on providing the most efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment and shipping services in the industry. In addition we provide return processing and storage to meet our clients’ extended needs. We do provide ancillary services such as kitting, bagging, labeling, for our existing clients, and not as a standalone service. We do not provide FBA labeling and prep as a service.

Does Opening a Fulfillrite Account Require any Commitment:

Our mission is to help you keep your promise to yourself to build a successful ecommerce business. If you feel, for any reason, we are not doing so you are not obligated to continue to use our service. There is no commitment of any nature when you open an account, and you can close your account at any time. Our only request, for internal operational efficiency, is that you give us ten days notice of your desire to close the account.

Shipping Carriers we Work With:

Fulfillment is our business and we have a broad and extensive relationship with national and international shippers. Domestically and internationally this includes carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. For pallet shipments we have working relationships with all major licensed freight and trucking companies. Our diversity of resources enables our clients to experience speedy shipment and very competitive pricing.

Our Schedule:

Our warehouse is open Monday through Friday. Our Warehouse Receiving Hours are M-T 8am-4pm EST and on Friday 8am-1pm EST. Our Office Hours are M-T 9am-5pm EST and on Friday 9am-2pm EST.  We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Our daily shipping deadline on business days is 2pm EST Monday -Thursday; Friday 1pm EST.

We Offer a Wide Range of Shipping Options and Discounted Rates:

We have built strong relationships with the major carriers and are able to negotiate favorable rates, which we pass on to you. We offer discounted shipping rates for FedEx and  for USPS we offer Commercial Base pricing or lower with no markups or add on charges. We also offer additional shipping options such USPS Media Mail, USPS First Class Flats, USPS regional boxes and USPS/FedEx Flat Rate Methods. (You will need to sign up for an account to access our shipping rates.)

How We Process Your Orders:

Our goal at Fulfillrite e-commerce fulfillment is to provide our customers with a seamless, fully automated, and hassle-free experience. Orders can be sent to us by integrating with one of our supported shopping carts LINK, using our API, CSV or manual entry via our web portal. We do not process orders via email, fax or phone.

Calculating Your Shipping Costs:

In order to access our shipping rates calculator you’d need to first sign up for an account with us here. The shipping rates calculator will allow you to see all the options available to the destination specified including, cost, weight and delivery times,.

Please note as well there are no costs associated with opening an account with us. We will only start billing you once your first batch of products is marked as arrived at our warehouse.

Customizing Your Orders:

Creating an identity is important, and we provide full support for your branding efforts. Our system allows you to customize your shipping label with your company information. As well you can customize your packing slip with your company information and logo. Marketing material is a vital tool for building customer relationships, and generating future sales. We will insert your material into your packaging as requested for $0.25 per insert. Be aware however, that for operational efficiency purposes, we stock only standard packaging, and do not provide customized packaging. If you require customized packaging, you must provide us with your product already inserted in your chosen packaging.

Receiving of Inbound Products:

Through our highly efficient receiving process, products are inventoried, and stored the same day they arrive at our warehouse. Exclusions do apply to products that do not follow our product labeling or inbound goods guidelines.

Handling of Import and Customs Clearance:

We will work with any licensed custom clearance broker you choose. All brokerage fees, customs, taxes and duties charges related to your inbound Inventory must be paid in full prior to arrival of the products at our Warehouse. For your benefit, please do your due diligence and select a customs broker who has the expertise you believe will satisfy your requirements. Our expertise is in fulfillment, not customs brokerage, and we are not qualified nor equipped to offer advice on customs clearance and brokerage.

When importing into the United States, a U.S. Federal Tax ID and U.S. mailing address is ordinarily required by Customs. While we allow our customers to list our Warehouse address as a location of storage on various documentations, we do not provide our Tax I.D. number for import purposes and as a result cannot be listed as the “Ultimate Consignee”. We encourage all customers to have a valid U.S. mailing address and Tax I.D. number before importing goods to the U.S.

How to obtain a U.S. Tax I.D.?
If you don’t have a social security number (SSN), or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), you can apply and obtain your employment indemnification number (EIN).

Applying for an EIN is a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service.  The application can be made online (subject to certain eligibility restrictions), or by submitting form SS-4 via fax or mail. The instructions can be found on the IRS Website.

International applicants may also call the international bureau of IRS registrations at 267-941-1099 (not a toll-free number) Monday through Friday and follow the representative’s instructions how to obtain an EIN. The person making the call must be authorized to receive the EIN on behalf of the company.

How We Process Your Returns:

The return processing process is similar to order processing. The returns are processed through our system, each item confirmed to be correct, counted and inspected for signs of usage. Our comprehensive returns process offers options designed to give you the flexibility to make the most suitable decisions.  We inspect the return based on the user’s settings, and send you an email notification of the return. Based on your direction we can a) put the returned item back in inventory b) set it aside and ship it back to the account holder c) discard it.

The fee is billed as tier 1 for order processing. To facilitate prompt and error-free returns we require a return merchant authorization number. Without an RMA on the package we cannot identify to whom the return belongs to, and cannot process the return.

How we Handle Fragile Products:

To maximize our efficiency and productivity, we only carry standard packaging supplies. These are not suitable for fragile items. We will ship your fragile products if they are shipped to us in packaging (such as sealed bubble bags) that meets drop-test standards.

Accessing your information:

Having immediate access to your inventory and order information is fundamental to the growth of your business.  Providing you with  24/7 access to your account is a top priority at Fulfillrite. Through our easy to use web portal software you  can track every stage of your product’s journey from our warehouse to your customer.

Payment Methods Accepted:

We accept payment via wire transfer, PayPal, check or P2P payments such as Chase Quickpay.

We take Warehouse and Data Security Seriously:

Protection of our clients’ Confidential Information, and privacy is of paramount importance. We impose the strictest measures to safe-guard all clients’ data.  Complete data is fully backed-up on secure data centers.  On-site cameras and staff prevent any unauthorized intrusion into our warehouse, operational, and management facilities. We pride ourselves in providing maximum security for our clients.

Restricted & Prohibited products we do not offer services for:

Please review thoroughly the following list to familiarize yourself with the type of products we do not offer fulfillment services for, as follows:

  • Hazardous products.
  • Any product related to illegal activities including fraudulent or counterfeit products.
  • Any product, which is illegal under the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located,  or the product’s place of origin.
  • Any product requiring a license or other regulatory approval in the jurisdiction where our warehouse is located, the product’s place of origin or its destination (e.g., precious metals, drugs and pharmaceutical products, firearm and ammunition).
  • Temperature and/or pressure sensitive items and liquids, including without limitation aerosol spray and other pressurized products.
  • Any Product with specific storage or transportation restrictions and/or limitations (e.g., lithium-ion batteries).
  • Vintage or antiques.
  • Flammable liquids including, without limitation, perfumes.
  • Perishable food products and/or climate controlled warehouse products such as frozen goods.
  • Any product requiring ID verification (e.g., tobacco and e-cigarettes, alcohol and knives).
  • High-value products (including, without limitation, iPads, laptops, designer jewelry).
  • Any Product loaded with or containing monetary value (e.g., cash equivalents, gift cards, money orders, checks, coins).
  • Adult, adult-themed and/or sexually provocative products.

Please note: That shipping carriers, and specific destinations, may have additional limitations, prohibitions beyond those of Fulfillrite, for which you are solely responsible in accordance with the applicable local laws, terms and conditions and policies/or governmental bodies. You are expected to conduct an independent research to ensure that the products sent to our warehouse are in compliance with the foregoing limitations.

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